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TONI GARRN: the interview

Posted on: 2009/07/15

ph. Mario Testino for Hugo Boss


Toni Garrn is with MODELWERK (Germany), Women and Storm (London).

Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia November 2008

PONY RYDER: Do your friends call you Antonia, or Toni?

TONI GARRN: Everyone except for my family calls me Toni.. My friends actually started that name, so I kept it for modeling.

Can Evgin

PONY RYDER: You rose to prominence rather quickly, almost immediately after getting discovered, which is a rare success! You mother agency has been exceptionally good at building your career. Did you rely a lot on your agency, or did you push yourself to the maximum at that time?

TONI GARRN: No, I had no idea what to expect and because I am still in school, I relied on what my agency told me...

PONY RYDER: Fashion weeks in February or in September. Is there a big difference, in terms of production, castings…? 
TONI GARRN: No, it’s pretty much all the same, only the clothes are different because of the season.

Valentino Couture @ via TFS (Marcel)

PONY RYDER: When you walk, do you ever notice who's sitting in the first row? Have you made eye contact with your favorite celebrity? 
TONI GARRN: No, never! Lots of girls after the show or in between looks mention who is sitting where but I never look at the audience...I somehow can't concentrate if I don't look straight ahead.
Except for when the finale goes extremely slowly, I dare some sidelooks...

Harve Leger by Max Azria via

PONY RYDER: Music on the runways! Do you know what type of music will be playing at the show? Is it easier walking to a song you already know, or a piece of music you've never heard before?
TONI GARRN: Music is very important! If it has a good beat or is just beautiful, known or just a fun song, walking on the runway is so much fun…

Especially at the opening of the show, when the lights are on, and a great song starts… 

But the first girl doesn't really set the pace, ‘cause until the third girl everyone does their own pace.
If I don't like the music I feel kind of lost on the runway...

PONY RYDER: During fashion weeks models get booked to do several shows each day! How do you rush from one show to another?
TONI GARRN: I always prefer walking or taking the subway to’s always hard to find the driver again and sitting in a car depresses me after a while…

Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany

PONY RYDER: How do hair stylists manage to make great hairdos to a model who's had a different hairstyle just a few hours earlier?

TONI GARRN: The hair people are amazing and they know exactly how to change a look to another one … Sometimes, if there's nothing to be saved, because the hair is all greasy and it has to be dry e.g., it has to be washed, but that's not often the case.

Fabien Baron for Calvin Klein

PONY RYDER: Do you remember your first casting? What was it like?

TONI GARRN: What I remember from my first showseason is that I once, by accident, took the casting dress home that was meant to be the dress for all girls... I got really nervous but brought it back immediately when I realized…

Knoepfel & Indlekofer for Vogue Germany

PONY RYDER: Castings must be exhausting. What gives you energy? 

TONI GARRN: I hate coffee soo much, but don't really like tea or other warm beverages either..
I like cola but enough sleep is enough to keep me going

Versence Fragrance by Versace PH. Michelangelo di Battista

PONY RYDER: Toni, so many covers, so many editorials. Which picture or a cover of yourself is your favorite?

TONI GARRN: Oh that's a hard one...don't have one particular picture or story cause every shoot has its special features that make the images beautiful in its own way...
But one of my favorite stories was the Italian Vogue with Kathrin and Meisel or the Versace fragrance by Battista.

PONY RYDER: And what about your parents. What modeling job were your parents most proud of? What kind of photos do they like the most?

TONI GARRN: My dad doesn't really recognize me in pictures so he can't pay attention to what's going on… But my mom knows exactly what job I do and when..I think her favorite story was the german vogue one with Karl Lagerfeld and Siri... my grandma adores those images a lot as well.


PONY RYDER: You are the face of Shiseido Cle de Peau. Before doing the shoot for the cosmetics campaign, did you have a special beauty treatment for the skin and hair?TONI GARRN: No, no special beauty treatment!

