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Posted on: 2008/10/29

JK is with Micha Models Amsterdam, Dominque Models Brussels, Stars Dusseldorf, Uno Barcelona, Select London and New York Model management.

ANOUK HAGEMEIJER: the interview

Posted on: 2008/10/25

Interview with model Anouk Hagemeijer

Anouk Hagemeijer is with Skin models (Amsterdam), Ford (New York), Nathalie (Paris), Ace (Athens), Place (Hamburg), Beatrice (Milan), Models 1 (London). 

Now with: ULLA (Amsterdam) & Select London & DNA NY

PONY RYDER: When and how did you start modeling? 

ANOUK HAGEMEIJER: It started because of my friend! She signed me up (without me knowing) for the Elite Model look contest! I was really surprised when they called me and told me that I was in the finals! I came until the last ten! After a while Skin models approached me and I decided to give it a try! This was 3 years ago! But I was still in school so I was not allowed to do a lot. I started really traveling one year ago now! And I love it!

PONY RYDER: What is the hardest thing for you as a young model?
I really miss my friends/family a lot when I am gone! They all go to university or work every day! And my life is totally different than theirs! I get a lot of support so that is wonderful, but sometimes they just don't understand my situation! And that is quite hard once in a while.

PONY RYDER: Is modeling world competitive? 

Sometimes it can be, but I try to avoid this! Same when I run or live with somebody who is not nice to me! Try to pay the less attention as I can.

PONY RYDER: Did other agencies approach you after you signed with the agencies you're signed with now? 

Sometimes I had this yes, but what I think about changing agencies:
That is a pretty tough question! For me it is important that you have a good and personal relation with your agents. They need to know who you are as a person and also the other way around. As long as your relation is good, they work good for you, push you and BELIEVE in you, there is no need to change agencies for me. But when you get the feeling that these factors are missing, it is better to sign with another agency and see if you can do better there! For me there is no need to change agencies or what so ever, I am very happy with my agencies!

PONY RYDER: What Fashion Week did you enjoy doing more, Paris or NY? 
ANOUK HAGEMEIJER: I enjoyed both, but I prefer New York!

PONY RYDER: What would you say is the biggest difference between Paris and NY Fashion Week?
Paris is more artistic than New York!

PONY RYDER: What show in Paris did you enjoy doing the most and why?
I loved the show of Leonard! I really really really liked the clothes! They were so colorful and nice to wear! I had 3 outfits and one of them was a really long pink dress, and it was my first long dress on a catwalk! I just felt really nice at that moment! Also the make-up and hair were super!

PONY RYDER: Same questions for New York :)
: Erin Fetherson! The show was so nice, really dreamy and fairytale!

PONY RYDER: You did Comme Comme des Garcons in Paris... Their show is always „interesting"... very theatrical. Is it harder to present clothes in that way, or the „theater affect" makes it all easier? 

Well Comme Comme des Garcons is not the main show like COMME des garcons! But this is another line of the shows, and that was not so theatrical I guess. We just had to walk without any music, and the public was all dressed in black as far as I can remember! It was quite an experience.

PONY RYDER: Can you describe the styling of that show?
Our hair was tied up, and we had like a knot on the fronts of our heads! Make up was really natural and pink lips!

PONY RYDER: When you're doing runway, do you have your own signature walk? 

No, I don't have my own particular style! I always try to walk fast and strong! But if the designer asks us to walk slow and natural (or just street walk), I will do this of course!

PONY RYDER: What do you do backstage waiting for a show to start? 

Of course it is crazy and racy! There is always stress and a lot “we-are–out-of–time” moments! Hair check here, makeup check there! 

But the stress sometimes makes the result much better (my opinion). Backstage I always talk with girls I know, or I play on my psp-game, read a book, listen to music, eat from the buffet… The usual things to pass the time ;)

PONY RYDER: Are you afraid of falling on the runway? 

No not afraid of falling, more about losing my shoes… I have very tiny feet and my shoes are sometimes a bit big! Before I step on to it, I just clear my mind and think about this: SHOW THEM POWER, YOU CAN DO THIS!! haha

PONY RYDER: Your height is 175cm. Do you think that height is a major thing to be a successful runway model? 

Well it can be important to have a height of 1.80! 

