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KINGA RAJZAK: the interview

Posted on: 2009/02/27

Ph. David Sims for Balenciaga

@ IMG 
@ Exit (Bratislava M/A)

Ph. Steven Meisel for Missoni

PONY RYDER: Kinga, your first steps in fashion… Tell us about your start and first impressions.
I started quite a while ago. First I did not take modeling seriously. I was rather pessimistic about it and stood for the generally accepted myth that fashion makes no sense, and there is nothing beyond skinny girls and cranky designers.

You know, when I got into the ’inner circles’ of fashion I realized that all what I thought was pretty wrong. To really achieve something in fashion as a model you have to have personality, thus you must give a meaning to your body, work it, and make it interesting.

You have to have inner power to do so otherwise the body has no meaning, no 'life' and it becomes just like any other thin 'object' out there. So to sum it up, I think those who really made it to the top have way more to offer than just nice bodies...
Ph. Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia

PONY RYDER: When models first appear on the scene, they are sometimes compared to other, already established models. Were you compared to anyone?

For a while I was always compared to Jamie King. Now as I have dark hair I guess I do not resemble anyone any more.
ph. Steven Meisel for Phi
PONY RYDER: From the very start you had a successful career, but over the past year you've started booking more high profile jobs than ever! Did it come gradually, with experience and status, or do you think there are specific reasons for this?

I do think there is something about patience. If you stay around for long, you work hard and do not go below a certain level you can go on doing high profile stuff. But of course this does not have to be a rule.

Fashion is pretty unpredictable. Today you are in the next day you are out. Nevertheless, I believe if you have personality you can make it. You have to understand though you cannot become a household name in just one season. Some girls do not get this.

It does take long time to climb the ‘career ladder’. It is all about progress, kind of 'maturing’ into the business. Therefore you have to learn things slowly and build up your own profile step by step. Along the way of course of this progress you are confronted with lots of unpleasant things which are there to make you wiser and which you have to handle carefully.

Everything is there to 'test' your nerves and whether you are professional or not.
Ph. Steven Meisel for Alberta Ferretti

PONY RYDER: You're a favorite of top photographer and star-maker Steven Meisel. Do you think it's because of your look, or did you connect with him because of your personality?

I hope it is both. I think it is very easy to work with Steven if you are willing to cooperate. First of all you have to understand what the story is about so then you can work around the concept, play a bit, and act it out. It is easier for everyone if the model is focused.

PONY RYDER: Do you book bigger jobs through your NY agency or thorough your European agencies?
KINGA RAJZAK: Most of my assignments are through my agency in NYC and Paris. But I think all my agencies are very good. I am happy. We all got used to each other by now. 
Source: TFS (girlafraid), catwalking, Kinga @ D&G fw09

PONY RYDER: You have a very particular dark shade of hair. Tell us why you went for that specific color? You've had it for a quite some time. Is it a favorite among editors and hair stylists?

If you look around there are almost no dark haired girls. Everyone is boring. When I colored my hair black everyone freaked out saying it was too much-too ‘visible’ and ‘harsh’.

On the other hand as I recall the past years I have to say this scary dark hair worked out pretty well for me…Now I’m already thinking about doing something else...but it is a secret yet...I cannot tell you anything.

PONY RYDER: aaaaa! Can't wait to see. :)

ph. Steven Meisel for Alberta Ferretti

PONY RYDER: Tell us about your friends in the fashion world.

KINGA RAJZAK: I have many friends in the industry. Now as you asked me, there are many names popping up.

There are only few who I hang out with when the grinding is over....I prefer to be with my 'ordinary' friends - these days my London pals get the most and probably best of me.

PONY RYDER: Do you and your friends and agents discuss serious issues in the fashion world, like anorexia and eating disorders? How do top models feel about this?

KINGA RAJZAK: You know, being skinny is also part of the business. It is about body discipline but I will get back to this later.
PONY RYDER: Please continue ...
KINGA RAJZAK: Firstly the reason behind all this thinness is simple - the designer has this perfect image in his head about the clothes, the whole concept of his creation. 

Now he wants to see this image in reality. He seeks the 'bodies’ which are likely to evoke the envisaged picture on his mind. 