PONY RYDER: Where do you go for your “regular” treatment? 

TONI GARRN: If I have time I go to Adam&Eve in Hamburg

Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia
PONY RYDER: You were a cover girl of Vogue Italia, with one more German belle: Kathrin Thormann. At what location was it?

TONI GARRN: It was near LA on Malibu Beach

PONY RYDER: How do models manage to co-ordinate their poses in shoots with other models?
TONI GARRN: It's not harder working with another model, just more fun!

Steven Meisel for CK Jeans
PONY RYDER: Is it easier to work on a campaign as one of the models, in a group as in CK jeans, or as the only model, for example Calvin Klein collection?

TONI GARRN: No, it's definitely more work when you're alone..and it's also more fun hanging around with all the girls while waiting.

PONY RYDER: We see you a lot backstage with model star Ali Stephens. How did your friendship start?

It started when we did the Calvin exclusive 2 seasons ago...We had so much fun hanging around while doing looks...but she's not only one of my best friends but I think she's also one of the most beautiful girls! We should work together more often..
Mikael Jansson for Chloe

PONY RYDER: You are the star of Chloe ad campaign among others, along side model star Anna Jagodzinska. Do you make a bond or start a friendship when you're working with other models?
TONI GARRN: Yes, normally yes..but that case was different because Anna and I were good friends before the shoot.
Felix Lammers for Tush Magazine

PONY RYDER: How would you describe your look?
TONI GARRN: I wear whatever is comfortable especially at school..I can't really describe my style but I do dress up a little at work

PONY RYDER: Which jeans that you own are your favorite ones?
 TONI GARRN:..I have a great pair of Diesel jeans..but I also love my Acne and Cheap Mondays

PONY RYDER: Your favorite store for shopping clothes?
TONI GARRN: I try to only go shopping in ny cause everything I buy in Hamburg I regret as soon as I get to NY..but, if I do, I love Zara

Karl Lagerfeld for FENDI
PONY RYDER: What's your favorite fashion item that you own? 
TONI GARRN: Mh...I guess my Chanel bag

PONY RYDER: You also worked with Karl Lagerlefeld on Fendi Ad Campaign. Did he also style the campaign? 
TONI GARRN: No, he didn't

Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany

PONY RYDER: Do you have a special diet and exercise plan?
TONI GARRN: No, not at all..I eat whatever I like..but I play tennis and run nearly every day

Modelwerk blog via TFS

PONY RYDER: Do you ever skip breakfast? 
TONI GARRN: No never! I love breakfast,to me it s the most important meal… I sometimes by accident skip dinner or lunch.

PONY RYDER: At which place did you have the best meal while you were in NY? 
TONI GARRN: Oh, there's so many places...breakfast at Le Pain or all pizza and sushi places

PONY RYDER: What is your favorite place in New York?
 TONI GARRN: Haven't really had free time to spend but I like union square a lot, 'cause that's where the apartment is.
ph: Daniel Jackson

PONY RYDER: What products do you use for your hair? 
TONI GARRN: Doesn't matter..whatever my mother gets me as I live at home

PONY RYDER: Which hairstylist takes care of your hair?
TONI GARRN: In Hamburg I go to NOON

PONY RYDER: What products do you use for maintaining your skin?
TONI GARRN: take off makeup especially during fashionweek I can only use Bioderma Crealine but I don't really have an everyday cleanser

PONY RYDER: So your choice of make up remover....
TONI GARRN: Bioderma and Chanel eye makeup remover

PONY RYDER: Your choice of sun block? 
TONI GARRN: La Roche posay 50 stick

PONY RYDER: What is inside your make up bag ?
 TONI GARRN: I hardly wear makeup,but if I do I have Laura Mercier concealer and Mascara and taupe my mac

PONY RYDER: The best advice that make up artist gave you is...
TONI GARRN: Curling eyelashes!

Dior Couture via Modelwerk blog
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