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Exclusive interview with fashion model MYF SHEPHERD

Posted on: 2009/01/29

PONY RYDER presents EXCLUSIVE interview with MYF SHEPHERD.

Who needs intro, when you all know: IT'S MYF!!!
Fashion model Myf Shepherd is with Chic (Australia) and Next (worldwide).

PONY RYDER: Myf, tell us something about your beginning in modeling.
MYF SHEPHERD: I tried out for Australia's Next Top Model, just for fun and I never gave it another thought afterwards. Then one day about six months later I was shopping at some markets in Brisbane when an agent from Chic came over and asked me to go down to Sydney. But I've told that story a zillion times and it's boring. So actually, my modeling contract was first prize in a cutlery-free-jelly-eating contest.

PONY RYDER: So you didn't get selected for Australia's top model. What do you think, what was the reason for it?
MYF SHEPHERD: Well a tall, pale, vegetarian (Alice) had just won the cycle, so they probably didn't want to reveal that there was more than one such specimen in the country – it's not exactly the Australian ideal of beauty.

PONY RYDER: You dint get selected by ANTM, but you did by and as one of the top ten newcomer. What do you think, why?
MYF SHEPHERD: I guess they're just more appreciative of tallness and paleness. Maybe vegetarianism as well.

PONY RYDER: NEXT is a powerbrand right now! Over the last two seasons they have been moving in the best direction, both with commercial and editorial faces. How do you think you benefit from working with such a great network?
MYF SHEPHERD: I think it can only lead to more work. They're constantly expanding and pleasing people, so I'm very proud to have my name is attached to that.

PONY RYDER: You shot MIU MIU campaign. Did you meet Katie Holmes? And the rumor is that you are the face of Levis? At least tell us... do you wear Levi's jeans? :)
MYF SHEPHERD: Yes, I met her and Suri (but not Tom). They were both very sweet, just regular people. And I don't actually have any Levi's jeans. I need some new jeans though, so that's what I'll be getting. I was given some Miu Miu shoes though!
PONY RYDER: Shoes for Tom. Good. :)

PONY RYDER: You walked for everyone, but can you still name your favorite runway job? 51 shows in one SS! You have lots of names to choose from.
MYF SHEPHERD: I was the most excited for Marc Jacobs, because that was my first big show. It was more than just a runway show too – it was a spectacle.

PONY RYDER: So Marc Jacobs show! What do you think Marc Jacobs is looking for in model? What were you instructed to present during the show?
MYF SHEPHERD: I've never known what anyone is looking for. I think it changes every second. It's probably better not to know or you'll confuse yourself trying to be someone else. I don't remember any instructions or criticism at shows, there's usually just an unspoken understanding of what is expected.

PONY RYDER: O.K. Myf, tell us more on that „shoe incident“ a.k.a. Prada show.
MYF SHEPHERD: One of my good friends fell and took off her shoes. It's got a lot of hits on youtube, it was kind of a moment for feminism.
PONY RYDER: I know, I saw it myself... ups... twice. Where you scared you would fall? Did you see other girls falling?
MYF SHEPHERD: I didn't know that anyone fell until after the show, so for me it wasn't an option. I was more concerned about them realizing I was there and sending me home.

PONY RYDER: And who taught you how to walk and perform on the runway?
MYF SHEPHERD: I've been walking since I was very young, so it comes pretty naturally.
PONY RYDER: Does it? :) Do you have your own signature walk or are you trying to be more versatile?
MYF SHEPHERD: I'd like to think I'm versatile but my walk probably only ever changes due to the varying comfortability of the shoes.

PONY RYDER: Looking at your backstage pictures you are always jumping and smiling, etc. Even when we saw backstage pictures at the Prada show. How did you manage to do that?
MYF SHEPHERD: I'm just myself...and most of the time that means being silly. I find that there's always a certain energy backstage, even if it's a nervous energy, that makes me want to play.

PONY RYDER: How do you pose, what is your style in posing? You seem to be „free“ while posing. Where do you find that energy? Where do you hide your shyness?
MYF SHEPHERD: A few photographers have told me that my «strength» is that I'm not a model-like model. I'll do something (usually something weird or stupid) and if they like it, they get a shot, if they don't I move on. The energy comes from being vegan. Truly, I always have energy.
PONY RYDER: I should try it myself then. But what does it exactly mean to be vegan? I mean, how do you get your proteins? Where you always vegan, or did you become one during your beginning as a model?
MYF SHEPHERD: Vegans don't eat anything coming from and animal. But it is about more than just food, and every vegan will have a different definition of it based on what they are comfortable with.