For example if the designers have a lot of long dresses! I think that long dresses or pants look better on taller girls, it is just more elegant! 
And if you have a line up with all girls that are 1.80 it looks not really nice to have a shorter girl in between! But for me the most important thing is that you can give a certain feeling on the runway. And this feeling has to fit the clothes. If you are able to show a certain strength on a runway you can be a successful runway model, even if your 1.75.

PONY RYDER: How do you pose, what's your style? ANOUK HAGEMEIJER: I move a lot when I am doing a photoshoot! I like to move a lot, it makes me really concentrated and this is how I can find a certain feeling that will fit in the story we are working on! 
I just move and concentrate on my feelings and mood and I let the photographer catch the right moments! 
My feelings decide my way of moving! I don't think about my body shape this just happens! And sometimes the pose doesn't look nice, so the photographer will tell me this. In that case I just change and try to find something else that works!

PONY RYDER: How do you prepare for a photoshoot?
I always have improvised so far! I like this, I trust on my own experience and don't want to copy things that I already thought of before! Just go with the flow!

PONY RYDER: With what photographer would you like to work with?
A photographer who knows what he/she wants and what they are looking for!

PONY RYDER: What was the hardest photoshoot for you, and why?
This was my first first photoshoot! It was in Holland, outside in the freezing cold! I had to ware really thin dresses and my nose was running all the time! I couldn't feel my feet or hands! And the shooting took very long!! After this first shoot I could handle them all haha!

PONY RYDER: Is there a difference in posing when you are doing a cover and an editorial? ANOUK HAGEMEIJER: Yes, on a cover it is important that everything looks perfect! You have to sell the magazine, so you have to look friendly and smiling eyes/lips! In an editorial this is not important! You can look angry, sad or enthusiastic - whatever the feeling gives you! It is more edgy, so the posing is also more edgy! On a cover it is about you, in an editorial you are part of a story!

PONY RYDER: What do you think is your X factor? ANOUK HAGEMEIJER: I can express what I feel through my eyes!

PONY RYDER: How do you maintain your skin? What products do you use?
I clean my skin every morning and evening! And TRY to drink a lot of water! I use a cleansing gel, a protection spray and daycream!

PONY RYDER: How do you stay in shape?
When I am traveling I stay in shape by walking through the city! Doing castings all day is actually pretty healthy for your body! When I am at home I go running once in a while!

PONY RYDER: What is the best beauty advice u know of?
Stay Healthy, Feel healthy.

PONY RYDER: Your favorite make up brand? ANOUK HAGEMEIJER: I really like it when make-up artists use MAC, my skin never gets bad from their concealers!

PONY RYDER: Do you believe in luck?
: I do.

PONY RYDER: Do you have lucky socks, shirt, something...?
I have a bracelet from Thailand, I think it brings me luck!

PONY RYDER: What would you do if you were not a model?
I would take a gap year between school and university. Move a year to Spain, France, or Italy to learn to speak the language! Ander after I would go to study medicine at university!

PONY RYDER: What did you learn about yourself trough you modeling career?
That I am a really critical person. Sometimes I can be kind of a perfectionist. But I learned because of my modeling career that it is really important to look at the things that you have and can do, and not only to the things that you don't have and can't do!

PONY RYDER: What keeps you going in your model career?
The support of my friends and family and the opportunity to travel the world just for being me! This is very special I think.

PONY RYDER: What would you advise to new models?
I always think it is important to stay with your both feet on the ground and present YOURSELF!

PONY RYDER: Prepare a meal for 2 people with a budget of 10 euro? Possible? What would you do? ANOUK HAGEMEIJER: For sure that is possible! I would make pasta Bolognese! Pasta would be 3 euro, tomato pasta sauce, 2,50 and meat, 3,50! There you go!


Posted on: 2008/10/24

Anouk Hagemeijer is with Skin Models (Amsterdam), Nathalie (Paris), Ford (NY), Place (Hamburg), Ace (Athens), Beatrice (Milan), Models 1 (London)


Posted on: 2008/10/23

Jelena S. photographed by XX

Jelena S. is with View Barcelona, MC2 Tel Aviv

BARBORA MARCONOVA: the interview

Posted on: 2008/10/19

PONY RYDER presents EXCLUSIVE interview with fashion model BARBORA MARCONOVA.

