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MODEL CITY GUIDE: Paris with Stephanie Carta

Posted on: 2009/07/20

Ph. Max Doyle for Vogue Australia, Paris by Liudmila Kondakova


Paris City Guide

Stephanie Carta is with Elite (NYC), Fashion (Milan), Ford (Paris), Premier (London), Priscillas (Sydney).

Ph. Jay

... Paris

STEPHANIE CARTA: Sooo despite couture going stinky, on the upside, I still got to visit Paris for a week, see my agency and do go sees with good clients to me. A couple of my friends were around too, like Hanne and Daul. Daul gave me some extra insider info on some spots to visit too, as she now is living there and has become a local too.

Paris… it was so nice to be there again and have him (Jay) there with me...I really love it and realized how comfortable, free and inspired I feel there....

Besides going around to castings, I visited some of my favorite spots and some new ones... We didn’t go too crazy, as the Euro is pretty strong right now… haha... but it was so nice even just to be immersed in the culture, environment and way of life that Paris involves...
I like the way you can just walk or ride around everywhere and how beautiful and clean everything is.

ph. Jay

Spots & Shops

STEPHANIE CARTA: One of our first night spots was Montana in St. Germaine, and it was so funny I saw my friend who used to work in Balenciaga studio there straight away. Went to a Colette party on one of the last nights, and ate at some favorite places around…

Also walked through Palais Royale for the first time (Rick Owens) and checked out some boutiques and vintage in the Marais area. Had a look in Balenciaga while I was in the 8th area and caught a glimpse of some really cool creased skinny black pants that, of course, were not in the sale section haha. Missed out on visiting the markets, but still managed to come back with a few vintage pieces (how could I resist)

PONY RYDER: Vintage shopping in Marais? Any recommendations?
The vintage - I got to stop by quickly at Freep'star in the Marais, which in my opinion used to be a lot better, but it’s the only thing I got a chance to see, as I had forgotten the name of the favorite store I used to visit! My friend just reminded me it’s called I think Guerrisol..?!

At the moment I’m/were really into hats and sunnies, we just got some cool vintage Linda Farrows and circle Ray Bans in NYC... and my favorite hat is one Jay got from Mexico, and a robber style y3 tight stretchy beanie thing

Ph. Jay

Food & Vine

PONY RYDER: Carts, when you are in Paris, do you mostly choose French cuisine?
STEPHANIE CARTA: When I was in Paris I did make sure I tried some French, although it’s not my favorite... the whole time I was actually craving a homemade Thai spicy stir fry... that’s my forte.. Which now I can make haha.. But I made sure to stop by Robert et Louise where my favorite steak was last time, however this time it was the French specialty of snails that my boyfriend ordered which tasted the best...

PONY RYDER: Recommend us some places!

STEPHANIE CARTA: I had to revisit cafe Charlotte for a cocktail, and show my boy the interior, which we realized the same guy who does some good ones here in NYC, has done (Balthazar, and Pastis).
Also we tried a couple of new places, one really good Italian recommended to us called La Briciola in the Marais, and some Japanese ramen, I think in the 2nd eme..

For breakfasts I would go out and buy fresh fruit (SO good in Paris) and pastries and coffee...

Lunches were usually things on the go from around where I was casting, such as salads etc, and dinners usually with some nice French wine all around the place!

Ph. Jay

Night Life

PONY RYDER: Where did you enjoy your time the most without spending a penny?
: I enjoyed most of my time without spending a penny… I was just walking the streets with my boy, enjoying the late sunshine and nice weather, and us documenting all the beauty with the Leica! Looking at all the beautiful store displays and scenery...

PONY RYDER: Do you get any benefits in clubs as a model?
I don’t usually partake in "model club benefits" but I know there is a lot of that going on... usually I end up in a lot of nice places because of the friends I hang out with, who know the city’s spots :)

PONY RYDER: Which clubs do you usually visit in Paris?
I don’t usually like clubbing, but I have ended up on some favorite places, Le Baron and Montana to name a couple as standard French procedure haha

Ph. Jay

Face & Body

PONY RYDER: What about health and fitness clubs?

STEPHANIE CARTA: As for health and fitness clubs... the walking and metro stairs usually do enough for me... when I lived in Paris I used to visit Bikram Yoga.. I love yoga… but it’s not so much a necessity or way of culture there, so much as it is in say Australia or America...

PONY RYDER: France is famous for great cosmetics. What are your favorite French brands?

STEPHANIE CARTA: I had to pick up some Nuxe face, body and hair oil while I was there!!! The Parisian pharmacies are amazing, full of so many basic original products... Avene face cleanser I use as back up and the Crealine for makeup removal is a good staple too... other than that I didn’t really indulge too much as I don’t really wear makeup too often at the moment… and I’m still on my Christine Chin and organic products from here in NYC...

PONY RYDER: What are your favorite French fashion magazines and photographers?

STEPHANIE CARTA: French Vogue...purple... Numero... Cedric Buchet to name a couple...



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