I eat honey, for example, and I only buy leather if it is second hand. I try my hardest to avoid animal products in everything I buy.

I've been vegetarian since I was five, and became vegan about three years ago, so long before I started modelling.

In terms of protein I think vegetable sources are much more varied than animals. Virtually anything made with milk can be made from things like soy, rice, almond and hemp milk. There's also tofu, tempeh, natto, seitan, TVP as well as plain old nuts, grains and legumes. I definitely don't have a problem with protein. I think that's one of the biggest misconceptions about veganism. I could rant about this all day...

PONY RYDER: Please do. And while you are abroad, how do you manage to stay vegan? Do you have time to prepare vegan meals in model apartments?
MYF SHEPHERD: Sometimes I take things like muesli bars, soy chips, vegan jerky, cereal and biscuits from New York overseas for emergencies. But it's pretty easy to find vegan food at supermarkets everywhere in the world. Paris has the best soy yogurt I've ever tasted. And I generally don't stay in model apartments. I prefer to live on my own.

PONY RYDER: Let's go back at photoshots. What is your favorite photo of yourself?
MYF SHEPHERD: I like all the photos where I can see a bit of who I am. Most of those are from test shoots, with photographers that I am friends with...

PONY RYDER: Where you ever told to change something about yourself?
MYF SHEPHERD: I've been given advice, but I'm very stubborn...I think that most of the time it's not worth changing something about yourself because the next person will just want you to change back.

PONY RYDER: Myf, how do you feel about the use of photoshop in fashion photography? Do you feel offended when someone tries to bring down the models' looks by claiming it's all photoshop?
MYF SHEPHERD: Yes! But I'm more offended on the behalf of the photographers. I'm not so naive that I think they aren't photoshopping my face and body, but I think when people claim that photographic effects and techniques are all done in post, they are belittling the photographers' work.

PONY RYDER: Do You have an interesting anecdote from a photo shoot, or a casting, or a show?
MYF SHEPHERD: Too many! I was thrown from the back of an angry, charging donkey in a shoot once. Perhaps it wasn't quite so dramatic...
PONY RYDER: It sure sounds dramatic. Angry donkey? No thank you :)

PONY RYDER: When models first appear on the scene, they are sometimes compared to other, already established models. Are you compared to anyone?
MYF SHEPHERD: Hilary Rhoda...

PONY RYDER: Models have to have beauty secrets or at least beauty tips. Can you tell us some of that?
MYF SHEPHERD: I exfoliate with crushed up aspirin pills in water, and I wear zinc cream (sunscreen) to bed. It's strange but it's what works for me.

PONY RYDER: How do you stay in shape?
MYF SHEPHERD: Walk EVERYWHERE. Also if there's a free gym in my hotel or apartment building I use that. And in Summer I love swimming.

PONY RYDER: What would you advise to new models.
MYF SHEPHERD: Don't listen to advice from other new models!

PONY RYDER: Do you have any model friend that you would like to see presented on Pony Ryder blog?
MYF SHEPHERD: All of them.


Exclusive interview with fashion model Myf Shepherd is original work and courtesy of Pony Ryder blog.

Exclusive from Paris Menswear: Rick Owens FW09 with model Florian Pessenteiner

Florian Pessenteiner @ Rick Owens Menswear FW09
Photos done by Oly Innes (London)
Exclusive for Pony Ryder blog. Special Thanks to LARAPIXIE talent AGENCY.

Exclusive from Paris: STEPHANIE CARTA

Posted on: 2009/01/28

Stephanie Carta @ Givenchy HC S/S 09

PONY RYDER: Your fav aussie girls and you, what do you do for fun in Paris?

STEPHANIE CARTA: My fav aussie girls, well the ones you know... I've been good friend with Catherine McNeil and Abs, Abbey Lee for years. Skye and Myf are always around and sweet girls so they are fun to hang out with at shows too!!!

For fun in Paris, well I haven't had much time this time, but I caught up for drinks on "Australia day" with another two good aussie friends of mine, Tiah Eckhardt and Christina Carey...

Hotel Regina is an old favourite of me and cats, having a dinner at hotel Amour is always good and the Regine and Le Baron have always got fun going on for later...!

Plus Vintage shopping when i have time.. There is two stores my driver took me to once but I forgot the name! If you can get to the markets too there is always good finds there...

Exclusive for Pony Ryder blog.


