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Posted on: 2008/09/29


Kathleen is with Mode Models (mother agency), One model management NY (now with MIX NY - 2013), Premier London, D'management Milan and Marilyn Paris.

PONY RYDER: When and how did u start modeling?
KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: I started getting involved in modeling when I was at the begining of high school because my sister dabbled in it locally a bit, turns out she never grew past 5'5"! I never took modeling as a career until now.

PONY RYDER: You opened 2 shows in London fashion week!!! How does it feel to be the girl opening a show?
KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: I was so happy when I found out I was opening two shows! It makes me a bit nervous knowing I'm the one who's going to set the feel for the show, but it's exciting. I think it's cool that the avant garde embraces my look, its nice to be involved in something creative.

PONY RYDER: Is fashion world / modeling world really that competitive?
KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: Well it's not a rumor! It's definitively competitive and the industry can be very hard on a person. A client may only want one girl for something, but they are seeing 100.
Ph. : Chadwick Tyler

PONY RYDER: What are your hobbies?
KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: I've always been really athletic and I got a kayak for my birthday so I was doing that at home in August. I like listening to music, going to movies (my dad is my movie partner), cooking, reading....

PONY RYDER: Favorite film?

PONY RYDER: Sex and the city the movie or a show?
KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: Tv show for sure...because it lasted longer!
PONY RYDER: You live in model apartments when you are abroad. What is that like?
KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: It's good, I mean, sometimes it can be a bit too much when there's a lot of girls and a small space. But some can be nice. I like living with girls from around the world, you learn something.
Ph.: One model management show card

PONY RYDER: You worked with Ph. Chadwick Tyler, a great talent - how was that experience for you?
KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: It was wonderful. He's a really good guy and easy to shoot with. It's more about free movement than posing and I like that. He has been a good source of guidance for me and we speak very often.
Ph. Chadwick Tyler

PONY RYDER: Did other agencies approach you after you signed with the agencies you're signed with now?KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: No, but Chadwick has told me there's been great interest. I can't even think about leaving One, I love them so much!
Ph.: One model management show card

PONY RYDER: Is there an adrenalin rush when you are doing runway? What do you think before stepping onto it?
KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: Oh for sure there is, when you hear the music going and everyone is in their looks. I don't really think anything, I'm just into it.

PONY RYDER: Coffee or tea?
KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: coffee...for the caffeine, tea just as a drink.
PONY RYDER: Favorite book character?KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: who, i don't know this one...probably the woman from the shopaholic series!
Ph.: Chadwick Tyler
PONY RYDER: Do you have an interesting anegdote from a photoshoot, or a casting, a show?
KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: Probably when I was younger and I was being shot in a studio where the fan was blowing loud and the window was open and the photographer was telling me to do things and I kept saying, excuse me, excuse me, because I wouldn't hear. and then he was like WHERE ARE YOU FROM, because he thought I didn't understand English. I thought the shoot would go downhill from there but it was great!
PONY RYDER: Is there a different treatment of models and their careers in a smaller boutique agency, as opposed to big agencies and networks?KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: I think so, the relationship is more personal, and they care more about you as a person than just seeing you as someone on the board.
Ph.: Chadwick Tyler
PONY RYDER: Did anyone in the industry ask you to change your look?
KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: Bleach my eyebrows! haha. I think everything within reason.

PONY RYDER: What do you think its your X factor?
KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: Hmm probably the blonde hair and eyebrows. it's unique.

PONY RYDER: You skin is flawless. How do u maintain it?KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: Thank you! I make sure I wash it every night before bed. Skin care products...I really just kind of buy whatever is cheap. There's nothing special. Ohh and I drink TONNNS of water.

PONY RYDER: Beauty products You can not do without?
KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: Lip chap, and moisturizer.
PONY RYDER: What is the best beauty advice u know of?KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: Sleep!
PONY RYDER: You have a great body, fantastic legs! how do stay in shape?KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: Thank you! I'm a very active person, when time allows I like going to the gym just doing random things. I also like walking around and exploring whatever place I'm in.

PONY RYDER: How to survive a day with 30 $ ?KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: so easy...gotta do that for a week sometimes. basically, only purchase necessities.
PONY RYDER: Who is your favorite photographer, who do you wanna work with in the future and why?
KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: Favorite photographer..I'm not sure...I don't know if theres one style I like best. I want to work with Steven Meisel because he can make my career!