Barbora Marconova was a finalist of Elite model Look 2007. In just one year after starting her career as a model she worked with photographer Mario Testino, and did 2 shows on the Paris fashion week. No wonder for such a great start of this 20 years old miraculous platinum blond, for she has the face and the presence of a model whose look never comes out of fashion, so she could stay in fashion business for ages. Future superstar indeed.
Barbora is with Elite Prague, Marilyn Paris, Elite Milan, Elite NY and Ave Singapore.
PONY RYDER: When and how did you start modeling?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: I started last winter by competition Elite model look.

PONY RYDER: What is the hardest thing for you as a young model?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: Actually I feel pretty old between all the fifteen years old models. But maybe it is better to start later, I already know who I am and modeling is not going to change me. But it is still hard for me to travel alone, always get used to new places and new people, leave and start somewhere else again.

PONY RYDER: Did other agencies approach you after you signed with the agencies you're signed with now? How do you feel about changing agencies?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: No it never happened to me. I am happy with all my agencies so far, I am not planning to change anything.

PONY RYDER: What do you personally think, are you more commercial, more editorial?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: I guess I’m more fashion type [editorials, catwalks]

PONY RYDER: You live in model apartments when you are abroad. What is that like?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: Yes, I stay in models apartments and I like it mostly, it always depends on the group. From time to time, I miss privacy.

PONY RYDER: Have you ever had to make a decision whether to skip a season because of school or, personal reasons, and what was your decision? How would you deal with that today?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: I’m still trying to figure everything out. I still have to consider if it`s the best decision to do modeling right now. But I definitely want to finish the university so I might have to take a break from modeling. It’s really hard to decide, I would love to do both.

PONY RYDER: Do you go to college/school?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: I study economics and management at university in Prague, but I’m kind of on a break now.

PONY RYDER: What is the best thing about modeling except meeting new people and traveling?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: Learning about other cultures, about yourself, to be independent, how to treat other people, learning languages…

PONY RYDER: You walked for Issey Miyake and Sharon Wauchob. How was it?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: I really liked the atmosphere. Sharon was very nice to me, she knew it was my first season so she wanted to be sure that I felt good. And I totally did.

PONY RYDER: How was the atmosphere backstage? Are models competitive among themselves, or opposite?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: Yeah, it’s crazy, hasty… but girls usually know each other, from castings and other jobs so the atmosphere is friendly.

PONY RYDER: Is there an adrenalin rush when you are doing runway?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: Of course there is a bit of adrenaline, but I am not stressed or anything. In these cases I’m pretty composed.

PONY RYDER: Who taught you how to walk on the runway?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: I learned it before the competition Elite model look, which I started with. We had a `training` camp for a few days.

PONY RYDER: What is your X factor?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: I think the blond hair, I like my lashes the most, but it’s not so noticeable for the others.

PONY RYDER: How do you maintain your skin? What is your beauty routine?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: I ALWAYS clean my face, I never go to bed with make-up on.

PONY RYDER: Do you use under eyes cream?

PONY RYDER: What facial cream do you use?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: I haven’t found the best one yet, so I keep trying different brands. But I love NIVEA cream [in the typical blue galipot :] I have it all the time with me. My friends already make fun of me.

PONY RYDER: Do you do peeling?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: No I don’t. I have very sensitive skin and I don’t have good experiences with it.

PONY RYDER: What hair products do you use?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: I use Bad Head – Dumb blonde, and I like L’Oreal professional too.

PONY RYDER: Your sun block factor is...
BARBORA MARCONOVA: …better higher

PONY RYDER: Do you use liquid foundation? What brand?

PONY RYDER: Do you have a make up trick? What is inside your make up bag?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: Bronzer, lip gloss and Nivea cream. It is a base.

PONY RYDER: Beauty advice?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: Be happy with yourself.

PONY RYDER: How do you stay in shape?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: I used to be a professional swimmer. I am addicted to sport so I try to do something every day, if it’s possible. I like roller skating, jogging, yoga, going to a gym. And I sill love to swim, of course.

PONY RYDER: Yoga or Pilates?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: I haven’t tried Pilates yet but I like yoga.

PONY RYDER: Do models eat?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: I know more `normal` people who aren’t related to modeling and had an eating disorder. I’ve met many models, and they are just naturally slim young girls, so they don’t need to work so hard to keep their figure.