Posted on: 2009/01/26

the  Interview
Kendra Spears @ NEXT 

PONY RYDER: When and how did you start modeling?
KENDRA SPEARS: I did the Ford Supermodel of the world contest in 08 as the Myspace contestant.
PONY RYDER: So, you started your career through the Ford/Myspace contest and got instant exposure.
I definitely think it gave me an advantage. The myspace portion of the contest was so new and innovative that a lot of people took note of me.

Elle - October 2009 France
PONY RYDER: So, as I understand you had braces while you were in that (Ford) contest.

KENDRA SPEARS: Yes I did. I got them off in March, then I moved to LA soon there after.

Vogue China by Lachlan Bailey
PONY RYDER: Did you ever think during the start of your career that you would become one of the top newcomers?
It’s all about believing in yourself, so I have to say yes.

PONY RYDER: Did any agency approach you in general before signing with Ford models?
No, I kinda always knew I would be with Ford just because of their reputation. They’re like my family.

For Calvin Klein Swimwear
PONY RYDER: How would you explain the fact that you, an American girl, started your career on Milan and Paris Fashion week, and not on the runways of NY fashion week? Was it surprising for you and your agents?
 KENDRA SPEARS: I think it was a surprise to everyone, but I think the designers in NY are a little hesitant to make any newcomer big. It worked out great though and I’m looking forward to doing all the NY shows this coming season.

PONY RYDER: Tell us a bit about the organization on your career when you were doing your first castings and jobs in Europe, as opposed to the management in the US.
 KENDRA SPEARS: Well when things weren’t going so well in NY I thought to myself, I have to have something that other girls don’t have. I put away all the new clothes I bought and dropped the fakeness of it all. I think a lot of it is about personality and having that show on the runway.

Numero Tokyo 2011

PONY RYDER: Kendra, how was Milan and Paris for you? Did it level up your expectations? :)
KENDRA SPEARS: Oh man, it was great! It was also probably the most exhausting time of my life. It was way more than I expected.
PONY RYDER: This season you walked for Valentino, Gucci, Hermes, Nina Ricci… Do you get booked directly, or do you run from one casting to the other?
KENDRA SPEARS: I don’t think I got any direct bookings :)… I went to every casting and call back for every show.
Beauty S/S 2011
xPONY RYDER: What is the most important thing that a girl should do to present herself well in castings?
KENDRA SPEARS: Confidence is key.
You have to be sure of yourself or no will be.
PONY RYDER: By your opinion, what made you stand out as a new model?
KENDRA SPEARS: Every trend is recycled in some way, and I think people see the 80s/90s supermodel in me. “It’s all about timing” (Douglas Perret).
PONY RYDER: Your mole, like Cindy’s, is starting to be your signature. How do you feel when people compare you to Cindy Crawford? 
KENDRA SPEARS: I’m honored. She’s always being a role model for me. I love how she took her career in so many different directions.
PONY RYDER: Tell us about the backstage during fashion week! 
KENDRA SPEARS: Ummm.. Backstage is very hectic. I met a lot of amazing and talented people. Not just models but hairstylist, photographers, make-up artists, and just interesting people. Some of my favorite shows were when I had my close friends backstage and we were just about to joke around.
headpress via Stereo_Flo
PONY RYDER: How do designers decide which girl will be wearing a certain outfit? Do new girls get better pieces, or do superstars have demands? Is the organization of a huge show like Valentino different to shows of other designers?
KENDRA SPEARS: I definitely think that supermodels and the top girls get the best outfits, but that’s all in ones opinion. Like in Valentino I thought it was so cool to wear red but that may have just been a coincident. Organizing a show is such a process no matter how big or small it is.
Burberry Prorsum S/S 12 London
PONY RYDER: Your first season and you already opened a show for John Richmond! Does opening a show put more pressure on you compared to doing a show among other girls on the runway? Is there any pressure at all? 
KENDRA SPEARS: Ha… That was amazing. I went for the fitting at the end of a VERY long day and I ended up staying there for almost an hour trying on clothes and laughing with John and everyone else there, and even eating some pizza. At the show the next day he told me I was opening the show. I was so excited, and it gave me more confidence because I knew they liked me.

PONY RYDER: After the amazingly successful show season in Europe, what are your plans and expectations for the next season? Will you be focusing on Europe again, or are you going to put a little more effort in conquering the NY runway?

