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KINGA RAJZAK: the interview

Posted on: 2009/02/27

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PONY RYDER: Kinga, your first steps in fashion… Tell us about your start and first impressions.
I started quite a while ago. First I did not take modeling seriously. I was rather pessimistic about it and stood for the generally accepted myth that fashion makes no sense, and there is nothing beyond skinny girls and cranky designers.

You know, when I got into the ’inner circles’ of fashion I realized that all what I thought was pretty wrong. To really achieve something in fashion as a model you have to have personality, thus you must give a meaning to your body, work it, and make it interesting.

You have to have inner power to do so otherwise the body has no meaning, no 'life' and it becomes just like any other thin 'object' out there. So to sum it up, I think those who really made it to the top have way more to offer than just nice bodies...
Ph. Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia

PONY RYDER: When models first appear on the scene, they are sometimes compared to other, already established models. Were you compared to anyone?

For a while I was always compared to Jamie King. Now as I have dark hair I guess I do not resemble anyone any more.
ph. Steven Meisel for Phi
PONY RYDER: From the very start you had a successful career, but over the past year you've started booking more high profile jobs than ever! Did it come gradually, with experience and status, or do you think there are specific reasons for this?

I do think there is something about patience. If you stay around for long, you work hard and do not go below a certain level you can go on doing high profile stuff. But of course this does not have to be a rule.

Fashion is pretty unpredictable. Today you are in the next day you are out. Nevertheless, I believe if you have personality you can make it. You have to understand though you cannot become a household name in just one season. Some girls do not get this.

It does take long time to climb the ‘career ladder’. It is all about progress, kind of 'maturing’ into the business. Therefore you have to learn things slowly and build up your own profile step by step. Along the way of course of this progress you are confronted with lots of unpleasant things which are there to make you wiser and which you have to handle carefully.

Everything is there to 'test' your nerves and whether you are professional or not.
Ph. Steven Meisel for Alberta Ferretti

PONY RYDER: You're a favorite of top photographer and star-maker Steven Meisel. Do you think it's because of your look, or did you connect with him because of your personality?

I hope it is both. I think it is very easy to work with Steven if you are willing to cooperate. First of all you have to understand what the story is about so then you can work around the concept, play a bit, and act it out. It is easier for everyone if the model is focused.

PONY RYDER: Do you book bigger jobs through your NY agency or thorough your European agencies?
KINGA RAJZAK: Most of my assignments are through my agency in NYC and Paris. But I think all my agencies are very good. I am happy. We all got used to each other by now. 
Source: TFS (girlafraid), catwalking, Kinga @ D&G fw09

PONY RYDER: You have a very particular dark shade of hair. Tell us why you went for that specific color? You've had it for a quite some time. Is it a favorite among editors and hair stylists?

If you look around there are almost no dark haired girls. Everyone is boring. When I colored my hair black everyone freaked out saying it was too much-too ‘visible’ and ‘harsh’.

On the other hand as I recall the past years I have to say this scary dark hair worked out pretty well for me…Now I’m already thinking about doing something else...but it is a secret yet...I cannot tell you anything.

PONY RYDER: aaaaa! Can't wait to see. :)

ph. Steven Meisel for Alberta Ferretti

PONY RYDER: Tell us about your friends in the fashion world.

KINGA RAJZAK: I have many friends in the industry. Now as you asked me, there are many names popping up.

There are only few who I hang out with when the grinding is over....I prefer to be with my 'ordinary' friends - these days my London pals get the most and probably best of me.

PONY RYDER: Do you and your friends and agents discuss serious issues in the fashion world, like anorexia and eating disorders? How do top models feel about this?

KINGA RAJZAK: You know, being skinny is also part of the business. It is about body discipline but I will get back to this later.
PONY RYDER: Please continue ...
KINGA RAJZAK: Firstly the reason behind all this thinness is simple - the designer has this perfect image in his head about the clothes, the whole concept of his creation. 

Now he wants to see this image in reality. He seeks the 'bodies’ which are likely to evoke the envisaged picture on his mind. 

Here we come in - even though no one is perfect, still it is only us, models who are suitable to do this job, so we basically do a 'favor' and sort of unburden the designer of his vision. You know, once the clothes are fitted to a living proportioned body the imagined clothes all become real, and 'wearable’. 

That is another question how the clothes will fit on a 'normal’ person who hasn't got the proportions of a model.

On the other hand to keep the body fit and lean you have to be either disciplined and work on it, or do nothing and enjoy the genes.
ph. Steven Meisel for Phi

PONY RYDER: Tell us about your dream job! Would it be an editorial, a cover or a campaign?

: I don’t have any dream jobs. I am grateful and very happy when I get booked for a good assignment, but I do not get carried away by overheated emotions anymore. Most importantly, I do not expect any further bookings from the same client. 

Of course it is a great feeling when the same crew keeps returning to you but it is silly to keep to the illusion that you will remain their no.1 chicer forever. 

Everything I get I try to enjoy there on the spot, work hard on it and make the whole team feel satisfied. Tomorrow is another day and I don't want to face it with uncertain expectations.
Ph. Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia

PONY RYDER: Who would you hire to work if you were the fashion editor working on an editorial shoot? Who's your favorite new model?

Photographer-wise I would like to work with Testino.

I am absolutely obsessed with his work.I have to admit though that I am interested in his private projects that are fashion but have this non-fashion feeling in general. 

He is great at capturing funny moments at backstage,on the streets,or at parties. All his published portfolios are amazing I’m collecting them-if I can recommend something go and check out the one called “Any Objections?” That is a totally genius book!
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