PONY RYDER: Can you cook?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: I can, but I’m too lazy to cook for myself. I love to bake, especially Christmas candies.

PONY RYDER: Your favorite meal is...
BARBORA MARCONOVA: …It would be a discrimination to say just one :] I love sushi, beef tartar steak, tomatoes, everything sweet…

PONY RYDER: What is your personal style?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: Sportive. Everything just has to be comfortable.

PONY RYDER: Your favorite designer is (or a brand?)
BARBORA MARCONOVA: I like brands such as Roxy, Billabong, and American apparel. From designers: Betsey Johnson.

PONY RYDER: How do you pose, what's your style?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: It really depends on a photographer. Someone lets you do your own poses, then I just try to move slowly. Sometimes a photographer knows exactly what he wants, so you don’t have the freedom.

PONY RYDER: Have you ever said no to something? A nude shot, an uncomfortable photoshoot...?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: I haven’t had to, but I would totally do it.

PONY RYDER: What photographer would you like to work with?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: I have to say Steven Maisel of course. I’ve already worked with Mario Testino, the funny thing is that I didn’t even know who he was.

PONY RYDER: What would you advise to new models?
BARBORA MARCONOVA: Don’t be stressed, just try to enjoy this opportunity.

Interview with fashion model Barbora Marconova is original work and courtesy of Pony Ryder blog.

IRINA MICCOLI: the interview

Posted on: 2008/10/12


Irina Miccoli, also known as Irina Lyshova, is a fashion model who has been in this months spotlight thanks to her eye catching show card. Her face is so extraordinary that even if she wasn't a model she would still be getting lots of attention. She is one of those "faces" whose presence you can not miss and therefore can do every job, starting from catwalk, to editorial to VS. She is certanly the one to watch for.

Irina Miccoli a.k.a. Irina Lyshova is a mum, a wife (her husband is the owner of 3d model management agency) and a model who lives beetween 3 continents: America, Africa and Europe. Irina, a Russian belle, is born and raised in Chelyabinsk city. She is with NEW YORK MODEL MANAGEMENT, 3D and Modelwerk. (image courtesy of NY model management)

PONY RYDER: When and how did u start modeling?

IRINA MICCOLI: I was scouted while walking on the street at the age of 14 in Chel ci,but started modeling couple of years after.

PONY RYDER: You changed your last name, for you got married. Don't you think it was a risky thing to do?
IRINA MICCOLI: For me it just sounds better: Irina Miccoli :)

PONY RYDER: You did Betsy Johnson show (2008), Rachel Roy (2008), Ann Demeulemeester (2005)... etc.
IRINA MICCOLI: Well I love doing the shows==the energy in the backstage and when u walk down the catwalk is just so powerful,can't get enough of it! My favorite is Betsey's show, 'cause u can be spontaneous and have fun doing it!

PONY RYDER: DO you like safari?
IRINA MICCOLI: I do, the ones i went to were absolutely amazing.

PONY RYDER: Betsy Johnson shows are always different. Guffy , smiley faces... What kind a shows do you prefer? Serious ones or smiley ones?
IRINA MICCOLI: OK from safari to the shows:) I like both kinds and the more attitude and rock 'n roll the better! (image courtesy of NY mag)

PONY RYDER: You live in model apartments when you are abroad. What is that like?
IRINA MICCOLI: Yes why not, though some model apartments can be a disaster, and it's difficult to keep control of your things,I was lucky to have nice roommates, and we always had fun!

PONY RYDER: What is the hardest thing for you as a model?
IRINA MICCOLI: It's hard to be apart from the people you love.

PONY RYDER: Have you ever said no to something? A nude shot, an uncomfortable photoshoot...?
IRINA MICCOLI: Yes, I do this "NO" thing sometimes.It's better to say no in the beginning, then feel weird on the shoot and be uncomfortable in the outfit.

PONY RYDER: What is the coolest thing living in South Africa?
IRINA MICCOLI: Their life style is so laid back and people are so relaxed.

PONY RYDER: What do you like about NY?
IRINA MICCOLI: It's a complete opposite energy to Cape Town, love its beat!!

PONY RYDER: Did you learn about the modeling business yourself, or did you have a lot of guidance from your mother agency and all the other agencies you work with?

