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Posted on: 2008/11/23

Everyone in the Vancouver area mark calendars for December 13th, because you'll want to come to Vancouver for Camilla d'Errico party!

PONY RYDER: Your artwork has been reproduced on t-shirts, handbags and accessories. Were you always into fashion?

CAMILLA D'ERRICO: Actually yes, I never liked following trends though. I always had my own style, I was always different in so many things, fashion too. I have fun with fashion, mixing it up. I am also obviously a huge fan of the Asian style. I am no minimalist, no clean lines or classic elegance – I leave that to my sister! I like layers, mixing textures, and frills. And I love hats! Lucky for me I live in Vancouver and there are so many beautiful Asian girls walking around wearing things that only they could pull off. I am definitely getting more and more into fashion now that I’m doing some collabs with fashion companies too.

Unfortunately PR is in Europe.

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