Here we come in - even though no one is perfect, still it is only us, models who are suitable to do this job, so we basically do a 'favor' and sort of unburden the designer of his vision. You know, once the clothes are fitted to a living proportioned body the imagined clothes all become real, and 'wearable’. 

That is another question how the clothes will fit on a 'normal’ person who hasn't got the proportions of a model.

On the other hand to keep the body fit and lean you have to be either disciplined and work on it, or do nothing and enjoy the genes.
ph. Steven Meisel for Phi

PONY RYDER: Tell us about your dream job! Would it be an editorial, a cover or a campaign?

: I don’t have any dream jobs. I am grateful and very happy when I get booked for a good assignment, but I do not get carried away by overheated emotions anymore. Most importantly, I do not expect any further bookings from the same client. 

Of course it is a great feeling when the same crew keeps returning to you but it is silly to keep to the illusion that you will remain their no.1 chicer forever. 

Everything I get I try to enjoy there on the spot, work hard on it and make the whole team feel satisfied. Tomorrow is another day and I don't want to face it with uncertain expectations.
Ph. Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia

PONY RYDER: Who would you hire to work if you were the fashion editor working on an editorial shoot? Who's your favorite new model?

Photographer-wise I would like to work with Testino.

I am absolutely obsessed with his work.I have to admit though that I am interested in his private projects that are fashion but have this non-fashion feeling in general. 

He is great at capturing funny moments at backstage,on the streets,or at parties. All his published portfolios are amazing I’m collecting them-if I can recommend something go and check out the one called “Any Objections?” That is a totally genius book!
IMG show card 08

Exclusive interview with fashion model Kinga Rajzak is original work of Pony Ryder Blog.



Posted on: 2009/02/26

KINGA, face of 2009 !!!

Kinga Rajzak loves Pony Ryder even during Fashion Weeks.

Kinga is with IMG (NY, Paris) , Why Not (Milan), Exit (Bratislava).

JENNY SWEENEY: the interview

Posted on: 2009/02/23

ph. Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia


the regal

Jenny Sweeney is with NEXT (NY), NEXT (London), Elite (Paris), Elite (Milan).

Ph: Claudia Knoepfle & Stefan Indlekofer for Vogue Germany
PONY RYDER: Jenny Sweeney, you know about the film: Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp, don't you?
JENNY SWEENEY: Actully I havent seen the movie Sweeney Todd, but it always comes in handy when making a reference to people about how to spell my name.
PONY RYDER: And what are your favorite films?
JENNY SWEENEY: Im a sucker for the older stuff, I like the classics like ‘Gone with the wind’ or or a good John Wayne western.

Ph: Chad Pitman for Vogue Germany
PONY RYDER: You grow up on a farm? So you know how to cook, and... really, what do you do on a farm? How is it to live in a city now?
JENNY SWEENEY: Yesss, miss the farm life. My mom is actually a home-ec teacher, so she’s pretty good at all that stuff and I stay out of the way. On the farm it seems like you’re just outside all day. I like to help my dad do little chores, and be in an open space with animals, its so peaceful and therapeutic for me.

Ph. Ruvan Wijesooriya S.Michel Onofrio for A4

PONY RYDER: Let's go back on modeling. Jenny, how did your modeling story begin?
JENNY SWEENEY: I started modeling when I was 15. Dancing pictures of me were seen by my mother agents, Jeff and Mary Clarke, and they took me to NYC.

source: One showcard 08
PONY RYDER: When did you cross from One to Next?
JENNY SWEENEY: I made the change in January of 2009. Both agencies have been great, and NEXT made me feel at home and we were excited to start working together.

