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Posted on: 2009/06/02

Vogue Italy Ph: Sophia & Mauro St: Franck Benhamou

Modest and Gorgeous: Imogen Morris Clarke, Doll-Like Beauty That Fashion Adores!

Imogen Morris Clarke is with NEXT (NY).

PONY RYDER: Imogen, how and when did all of this start for you?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: It started about two or three years ago… I wanted to be an actress instead, but I have learnt now that there is only a fine line between the two. My agency and I waited until I grew a bit and got my braces off, and then I started doing test shoots during school holidays.

NY F/W 09: Next show card

PONY RYDER: Now that you have a lot of experience as a model and have a well-established career, do you think it's best to start at a very early age or later on?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: Being totally honest, it can be very difficult attempting to balance school, modeling and friends. I try to focus on school when I am in school, and modeling when I am in modeling, but I would advise any young model to perhaps wait until major school commitments are over. Being in school means I can do very little modeling work outside of shows; especially currently as I have important exams coming up! However I am very grateful for everything that has happened and it is definitely worth the extra stress regardless.

angelo marani runway,

PONY RYDER: And how have your family and friends dealt with you being away?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: Both my family and friends are very supportive. My friends know I don't like to talk about it that much when I’m in school and my parents always help to sort out my travel and accommodation and general helpful things. It can be difficult being away from home, but during the shows I often have my mum with me which helps.

Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia

PONY RYDER: Which magazines did you enjoy reading the most before starting as a model or started modeling seriously?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: I bought my first copy of British Vogue just after I got scouted. It had Kate Moss on the cover and I must have read it a good forty times... I still have my old British Vogues, stacked up in my room. ;)

Valentino show by tfs spark

PONY RYDER: Building a successful career is a long process that takes a lot of time and hard work both from the agents and the model. How long was the initial process in your case? At what point did you go from an „average" model to the status you have now?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: Probably my first show season. (spring summer 2009.) I had waited until I got some exams out of the way to have a go at the shows, and was just really surprised yet happy that I did well. My agents have been incredible from day one and I know that has helped. I’m just enjoying being a 'new model' and shooting with influential and incredible photographers and stylists... I believe that I still have a long way to go, though... and a year and a bit of school!

Ph. Beau Grealy for Wonderland

PONY RYDER: Were there any people trying to bring you down, or suggesting you should not be a model?

IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: Surprisingly, no... I have read some things about fellow models' friends saying things behind their back but (to my knowledge!) I am lucky that hasn't happened to me yet.

PONY RYDER: What was the best advice you got from a fashion industry insider?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: Hard work is never for nothing.

Vogue Italy Ph: Sophia & Mauro St: Franck Benhamou

PONY RYDER: Aside from the obvious good sides of modeling what would you say have been the benefits of modeling for you? How has your personality changed and improved with time?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: I think I am more patient now. I have learned to accept that this is a fragile industry and, as my friend Katie Fogarty says, 'it is what it is.' I think modeling has made me a bit older, mentally... I feel like I experienced so many worthwhile things that strengthened me both as a person and as a friend.

storm models by tfs gazillion

PONY RYDER: The economic crisis has hit the fashion industry. We all heard news about some designers skipping this show season. But how has the crisis effected the models?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: Well for the newer girls (like me) I think we have been effected by certain designers not showing or budgets being cut... but I think this is relevant to most models, successful or new - there have been cut backs in rates and maybe less amounts of money spent on expenses and such.

Mario Testino for D&G

PONY RYDER: Tell us about Dolce and Gabbana – how has working for them changed and improved your career? How do you feel about the current D&G models, anyone in particular you are fond of?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: I loved the D&G shoot. I think it has helped my career because not only is it an established brand, but also a legendary photographer. The shoot was with some lovely girls - Cato van Ee and I had fun hanging out in the sun on location in Monaco.

storm models by tfs

PONY RYDER:Who is your favorite British model at the moment?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: I love Kate Moss because she was the first model I ever heard of - but I also really support Jourdan because she's such a genuine person and has achieved so much already within the industry. by TFS stafanelle and

PONY RYDER:Tell us about your best friends! Do you have more friends in the fashion world, or more friends from your non-professional life? What do you and your model friends do for fun when you finally catch some free time?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: Well I spend most of my time at school so I have some really good friends in London, but I’ve been lucky to meet some great people doing this job. We mostly just grab dinner or lunch if there’s any free time, and I remember having two free hours between shows in London and going with Hanne Gaby to the huge Topshop. She couldn't believe how big it was it was so funny.

supreme models polaroids

PONY RYDER. How do you stay in shape? Any tips for healthy weight-control?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: I always start the day with porridge which gives me a lot of energy. I also aim to eat a lot of protein for my skin and hair, and apart from that I walk around my area a lot and swim.

storm models by tfs

PONY RYDER: You have a great complexion! What's your moisturizer?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: Thanks :) I use a really basic moisturizer by organic minerals, and just put teatree oil on if I get any spots!!

PONY RYDER: What's your favorite foundation...?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: I don’t tend to wear foundation but I really like YSL concealer.

PONY RYDER: What are your favorite lipstick?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: Normally I don't wear colour on my lips, just carmex lip balm. But if I do.. I love Chanel’s dark colours.

PONY RYDER: Favorite fragrance?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: I like Ralph Lauren Blue, YSL Elle, and also Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.
PONY RYDER: Favorite mascara?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: My favourite mascara is either Chanel or L’Oreal.
PONY RYDER: Favorite shampoo?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: Bumble and Bumble and Redken shampoo are great because they de-frizz my hair. I look a bit like a baby lion if I leave it to dry naturally.

@ Gianfranco Ferre by fmag / tfs

PONY RYDER: Do you have a beauty advice you'd like to share with us?
IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: Best beauty advice I got was to eat citric fruits and drink water to get rid of spots. It helps a lot - and cutting down on chocolate too. A friend of mine always put on sunscreen instead of moisturizer and her skin is translucent.

source: pringle of scotland catalog


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