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CAMERON RUSSELL: model interview

Posted on: 2009/04/05


Cameron Russell: Crème de la crème

Michelangelo di Battista for Vogue DE


H&M, source: TFS
The Interview
PONY RYDER: How important do you think it is for a model to know very well which market they fit the most or whether they are more commercial, editorial, catwalk... 

CAMERON RUSSELL: It's definitely good when an agency is honest with a girl about what she might expect to do. 

But agents are in a hard position because they don't always know how people will respond to a new face.

I have been very lucky in being able to do editorial high fashion stuff and still make money on the commercial side.

Hugh Lippe for Wonderland mag
PONY RYDER: Did other agencies approach you after You signed with the agencies you're signed with now?

I've been at three different agencies in New York, but it doesn't feel like I've switched a lot. I spent four years at Ford and I had a wonderful agent there who I love and still talk to today. 

I moved to DNA because I wanted to work with Louie Chaban and when he left to go to Women I followed him there. He is great agent and a great friend.

Ben Hassett for NUMERO

PONY RYDER: Do you have an interesting modeling anecdote?

I did the Calvin Klien show four days after I became a model. I'd never walked in high heels in my life. Before the show the casting director put me in a pair of heels and I walked up and down the runway learning how not to trip. Hopefully there's not a video of that show anywhere!

PONY RYDER: :) HAHAH! Is there an aspect of modeling that you like less than others aspects?CAMERON RUSSELL: Modeling is a great job, I can't complain.

Michelangelo di Battista for

PONY RYDER: How would you describe the differences between the Paris/ NY/ Milan/ London market?CAMERON RUSSELL: Because I live in New York I like working here the best. It's nice when I can just bike to work and don't have to miss a lot of school. 

In London I have a wonderful agency and lots of friends I like to see. 

Paris is a beautiful city but I only have two or three friends that live there so when I go it often feels very lonely. When I think of Paris I think of long walks by myself in melancholy grey weather down windy old streets. 

Milan is mostly just shows so usually it's about seeing the city from a car window.

A4 by Maciek Kobielski

PONY RYDER: Have you ever said no to something in modeling?CAMERON RUSSELL: It's important for the younger girls to know that they can say no to things.

When I see 15 and 16 year old models working a lot I hope that someone has told them this. Lots of times agencies, photographers, etc take advantage of girls who just want to do their best and make everyone happy.
Women management show card

PONY RYDER: What would You say how important is the height for a model?CAMERON RUSSELL: When I started I worked a lot and I was only just 5' 7". I'm 5' 10" now so people who worked with me a couple years ago are always shocked when I walk in today.

PONY RYDER: How do You pose, what's your style?CAMERON RUSSELL: It depends on the shoot, the concept, the client, and the photographer.

Allure mag by Greg Kadel
PONY RYDER: You did a Belstaff campaign with Anja Rubik, Hilary Rhoda and Lara Stone... When You are all working together, do u become friends or everyone keeps the distance?CAMERON RUSSELL: That was shot over a couple of days and I only worked with Lara and Mehgan. We are all still friends.

PONY RYDER: How was it working with Steven Meisel?CAMERON RUSSELL: Great. I love working with Steven. He's very professional and the pictures are always beautiful.
Ph. Steven Meisel
PONY RYDER: Your campaign list is so impressive. Of what campaign are you particularly proud of?

I'd probably say Calvin Klein because I've done a lot of work for them and it's nice when people book you over and over. 

My first jobs were for them (their show, CK jeans, ckONE) and jobs that are running today were for them (the new ck1, Calvin Klien White Label).

PONY RYDER: Which designer do you like to work with the most?CAMERON RUSSELL: This season doing Alexander Wang was really fun. There was great music and cool clothes and girls.

PONY RYDER: When you're doing runway, do u have your own signature walk?CAMERON RUSSELL: In the beginning I probably had my own style because I didn't know what I was doing. Now my walk is just confident but not over the top.

PONY RYDER: What do you do in the backstage, waiting for the shows?
: Unfortunately most of the free time I have is spent doing homework. Usually when you run from one show to the next there is very little free time and you just do hair and make up, chat with a couple girls, and then the show starts.

The New York Times Style Magazine

PONY RYDER: After finishing college, will You still be involved in fashion industry or will You do something totally different?

: I study math and economics at Columbia University. I'm not sure what will happen when I finish. 

Right now my life is divided between school, fashion, and non profit organization I'm starting called Interview New York. On top of those major commitments I love to write and try to keep up a blog ( 

I have so many different things going on when one ends I don't think my life will change too much because I'll still be doing the others.
Women management show card

PONY RYDER: Beauty products you use.
A good make up remover is key. Stay away from baby wipes between lots of make up changes. And buy some good lotion for post show/long plane rides.

PONY RYDER: What skin care products do You use?
A good really heavy cream for dry skin is Hydra Bebe cold cream.

Ph. Alasdair McLellan

PONY RYDER: How do stay in shape?

CAMERON RUSSELL: I bike to school. I love to run. In 2007 I ran the Boston Marathon. Now my sister is begging me to do it again with her this spring.

Alexei Hay for Flair

PONY RYDER: You had wonderful long hair... Was it hard to cut it off?
CAMERON RUSSELL: No my hair is so thick I felt light and fluffy after I cut it off! Now it's long again and that seems like forever ago.

PONY RYDER: Tell us the truth, did hair stylist destroyed your hair so that is the reason You cut it off? :)
No. It was only after I cut if off and it was really short that everyone wanted to cut it and die it.


PONY RYDER: What would You advise to new models?CAMERON RUSSELL: Try to remember that being a model is like winning the lottery. You are incredibly lucky to get the job and it's not your fault if you lose it.

Ph. Steven Meisel for Pepe Jeans

Private shots of Cameron were shot by her boyfriend, astonishing and skillful photographer Andrew Elliott. Andrew used to assist Steven Meisel and Craig McDean, and he just launched a website and a blog, updated daily: And yes, Cameron blogs as well, : !
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