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Posted on: 2009/09/06



"Light Scenes" - experimenting with the effects of light and movement in New York City

IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: I spent some time in New York this summer and decided to focus on experimenting with the effects of light and movement with my camera; no better place to do it than the 'city that never sleeps.'

I really loved learning more about taking pictures and was very fortunate to have my friends happy to take part - thought we did get a number of strange looks when I was running around with my camera on the street!

Photography turned out to be both an enjoyable and interesting summer hobby that I hope to continue and improve at, recording my travels and the places I visit.

Outside 'Rice to Riches' in Soho. The signs on this shop are very funny and very original; made me laugh as I walked past.

Nimue in a diner in the West Village.

Katie Fogarty and Nimue Smit by Union Square. We were walking to the cinema to see Harry Potter six!

Dorothea Barth Jorgensen and Nimue on the street.

This man would not stop staring at Dorothea; quite fitting as her T-shirt said 'who's that girl'..!

I love this one of Nimue; she looks so beautiful here. I liked the way the sunlight lit up her hair contrasting with her large dark glasses.

Inside Hanne Gaby's house. She has an eye painted on her door, so we decided to project her face onto it.

This picture sums up Hanne and her home effectively - a collection of random clothing and eclectic objects. The candles and the fireplace surrounding the Barbie made it look like a kind of shrine.

Playing with artificial light from a projector whilst Hanne and Katie Fogarty danced around!

Hanne Gaby Odiele

Katie Fogarty

Hanne Gaby Odiele

Katie Fogarty

Hanne on the streets of Soho. We had just gone for Taco's on Lafayette Street.

Myf Shepherd in Union Square. Several men behind her were arguing with a preacher and after listening for a while we got bored and took pictures instead. You can see the men behind her, dark shapes covered by bright lights.

Myf. People kept coming up and trying to talk to her! It was very funny.

Times Square - I had an unexplainable urge to go there one morning and visit all the tourist shops! I love New York at night because there is a relentless energy and constant movement - impossible to get bored.

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