Ph.: Chadwick Tyler
PONY RYDER: What would You advise to new models?
KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: Realize that it is hard work, but that modeling isn't the most important thing in the world.
PONY RYDER: Do You have any model friend You would like to see presented on Pony Ryder?KATHLEEN BURBRIDGE: DRIELLE!
Interview with fashion model Kathleen Burbridge is original work and courtesy of Pony Ryder.


Posted on: 2008/09/26

Who is Pony Ryder?

DIONI TABBERS: the interview

Posted on: 2008/09/19

Galeries Lafayette Swim catalog
Dioni Tabbers

the model interview

Dioni is with Supreme model management & Micha models Amsterdam

PONY RYDER: When did you start modelling?

DIONI TABBERS: I started working when I was about 15 years old.

PONY RYDER: Which fashion week is your favorite?

DIONI TABBERS: I really did only fashion week in NY...and Milan and London only for one day... for me London is the best city to be in...I work really well there, and I love the city and the people in London.
PONY RYDER: What's inside your makeup bag?
DIONI TABBERS: Pocket size vaseline, mascara, eyelash curler, moisturizer and eyeliner.

PONY RYDER: What skin care products do you use?
DIONI TABBERS: I clean my skin every day with a face wash in the morning. I clean it with baby wipes in the evening and use just some moisturizer before i leave home.
PONY RYDER: How do you stay in shape?
DIONI TABBERS: I do cardio half an hour every day before breakfast. Other than that just eating healthy and drinking a lot of water (tea in my case), helps too.

PONY RYDER:What is the best beauty advice u know of?
DIONI TABBERS: Don't use make-up if you don't have to, it's better to keep your skin clean...and drink a lot of water!

PONY RYDER: Dioni, you already did several campaigns(Moschino, Love is Love, Frankie Morello..). That is a huge success for you as a young model...
DIONI TABBERS: I really liked doing Moschino. It was so much fun that day with all the girls just hangin' around in the sun ...some food, gossip and music...just a relaxing day with a really cool crew.
PONY RYDER: With what photographer would you like to work in the future?
DIONI TABBERS: Mario Testino among others would be amazing!

PONY RYDER: What would You say is your X-factor?

DIONI TABBERS: I have to say I am very happy with my lips.... but most of the time people compliment me on my eyes .... and it's good if you have a nice personality - to always try to be friendly to the people you work with.

PONY RYDER: How do u pose, what is your style in posing?
DIONI TABBERS: It depends on the photographer. Sometimes they have a really clear vision on what they want and if that's the case I just do what they like and make little changes ...if not I just try to keep moving in different shapes...use my hands a lot... whatever the mood is on that day.

PONY RYDER: How important do you think it is for a model to know very well which market they fit the most?

DIONI TABBERS: Well I think as long as the model agents know what they want with a girl, and they explain the plans they have for the girl, then everything should be going the way it is supposed to. With me it was a bit different. Well, plans were about the same, but I changed agencies and with Micha it's really clear for me what she wants for me.
PONY RYDER: Have you ever said no to something? A nude shot, an uncomfortable photoshot...?

DIONI TABBERS: To lingerie shoots I keep saying no till I am a bit older.

PONY RYDER: We heard that You took a season off. When can we expect you to be back on the runway and in front of the camera?
DIONI TABBERS: Yeah, well i'ts not a complete season off. I'm just not doing any shows and i am trying to be in school as much as I can . I will be back on the runway ( i hope ) in 2 seasons / 1 less if i can finish my school early. I am still doing editorials and stuff like that so I am not completely gone.
PONY RYDER: What would You advise to new upcoming models?
DIONI TABBERS: Don't take it to seriously! It's just a job. You have to be able to step out of the fashion world when you go home...Try and stay normal!
PONY RYDER: Do You have any model friend You would like to see presented on Pony Ryder?
DIONI TABBERS: I think Bregje Heinen. She's a really big upcoming talent and she's only been working for a really short time!

Interview with fashion model Dioni Tabbers is original work of Pony Ryder.


Posted on: 2008/09/11

Florian Pessenteiner

Florian Pessenteiner is with M & P Model (London) , SS&M ( Madrid), Elite ( Milan).

