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Posted on: 2009/04/30

source: pringle of scotland catalog

Easy Breezy Beautiful: Imogen Morris Clarke! Imogen is with Next worldwide.

source: TFS by fashiongirl28 (gucci show)

Runway Files

PONY RYDER: Let's start with fashion week memoirs...
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: This fashion season was a blur of coffee, friends, stress and fun for me. I remember each show I did for a different reason, but some of my favorites were the Gucci show in Milan (great music) and the Chanel show in Paris because it is always an incredible, extravagant production and the food backstage is delicious. A fresh smoothie at 6am is definitely the way to start the day!

ph. Chadwick Tyler

IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: I loved New York fashion week because it was the start, so I wasn't so tired. Half way through, my agency had a huge 20th anniversary party which was fun and so nice to see everyone. I also really enjoyed going to Chadwick Tyler's 'Tiberius' exhibition as I love his work.

London fashion week was really tiring, but so nice to be back home. Unfortunately I got a fever but I honestly think that working so hard and not having a break made it go away - I didn't have time to stop and feel it!

angelo marani runway,

IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: One of my favorite memories is riding the bus from Louis Vuitton to MIU MIU. All the girls were so excited and on a mental high because it was the last day of the shows. There were ladies doing our nails, people taking pictures, people singing… it was just such a fun way to end my fashion week with some of my good friends.

PONY RYDER: How do you organize your education and school during fashion week?

IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: With difficulty!!! @ TFS by stefanelle

PONY RYDER: Tell us more about the NY Fashion Week.
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: That’s so difficult! I love NYFW because I love the city itself. I was staying in an apartment with two other girls (Katie Fogarty and Mathilde Frachon) and we just had the most fun two weeks running around and found we did quite a few similar shows. @ herrera

PONY RYDER: Who is your favorite designer in NY?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: One of my favorites was Phillip Lim - me and Hanne Gaby (Odiele) were dancing backstage in our wigs and there was live music. It was so much fun, and I absolutely love the clothes. Herrera was beautiful too, and Philosophy was fun because a lot of my friends did it. One of my favorite things about New York fashion week is the big tent! Going there at 7 in the morning you can be sure a big cup of coffee and some fresh breakfast will be waiting for you.

PONY RYDER: Does appearing on the NY runways have more relevance for a model's career, or is Paris Couture considered more prestigious for a model?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: I haven't done couture yet because of school, but as far as I know it is important. I think NYFW is too because it often sets up a model for the rest of her season., iperlchen @ TFS

PONY RYDER: What was your favorite collection this season?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: This season I really liked Vuitton, Phillip Lim, Herve Leger, Chloe and MIU MIU amongst others. I would love to walk for Givenchy and Balmain because I think the clothes are incredible and wearable.

supreme models polaroids

PONY RYDER: Being British, you probably drink tea.
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: Haha! I actually hate tea... My family (all obsessive tea lovers) think I’m so strange. I am an utter coffee addict, I can barely walk straight without it. I started drinking it because during my first few shoots I wasn't used to working so hard and didn't have enough energy.. and now I’m hooked. It’ll be my new year's resolution next year… switch to tea!
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