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Posted on: 2008/12/02

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PONY RYDER: What are you looking for in potential male model?
YANNIS NIKOLAOU (Founder of Place model management): Model has to have the basics we all agents are looking for: height, good body, good skin, big eyes, full lips, nice smile...

For us, Jan Eric and I, the most important thing is personality, the charm, and how they are as persons. We are not, and we never wanted to be a huge agency with hundreds of models. We take really good care of them, and we try to give them all our knowledge and tips for their future, as models and human beings.
We have some models already for many years, and this is great to see - how they grow and blossom over the years.

There are thousands of beautiful models all over the globe... But we like to work with the nice ones, the ones that appreciate our very hard work... The others we just don't keep :)

If I see somebody on the street and I get the feeling…" Oh God, I need to have her or him in front of my camera." - that is a cool feeling. When the person comes to the agency, and Jan Eric and I see the first pictures - That is the best feeling! It's always exciting...I feel as a teacher. The young models trust me, they hear my advices and try to follow them and this makes me happy and proud :)

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