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Posted on: 2009/04/22

Ph. Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia

Beauty Talk with model star Kinga Rajzak

Kinga Rajzak is with IMG (NYC, Paris), Why Not (Milan), Exit (Bratislava).

PONY RYDER: What is your favorite photo of yourself?
KINGA RAJZAK: I am really not besotted with myself. More to the point I do not like myself. And I am very critical of the pics taken of me...

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PONY RYDER: Models have to have beauty secrets or at least beauty tips. Can you tell us some of that?
KINGA RAJZAK: I like cosmetics...I have many things I love to use but it is more of a vanity thing. Vanity of the unconscious. As I mentioned before I don’t think I am 'beautiful' so all my beauty product are rather the 'by-products’ of my passion for herbs, smells, fragrances and textures. The creams I use aren't 'tools' to keep my looks stunning. They are there to please my senses and not to create a 'flawless complexion’. I don’t care about the latter.

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KINGA RAJZAK: Plus a real beauty secret to write something relevant here: (the hundred million times mentioned, boring advice): water!

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PONY RYDER: When it comes to make up, you probably use it for going out...
KINGA RAJZAK: Not always. If I go out in London I use my MAC eyeliner and red lipstick. I just recently got a wonderful pair of fake purple eyelashes. I cannot wait to use them, haha...London has different atmosphere than NYC. I am much more relaxed and experimental here.

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The Body...
PONY RYDER: How do you stay in shape?
KINGA RAJZAK: I remember those years of running 2miles a day, doing yoga, stretching and playing tennis...Now I rather prefer the university library to the gym...Of course I still do go and swim sometimes which is, to my mind, one of the most intelligent and enjoyable sports - there is no sweating, no mess ,it is fun and the results are wonderful.

Considering food I am going to coin a cliché: You are what you eat. (Well then I am either a fish or a chocolate covered Brazilian nut, haha)
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