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ELIZA CUMMINGS: model interview

Posted on: 2009/04/13

Ph. Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia
Eliza Cummings 
the Model Interview
Eliza Cummings
@ Select (London), Women (Milan), Nathalie (Paris).
Ph. Sølve Sundsbø for I-D magazine
The Interview

PONY RYDER: You are undoubtedly the new „IT“ girl. Once again, a cool girl is coming from the London fashion scene. Is London style a goldmine for cool talent?

ELIZA CUMMINGS: What is an “it girl”? I hate it being classed as an it girl, I’m a model.

Ph. Jeffrey Graetsch for Anthem

PONY RYDER: What did you do before modeling? How and when did your story start?

ELIZA CUMMINGS: Well I left school because I got bullied and went and worked at Toni and Guy. My mum was at the
London College of Fashion at the time and one of her teachers saw a picture of me and said “Take he to an agency” so my mum took me into select and they took me on. When I got my first job, Italian Vogue which was a big shock because I thought I could never do this in a million years.

ph. Sølve Sundsbø for I-D magazine

PONY RYDER: Tell us about your name. When you first started out, you were listed as Eliza Presly. Is there a story behind the name change?

ELIZA CUMMINGS: Well when I started in Select they were like “you look just like Elvis!”, so they were like “Maybe it would be cool if you changed your name to Eliza Presly”. But then I changed it back to my legal name.

Ph. David Bellemere, source TFS by spqr

PONY RYDER: When your first started making buzz in the fashion industry, it was mainly because of your distinctively cool style and personality. It's a well known fact that personality is crucial to a model's career, but has it been even more important in your case?

ELIZA CUMMINGS: Well all of that is not true, everyone loved me for my look because I looked like a boy/Elvis. And also my personality, I show it in the camera. I love jumping around and having fun!

ph. Mariano Vivanco for Dazed and Confused

PONY RYDER: For a very long time you were being developed paired with Ash and you were appearing together on many covers, editorials and even polaroids and videos. Was this a deliberate or a spontaneous approach?

ELIZA CUMMINGS: Well I didn’t want any of that to happen, it just did when me and Ash first met - it was crazy because everyone was like “You look just like each other!” and then we became a couple and we had so much fun but we had to end it because of all this mumbo jumbo was doing are heads in. But we are still really good friends and still work together, we have so much fun.

source: TFS by spqr

PONY RYDER: Knowing that your style is a big part of your personality, how do you interpret a more classic look on the runway and on the photoshoots?

ELIZA CUMMINGS: I do what ever is asked of me, I’m a model, I have to, this is my job. I can give different looks and I guess that’s why people like me.

Ph. Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia
PONY RYDER: Your Vogue Italia April cover is splendid! Do you feel that a cover and an editorial such as that particular issue of Vogue Italia is the real you (in the sense of a high fashion sophisticated model), or do you prefer the image of a “wild girl”?

ELIZA CUMMINGS: Yeah, I love the cover because it is the real me, I look just like it. 

Everyone that doesn’t know me is saying “OMG Photoshop!” but its not, that’s the real me. 

I love working with Steven, he brings out the softer side of me and it is the real me. I am no punk like everyone says. 

As Tom Jones puts it - “im a lady”. Wild girl haha! Yeah, when it comes to shoots, people dress me as a punk so to show on the camera I change my personality so it shows I’m a punk in the camera.

Ph. Robert Wyatt for 10 magazine
The Body
PONY RYDER: You seem very comfortable doing nude shoots. Do you think that partial nudity compliments the fashion pieces you wear, or do you just see it as an eye-catching distraction?

ELIZA CUMMINGS: I do what ever is asked. I don’t mind at all, I see it as art and most people like my body because I have boobs and a bum, most models don’t.

Dominic jewellery, source: TFS by luxie_dream

PONY RYDER: What is your favorite feature?

PONY RYDER: How tall are you? Does your height dictate the type of jobs that you book?

ELIZA CUMMINGS: I’m 5ft9, however I look shorter because I am against 6ft models.

PONY RYDER: And how do you stay in shape? 

ELIZA CUMMINGS: I go for a run round the park everyday with my dogs. And try to eat healthy!

Sonny Photos, source: TFS: Aja Mok

PONY RYDER: We see you being photographed with many established top models. 

ELIZA CUMMINGS: All the ones I have met and worked with are lovely and they helped me a lot. 

Most of them are crazy so I have a laugh with them.

Baby Baby Baby magazine

PONY RYDER: You have several excellent editorials, and as it seems, they just keep coming! So Eliza, tell us what’s your favorite picture of yourself?

ELIZA CUMMINGS: Well Vogue Italia cover because it’s such a big magazine to do as a model and it is so me. 

But my best shoot has to be Baby Baby Baby mag because I had no make up and no hair done and it was so me as I am!, source: TFS by Magnus

Eliza's Beauty Tips

PR: How do you maintain your skin Eliza?
ELIZA CUMMINGS: Cleanse - tone - moisturize.

PR:: Moisturizer.
Origins because it’s all natural.

PR: Make up remover....

PR: Mascara?

PR: Lip gloss?
ELIZA CUMMINGS: Nars DC3. Or a Rocka billy red

PR: The best advice that make up artist gave you is...

PR: What is your ultimate beauty indulgence?
ELIZA CUMMINGS: Having a facial by Vanda Serrador at URBAN SKIN she is amazing.

Ph. Steven Meisel for W magazine

Exclusive interview with fashion model Eliza Cummings is original work of Pony Ryder blog.

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