FLORIAN PESSENTEINER: I started to do modelling properly last year (2007) when I finished and graduated from high school . I was discoverd by my mother agent during a trip to Switzerland.
Ph.: Sergio M.

FLORIAN PESSENTEINER: I think from other male models it disdinguishes me that I stayed the same the whole time I did modelling. So many agencies try to change the boys , whenever new trend is coming up ... It brings you money but for sure not a long carrer .. because trends are changing ... and I never let myself change ... I always packed my stuff when they wanted to and left ... and kept my hair , didnt built up muscels etc... :)

Ph.: James Kelly

PONY RYDER: You got your first Vogue editorial (Vogue Homme Japan) with photographer David Hughes . How was that experience for You?

Im very proud about the editorial. The photographer was amazing ... The location was soo great .. And all the people on the set were easy to work with and super nice. It was for sure one of the best shoots i've had so far.
Ph.: Stefan Milev

FLORIAN PESSENTEINER: I did Vorn Magazine , Icon Magazine ,Dazed and Confused, Wallpaper , Trend Fashion , Dressed to kill , Show studio , Dazed Digital , Converse , H Magazine ... H magazine just came out and it's great ..A really good editorial. Ph.: Adrian Portmann

FLORIAN PESSENTEINER: Yes sometimes it can be really hard to be a male model and of course women get more attention than we do. You can see the difference for example on the payments. For shows it is somtimes ridicolous how much we get and how much the girls for example get. But theres is quite a big change now and I hope the change is not going to stop. Ph.: Joachim Baldauf

FLORIAN PESSENTEINER: I dont think there really exists an "it" thing for a male model. I just think it's important to stay yourself whatever other people say. Some people quickly change as well in person when they successed and that's a thing that should not happen. Have your own style , your own thoughts and the most important thing is to have your own opinion. Ph.: Joachim Baldauf

FLORIAN PESSENTEINER: I think i dont really have a style to pose. I think its very important to talk with the photographer first and get to know what he or she wants and what he or she expects. As soon as you know that and have a connection with the camera you just start posing. To be able to find the right poses , facial expressions etc.. I think that makes a real model. Ph.: Katja Hentschel

FLORIAN PESSENTEINER: Hmm... I would say it is important for a model to know where to work and where to be represented. But it's always hard to say where you fit in and where not. If you have the special kind of thing people are looking for, you can book jobs everywhere . That I am not a commercial kind of guy was a thing I knew the first time I got to my agency. Ph.: Stefan Milev

FLORIAN PESSENTEINER: Yes of course there is a different treatment of models in smaller agencies than in bigger ones. Im with a smaller one here in London for example and its a really close working relationship with my booker. The booker can push you more and take care of you properly. In bigger agencies its quite hard to survive I think. You always have to be presentable otherwise you just disappear inbetween 300 others. Ph.: Snjezana Josipovic

FLORIAN PESSENTEINER (on runway) : I am trying to be more versatile. It just depends on what the designer wants. Sometimes they say " just walk as u want" , sometimes they tell you exactly what they wanna see.
Ph.: Snjezana Josipovic

FLORIAN PESSENTEINER: My hair does attract special attention , sometimes a very good one , and sometimes it can be not so good as well, sometimes I just get booked because of my hair so I am very proud about the fact that I never cut it off when people in the industry said I should.
I use Redken for my hair. It is a very good product because it repairs the hair especially after a long day shooting and getting the hair done all the time.

Ph.: Adrian Portmann

FLORIAN PESSENTEINER: I do not really have a makeup bag. I just use facepowder (MAC) when you have to go to castings for example. To cover up the results of partying too much :)

I dont really have a secret how I stay in shape. Naturally I am skinny built and it's hard for me to put on muscels. I dont go to gym or anything. I just try to eat healthy , drink a lot of water , and walk around instead of taking the busses all the time.
Ph.: Stephan Milev

FLORIAN PESSENTEINER (advice to new male models) : I think the most important thing is to stay yourself. Have your own opinion and fight for your "rights". I dont wanna say that models have no rights but as soon as someone tries to change you fight for being who you are.
Dont take anything to serious and take it step by step. Keep on fighting and it will for sure work out .

Interview with fashion model Florian Pessenteiner is original work and courtesy of Pony Ryder.



Posted on: 2008/09/08

Pony Ryder photographed by XX
Pony Ryder presents the original Q and A by Pony Ryder... Stay tuned! It is about to start...

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