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SARA BLOMQVIST: the interview

Posted on: 2009/01/19

Armani Jeans Ad Campaign
x@ DNA (NY), Viva (Paris), MIKAs (m/a, Sweden).
the Interview
PONY RYDER: Was modeling something you were always into? When and how did it all start for you?
Not at all! I was at a horseshow in Stockholm with a couple of friends when I was 13, and a scout from MIKAs came up to me and asked if I was interested in modeling. 

My hometown is about a 3 hour drive from Stockholm, so I didn't really do anything until I was 16-17, and then it just became more and more from there. 
PONY RYDER : We all imagine Swedish girls to be blond... And here you are: a brunette. That is something that sets you apart from Swedish stereotypes. But what do you think, what is your X factor?SARA BLOMQVIST: Haha, yeah, people never expect me to be Swedish... It's a bit funny! I have no clue what it is that people like about my pictures, but I'm always trying to express something, to have a presence that will shine through the photo.
Runway Experience
PONY RYDER :You already did almost every show, but still what was your favorite show so far?
SARA BLOMQVIST: Hmm… I really liked the Chanel show for AW08. I usually never notice the audience at shows, but since I was up on the carousel for a good ten minutes I had a chance to see all the people watching the show.
PONY RYDER : Chanel, Chanel, Chanel!!! Tell us about the Chanel show! The production is huge, how does that affect your work and your performance? Does it make things easy for you, or is it just pressuring?

SARA BLOMQVIST : In one way it's easier, since everything is so well planned, which usually makes it less stressful. I usually see work as work, so I don't get that nervous... unless my heels are loose of course :)
PONY RYDER : What does Sonia Rykiel request for her show? Does she (or her daughter or her staff) explain what personality and attitude she wants to perform on the runway?
SARA BLOMQVIST: When you're on the casting for Sonia you know you have to be more positive than usual. I think it's nice with the variety! Also the producers are showing what feeling they're after.
PONY RYDER: And Karl...?
SARA BLOMQVIST: Karl is super nice! He is backstage both at fittings and shows and looks over the collection.
PONY RYDER: Is every casting the same or are castings for big names like Prada or Vuitton or Chanel different. If so, what is the difference?

SARA BLOMQVIST: Well, I think the biggest difference is the time that you wait for seeing the people. When you go for a casting for one of the bigger brands you have to expect that it'll take at least a couple of hours, and there's nothing really that you can do about it.
PONY RYDER: You walked in Prada shoes! Was it hard? :)

SARA BLOMQVIST: Not really. I usually don't have big problems with the shoes as long as they fit my foot. But of course it's always a bit nerve wrecking when the heels are really high or a bit loose, or when the catwalk is a bit strange!
PONY RYDER: What style from the runway do you liked the most?SARA BLOMQVIST: Haha, I'm so bad at this... My mood for what I'm wearing changes from day to day, but I really liked the LV and Givenchy collection. I like when you look good, but without looking like you did an effort. You know as if you just left the bed, but look this good anyway!
PONY RYDER : And your personal style obsession?SARA BLOMQVIST: As I said; effortlessness. Black, grey, layers and something unexpected!
PONY RYDER: What is the best thing to do when you really dislike the way you were styled for a photoshoot? Do you pretend to love it, or do you just ignore the styling and focus on something else?

SARA BLOMQVIST: I kind of just go with the flow. I think I just avoid commenting it.. I would never say that I think it's really ugly though, that wouldn't be respectful to the client or whoever decided the look. Besides it's always good to have different looks in the book, although it might not be how I would prefer to look like.
PONY RYDER: Did you ever get an advice from a designer or a photographer?SARA BLOMQVIST: Well, not straight to my face, but you kind of hear a thing or two here and there and simply pick up things that can be useful.
PONY RYDER : You seem to have stunning movements in editorials. Is that something that is your so called signature pose, or ... ? 
Are your personal photos spectacular as the ones, for example, in the backstage of the shows? :)

SARA BLOMQVIST: I really like to move or dance in front of the camera! I don't know why, but I very seldom feel uncomfortable or shy while working. I never look good on backstage photos though, it's kind of like when my friends take pictures of me, I always look a bit "off".
PONY RYDER: You did an editorial with model star Freja Beha. How was it? Any tips from the star herself? How do you think you fit in the photo-story with Freja, who has such a unique look?