KENDRA SPEARS: I’m going to focus on it all. I’m really looking forward to this season with some experience behind me. I’m going to expect the most.
PONY RYDER: Were you ever told to change something about yourself during fittings or castings? 
 KENDRA SPEARS: No one’s really ever said anything to me, but I am who I am, and some things I can’t change.
PONY RYDER: Who taught you how to walk and perform on the runway?
My bookers. It just takes time and practice… and confidence.

Prada S/S 2011

PONY RYDER: What do you think is the most important thing in presenting the outfits on the runway? Is there a difference in your presentation (in your walk) when you open a show, opposite the one when you participate in the show later on?
 KENDRA SPEARS: Girls should walk the same if they’re the first, middle, or last. Just really strong. When I’m about to walk out, I think how can I show everyone how great this outfit is.

PONY RYDER: Now that your career is on the up, do you get different treatment in the industry?

KENDRA SPEARS: Yes, but just that people already have an idea of me when I go casting, and sometime they’re familiar with my work.

PONY RYDER: You already did Akiabara campaign, and you are also the face of the "future" BCBG campaign, as well as the face of GAP! These brands usually book established girls.

KENDRA SPEARS: Thanks. They expect a professional. 

With brands like Gap they go with the same feel for most of their campaigns. I always do research on the brand, photographer, and designer just to get an idea of what they like.

PONY RYDER: How long does a shooting for a campaign, cover, editorial last? How do you deal with it?
 KENDRA SPEARS: It just depends. Covers usually don’t take long. Editorials can take half the day for one shot depending on the MU and hair. Really it just depends.
PONY RYDER: Kendra, you have amazing Amica cover, Cover cover :) … Is the set and the make up the same as when you are doing editorials?

KENDRA SPEARS: Not really. It’s natural compared to most editorials that I’ve done, the set is plain, and the shoot is usually pretty quick because there’s only so much varitation.

D&G S/S 12 Milan
PONY RYDER: What is your X factor?
 KENDRA SPEARS: My personality. I think people appreciate someone who can laugh and have a good time while working hard.
PONY RYDER: How do you maintain your skin? 
KENDRA SPEARS: It’s really difficult but I just use basic wash and lotion because I have super sensitive skin. I also hardly ever wear make-up when I’m not working. But what it comes down to is what you take in comes through. So if you’re eating greasy foods you’re going to have greasy skin.
Versace ss12 - Milan
PONY RYDER: What hair products do you use?
KENDRA SPEARS: I’m using Redken right now. I don’t straighten or curl and I only shampoo twice a week.

Versace Details ss2012
PONY RYDER: What is the best beauty advice you know of? 
KENDRA SPEARS: Stay away from the sun.
PONY RYDER: What is inside your make up bag? 

  • Mac nude eyeshadows, 
  • concealer, 
  • Chanel mascara, 
  • and Nude moisturizer.
PONY RYDER: Your body is amazing! How do you stay in shape?!!
xKENDRA SPEARS: Thanks :) 
I eat healthy and walk everywhere. I always take the stairs, stretch in the morning, and make it to the gym a couple of times a week.
PONY RYDER: What advice would you give to new models?
Emilio Pucci Details
xKENDRA SPEARS: Keep with it, if it’s truly what you want to do. It’s a very hard job. 
I’m very fortunate to have gotten so far so early but some of the top models were working for years before they were noticed.
PONY RYDER: Do you have any model friend you would like to see presented on Pony Ryder blog?
 KENDRA SPEARS: Nika Lauritis, my roommate!!!


Interview with fashion model Kendra Spears is original work of Pony Ryder Blog.

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Posted on: 2009/01/25

IT'S MYF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gorgeous Myf Shepherd, is with Chic (mother agency, Australia) and Next (worldwide).

ULIANA TIKHOVA: the interview

Posted on: 2009/01/23


the brainy one
Uliana Tikhova us with Trump (NYC), Elite (Paris), Why Not (Milano), Grace (Russia).

PONY RYDER: When did you start modeling?
ULIANA TIKHOVA: About 3 years ago. Maybe 4. I don't remember exactly.
PONY RYDER: From whom did you get such a great genes? Tell us more about Novosibirsk.
ULIANA TIKHOVA: Thank you! I got it from my mama…actually from both parents. And also I grew up in Novosibirsk science center near the Nuclear Physics Institute – so it could have some influence on my genes as well.
PONY RYDER: HAHAHAHA. What is it with Russians and Vodka? No offence anyone.
ULIANA TIKHOVA: Come on, everyone drinks vodka and Russians too. But not all the time! It's a superstition. Look at me: do I look as a person, who drinks vodka every day?:)
PONY RYDER: Ouch :). Uliana, did you know that if you spell backwards Evian water it comes: Naive?
ULIANA TIKHOVA: Don't know what you are talking about. I just know vodka.