IRINA MICCOLI: I think you can't learn enough about it yourself, you always need an experienced adviser, I'm very grateful to Giya (Grace Models), R.I.P his soul. He was almost like my second dad when I just started...

PONY RYDER: Do you have an interesting anecdote from a photo shoot, or a casting, a show?

IRINA MICCOLI: Yes, I have a story for You :) It happened in London when I was doing my first of the first fashion show Michiko Koshino. Just before the show, Danila (russian guy model) called everybody in a circle. All the models were sending a positive signal in to the universe while holding hands,and then Michiko called everybody to seat around the catwalk,we thought she just wanted to talk to us.OK, she came out...with a real priest! And he was reading the prayers and saying alleluia all the time. I was shocked.I thought it was like a ritual before every show,but it never happened again.

PONY RYDER: Have you ever had to make a decision whether to skip a season because of school or personal reasons, and what was your decision? How would you deal with that today?

IRINA MICCOLI: Yes, it happened. When I started modeling in Europe I was finishing my high school and couldn't stay abroad for long,and obviously when I had my boy I was out of modeling for nearly 2 years,and since then I've only been to New York. What can I say, I wish I would finish my studying before jumping into the world, 'cause u can never do properly 2 things at the same time. But on the other hand I had so much good time and met my best friends,so I guess what ever happens in life is for good!

PONY RYDER: Is there an aspect of modeling that you like less than other aspects?
IRINA MICCOLI: Lets see...traveling,meeting all bunch of characters you would never meet in normal life, feeling fantastic in front of the camera=that's the things i like.What I don't enjoy is when some people whistle or whisper something on my ear when I walk on the street, or when somebody says: "Look, look it's a model" just like they never saw a tall girl before.

PONY RYDER: Your look is very unique. You look like a gorgeous mix of East meets Latin. Did you always want to model?
IRINA MICCOLI: Thanks, you just made me blush a bit...I didn't even think about this business when I was growing up,and at some point was ready to pass the exams to university to become an architect. So I guess I would be designing or even building, u never know.

PONY RYDER: Did anyone in the industry ask you to change your look? What would you do if they did?
IRINA MICCOLI: No never,but i will soon. it's about the right time.

PONY RYDER: High heels or snickers?
IRINA MICCOLI: Snickers during the day, and heels at night.

PONY RYDER: Your favorite food is... ?
IRINA MICCOLI: Sushi and borsh (separately of course)!

PONY RYDER: Is there a different treatment of models and their careers in a smaller boutique agency, as opposed to big agencies and networks?
IRINA MICCOLI: Of course! You don't even have to ask about that!

IRINA MICCOLI (X factor) : My personality of course :)

IRINA MICCOLI (skin maintaince) : I don't smoke, eat healthy and LOVE dermalogica.

IRINA MICCOLI (beauty advice) : Drink lots of liquid.

PONY RYDER: Sun block cream. Yes or no?
IRINA MICCOLI: Sunblock yes yes yes===and the HIGHER factor the better!!!

PONY RYDER: You are a "working and a young mum". Is that hard? How do you manage modeling and motherhood?
IRINA MICCOLI: Good question, actually we are very blessed to have my hubby's family around so when I'm away they can look after our mini and he loves being with his Nana and Nonno which is even more great!

PONY RYDER: Does a woman change when she becomes a mother? Did you change..?
IRINA MICCOLI: Women becomes more feminine and caring. Me= I became a woman,and lost my baby cheeks :)

PONY RYDER: You are married to the owner of 3D modeling agency in South Africa. Is that an advantage or a burden?
IRINA MICCOLI: You never choose people you fall in love with.

PONY RYDER: Any special product that you use for your hair?IRINA MICCOLI: Everything what ever is in the stores,nothing special.

PONY RYDER: How important do You think it is for a model to know very well which market they fit the most? Did You figure that out later on, or was it a plan by the agency as soon as you started?

IRINA MICCOLI: I think the sooner you find your market, the bigger your chances to succeed are. Most of the times agency decides that.

PONY RYDER: You had a baby and you still have a fantastic body!!! how did you return your perfect shape? What is your secret?

IRINA MICCOLI: Young factor helped a lot and genetics, because everybody has a different build u know. (I don't have a single stretch mark!) Breastfeeding helped to lose the weight, that's for sure.