SARA BLOMQVIST: I love Freja, she is SO beautiful! The shoot was quite intimate, since we were hugging and looking into each others eyes in almost every picture, but it was fine. She is such a pleasant person! I think we looked really good together, didn't you? :P

Peter P.Lindbergh
PONY RYDER: HAHAHAH. What is your favorite photo of yourself?

SARA BLOMQVIST : I think it would be one of the photos in the October issue of Interview, by Peter Lindbergh.
It's very raw, straight ahead and with no makeup. In some photos I look so pretty, but it doesn't feel like I'm that pretty in real life! 

PONY RYDER: I'm wondering, when you are being styled for runway, do you wear a bra?
Girls never wear bras during shows :)
PONY RYDER: You are the face of Armani Jeans, and Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti. Tell us more about how you got these amazing campaigns!

SARA BLOMQVIST: When I got Alberta Ferretti I was still very, very new, and I didn't really realize what it meant. I remember I flew there, slept, worked the next day and then flew home because I had to do one of the national exams in Sweden.
It was all a bit extreme since I'd never done anything like it before. When I found out that I got the AJ campaign I was SO happy! And I was even happier when I saw that they chose my picture! I guess it's all about having the right people on your side. My agencies are amazing and I know that they work really hard for me!
PONY RYDER: How do you organize your schedule during fashion weeks?
xSARA BLOMQVIST: Haha, I’m so disciplined. I plan were to go and in which order every evening, and then I try my best to stick to that plan. It's easier now when I know which castings that'll take more time and so on.
PONY RYDER: Among all the fashion capitals you worked in, which one was the most difficult to manage, get from one place to the next…?
xSARA BLOMQVIST: I never really tried in Milan, but I guess it's hard there since everyone got drivers. I like going around by my self, getting driven around kind of make me feel a bit disabled.
PONY RYDER: How do you maintain your skin? Is it important to you to use organic products?SARA BLOMQVIST: Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize. My skin is really dry and easily cracks. I try my best to use products that are organic and not tested on animals since I think I might as well do that when I have a choice!
PONY RYDER: All models say that they eat healthy. By your opinion, how should a balanced diet look like?SARA BLOMQVIST: Hah, that's a bunch of bullshit :P. I think the "plate-model" is quite good. Half of the meal should be vegetables, 1/4 carbohydrates and 1/4 protein. I usually eat breakfast and dinner and then some snacks in between.
PONY RYDER: How do you stay in shape? Do you have any special workout regime?
SARA BLOMQVIST: I have good genes and try to stay off to much junk food. I don't really work out at the moment, I guess I find it hard to find the time, since I'm mostly traveling.
I used to be really athletic though. I love riding, running, swimming and a long time ago I actually did high jumping :D
PONY RYDER: You have one of the busiest agendas. You walked for everyone! So, my question is: what is the best foundation you ever had on your face?SARA BLOMQVIST: Wow… If only I knew! Honestly I never look at the brands that the makeup artists use. But I like Chanel’s foundation... and ID.
PONY RYDER: What is your favorite make up brand?
SARA BLOMQVIST: I don't really have a favorite... For me it's not about the brand, it's more about the structure and quality of the product. Private I usually wear a little bit of ID's mineral foundation, some blush, highlighter and brown mascara. If I'm going out I might add it up a bit though, with some brown shade, highlighter and black eyeliner on the eyelid. I own tons of makeup though, since I think it's so pretty :) And I love makeup brushes!
PONY RYDER: How are you adjusting to your new hair style? :) Do you use any special product?SARA BLOMQVIST: Haha, I'm so much better with make up than hair (a.k.a I suck on hairstyling)! I kind of just wash it and let it be. Or straighten it from time to time. I like Kérastase products.
PONY RYDER: Was doing piercing hurtful?SARA BLOMQVIST : Nah, not really :)
PONY RYDER: What is the best beauty advice you know of?
SARA BLOMQVIST : Make sure that you're happy. A lot of the beauty comes from inside!
PONY RYDER: Do you have any model friend you would like to see on Pony Ryder blog?SARA BLOMQVIST : Why not Cato van Ee? Or has she already been published? In that case you should talk to Katrin Thormann. They are both completely awesome!

Exclusive interview with fashion model Sara Blomqvist is original work and courtesy of Pony Ryder blog.

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