PONY RYDER: Uliana, is it a traditional or unusual Russian name?
ULIANA TIKHOVA: It's a pretty old one, but not too unusual here.

PONY RYDER: What do you think: Do blondes have more fun in fashion? :)
ULIANA TIKHOVA: They have more fun in all the life, because for every stupid thing they do, they have an excuse «oh I’m sorry, but I’m just a blonde!».

PONY RYDER: Is it true that you want to become a surgeon and that you quit modeling for few months so you can return to school?
ULIANA TIKHOVA: Yes, plastic surgeon is my dream job, but I will work on it later. Now I'm at editing and publishing department of Novosibirsk State University.
It's not true that I quit modeling for that. I never stop with it for more than 2 months. Last season I didn't go to Paris just since I didn't have the visa, not because of school!

PONY RYDER: What do you do in your free time?
ULIANA TIKHOVA: I'm sleeping, reading and watching films. Seeing my friends, drawing... nothing special actually.
PONY RYDER: Did you ever thought before starting as a model that you will make it so big?
ULIANA TIKHOVA: No, not at all! I wasn't even too popular at school. I didn't even think that I could be a model! :)

PONY RYDER: How is it in model apartments anyway?
ULIANA TIKHOVA: If you want to see consequences of the world war, just look through an average model apartment… All of them are extremely messy! I find it really funny:). I was always lucky with roommates, they were all good guys! Good, messy guys!

PONY RYDER: Did you ever face some kind of obstacles that a new model has to deal with?

ULIANA TIKHOVA: It's not that I started too big. I had to work on my appearance and personality before things got better. You know, when girl comes from Novosibirsk to New York at the age of 16, it's really hard to realize who you are and where you are. Maybe that was the hardest thing for me as a new face.

PONY RYDER: You walked for big names as Nina Ricci, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, etc. Who showed you how to walk on catwalk?
ULIANA TIKHOVA: They teach us how to walk almost on every show! So, there are a lot of walking-classes in my life. I'm afraid of falling, especially before the show. I'm always really nervous on backstage, but when I’m on catwalk it's a very special feeling... no, just no thoughts at all and a lot of excitement.

PONY RYDER: I saw your polaroids by Trump, and I must say: Wow!!!
ULIANA TIKHOVA: Very nice, so many compliments! Dean (a booker at Trump) took those polaroids. I always tell him he has to make money on his photographer-talent! He told me about the feelings that I will have to express, but not all the poses! If he had to explain me everything, he would go crazy, as well as I :)

PONY RYDER: I have heard that you have a great personal style...
ULIANA TIKHOVA: Thanks, who told you that?:)
PONY RYDER: Can’t tell. :)
ULIANA TIKHOVA: Actually it's really easy for a model to get an inspiration for style: we change a lot of different clothes, hairstyles, make-up, etc. And we can choose what suits us best!
PONY RYDER: And a must have item?
ULIANA TIKHOVA: A must-have item? I don't know... Actually I want some crazy heels now.

PONY RYDER: And how do you dress/behave for castings?
ULIANA TIKHOVA: My clothes and face depends on my attitude. I want to be honest with people. If I’m in a good mood today-why should I be serious with clients?

PONY RYDER: How do you maintain your skin?
ULIANA TIKHOVA: For skin care I always use Clinique cream, a yellow one. It's my only permanent attachment in cosmetics.

PONY RYDER: Do you have any beauty home made recipe?
ULIANA TIKHOVA: Long sleep +good mood= beautiful face and all other parts of body.
PONY RYDER: What make-up do you always wear?
ULIANA TIKHOVA: Dior mascara and Neutrogena lip gloss are my favorite!

PONY RYDER: How do you stay in shape?
ULIANA TIKHOVA: Now in winter I go skiing every day, in summer I swim. In spring and autumn I have fashion weeks.
PONY RYDER: What is your favorite food?
ULIANA TIKHOVA: I'm the biggest fan of Italian and French food. Steaks and pizza are my favorite!

PONY RYDER: I always ask this, because I see lots of models backstage drinking Coca Cola... But, do you actually feel the difference between Diet Cola and regular one?
ULIANA TIKHOVA: Diet is not tasty-because it doesn't have sugar. And sugar is the only natural thing in Coke!

Exclusive interview with fashion model Uliana Tikhova is original work and courtesy of Pony Ryder blog.

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