PONY RYDER: Did you do any exercises while you were pregnant?
IRINA MICCOLI: I was happy and walked a lot, that's it.

PONY RYDER: What would You advise to new models?
IRINA MICCOLI: Finish education first, then you have a solid base and more to give. And learn as many languages as you can, you never know when you'll need them.

Interview with fashion model Irina Miccoli is original work and courtesy of Pony Ryder.

LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: the interview

Posted on: 2008/10/06

via TFS
the natural
Lyoka Tyagnereva is with ONE NY.

PONY RYDER: When and how did u start modelling?LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: I started about 1.5 years ago in my hometown. I was walking down the street with my sister and a man came to me and asked me how tall I am. I didn't have time to answer because he saw my eyes and uneasy expression of it. So he handed me the card which read: "LMA-Lukovsky Model Agency" and told me to call the agency. I did. :)

Lyoka walked for Lanvin, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, D & G, Donna Karan, Rodarte, Hussein Chalayan, Etro, Betsey Johnson, Tuleh, Y-3 and many many more...

PONY RYDER: Which fashion week is your favourite?

LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: I don't have a favorite fw - they are all different. And I have never done London. And, actually, I don't have enough experience to judge.

Ph. Eric G.

PONY RYDER: What's inside your makeup bag?LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: I don't have a make up bag.

PONY RYDER: What is the best beauty advice u know of?LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: Smile and be happy and kind.
PONY RYDER: What skin care products do you use?
I use some creams for sensitive skin and I like those ones which have plant extracts in them because people can't invent something better than Nature.

PONY RYDER: How do you stay in shape?

LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: Running doing the castings is pretty good sport. :) We were kidding around with one my friend couple days ago that it could be funny to have Model Olympic Games. :)

PONY RYDER: Is there any aspect of modelling that you like less than other aspects?
Definitely hair-dressers. :) And that I'm missing all my loved one's birthdays and weddings... Thanks God I was at home for my birthday and New Year!

PONY RYDER: Is there a different treatment of models and their careers in a smaller boutique agency, as opposed to big agencies and networks?

LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: Obviously agencies which are for several years in the market have an experience and know the clients and some little inner tricks in managing model's career. But I don't think the difference is big because if the client likes the girl it doesn't matter for him which agency she's from.

PONY RYDER: When you are doing runway, do u have your own signature walk?

LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: I've never seen myself from the side to be honest. But everyone has unique walk I think. :)

PONY RYDER: You are well known for your hair which is wonderfull, how do You maintain it? Aren't You afraid that hair stylist will destroy it?

LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: I need to say thank you for my parents for that. :) And I'm using some serums and conditioners as well. Totally yes!!! Doing the hair is like a torture for me. :)

PONY RYDER: You have a strong opinion about environment and going green...
LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: Well, I just love Nature. I used to study in chemical-biological class at school and then I was studying at the faculty of biology and soil sciences in St.Petersburg State University.

I'm not crazy about going green. Many things were told lately about sustainable development, environment, ecology and so on. Many of this was used as economical key factors. And as it's said the main problem and aim of modern world is to grow up people with ecological type of mind, teaching children from very young years to love Nature and how to behave because it's impossible to change an adult...

PONY RYDER: Did any other agencies approach You after You signed with the ones you are now with? How do u feel about models changing agencies?

LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: Yes. Once it was really funny. I was doing a test shoot on the ferry and I pointed that some man is just starring at me. Then he came to me and asked if I'm a model. And asked If I have agency here. I said yes but he kept asking if I like it and so on. I said that everything is alright but he gave me a card and told if I wanna change the agency to call. I forgot this card in the pocket of stylist's jacket btw. :)

Speaking about girls changing the agencies I can say only what I know after speaking with them. They told what they are doing it because they don't work with them or if there are some problems.

PONY RYDER: What would You advice to new models?
Not to become disappointed after casting. I know how hard it is when you're doing hundreds of castings when you come first time and people say just "Thank you".
PONY RYDER: Do You have model friend You would like to see presented on Pony Ryder?LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: Dasha Malygina is from my agency in St.Petersburg.

Interview with fashion model Lyoka Tyagnereva is original work of Pony Ryder.

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