Ph: Chad Pitman for Vogue Germany
PONY RYDER: Tell us about your first test shoot! We wanna know all about it!
JENNY SWEENEY: Hahaha, ohhhh lord. My first test was in Brooklyn, and I was really nervous and excited. My friend Jessica Hart was there with me, and so it was nice to talk to her. She helped me through it. And no, those pictures are long gone. I haven’t seen them for awhile.

ph. Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia

PONY RYDER: You were on the cover of Vogue Italia! How long did the shooting for the cover take?
JENNY SWEENEY: The cover was shot very quickly, and the whole process was very professional and painless.
PONY RYDER: Did you know that you were shooting a cover?
JENNY SWEENEY: I had an idea what I was going to be on the cover, because they printed out the picture with the “Vogue” on top. But I wasn’t for sure, you never know in this business. That kind of stuff is never 100%.

ph. Eric Guillemain

PONY RYDER: Is there a great photo of you that you simply love, but that wasn't included in your portfolio?
JENNY SWEENEY: I like to be a part of the discussion of which pictures stay in my book, and which go. I like being involved in my career that way, as well. We usually agree on the ones that stay to keep a variety.

source: Bianca TFS

PONY RYDER: We already know that there are many dangers and traps an inexperienced aspiring model can fall into. But how about established models and stars, what could be threatening to their careers?
JENNY SWEENEY : I think its important to have a strong team behind you that believes in you, along with loyal photographers that enjoy working with you.

Even though I trust my agents, I think it’s important to have one hand on your own career, you constantly need to be looking out for yourself.

Question everything, even if it may seem like a silly question. I strive to always be professional and competent, my family has taught me the importance of respecting other people, and being on time is a MUST for me.

Ph. Terry Tsiolis S: Mattias Karlsson for V

PONY RYDER: Can one make honest friends in fashion?
JENNY SWEENEY: Yes, of course! Good friends of mine are Candice Swaenpoel, Jessica Hart, Ali Michael, Ali Stevens, Karlie Kloss.

PONY RYDER: What do you do for fun?
JENNY SWEENEY: In the city I like to bike ride, and go to the movies. At home in Iowa, I like to fish and ride horses…get dirty outside.

Polaroids courtesy of Elite Paris
PONY RYDER: When you first started modeling, did you have perfect measurements or did you have to work on it?
JENNY SWEENEY: Never were, and never will be “perfect”. But I was fine the way I was.

PONY RYDER: So how do you stay in shape, do you work out?
JENNY SWEENEY: I don’t really work out. But I keep busy and am always running errands around the city.

PONY RYDER: What do you eat for breakfast?
JENNY SWEENEY: Usually cereal with a banana on top. And in the winter I looove oatmeal.

PONY RYDER: Jenny, your skin seems flawless! It's glowing even! Tell us your secret!
JENNY SWEENEY: I use really basic, cheap products. I use Cetaphil cleanser, and Purpose moisturizer. Drink lots of water!

PONY RYDER: What is the best beauty advice you know of?
JENNY SWEENEY: People who are happy and smiling always look beautiful to me.

ph: Mariano Vivanco st: Nicola Formichetti for Dazed and Confused 07

PONY RYDER: Jenny, what is the most important thing for your at this moment? Do you have a "Valentine"?
JENNY SWEENEY: Most important thing for me in finding a balancing work, and spending time with the people I love. I speak with both my mother and father once a day before I go to bed at night. I spent Valentines Day with a good girlfriend of mine, we went to dinner, and it was perfect!

Ph. Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia

PONY RYDER: Do you have any model friend that you would like to see presented on Pony Ryder?
JENNY SWEENEY: Yeah, any of my friends I mentioned!!!

Ph. Miguel Reveriego for Vogue Spain
Exclusive interview with Jenny Sweeney is original work and courtesy of Pony Ryder blog.

PR by MAIL: Uliana Tikhova Backstage

Uliana Tikhova us with Trump (NYC), Elite (Paris), Why Not (Milano), Grace (Russia).

Photographer Miguel Domingos @ WWW

PR by MAIL: Kiki Kang Backstage

Posted on: 2009/02/19

backstage by photographer Miguel Domingos @ WWW

Lisanne de Jong: model interview

Posted on: 2009/02/14

- the interview

Lisanne de Jong is with Ulla Amsterdam, Joy Milan, Nathalie Paris, Independent talent London, Modelwerk Germany and Elite New York.
source: Ulla official site

PONY RYDER: Lisanne, when did you start modeling?
I started modeling this year, I finished high school in June and now I’m fulltime modeling. Earlier this year around April I sent some polaroids to my mother agency in Holland Ulla models, they liked me and that’s how it started.


PONY RYDER: You are still in “development”, so tell us how does a developing process of a model, go on?
LISANNE DE JONG: The agency will take polaroids of you, after that you will get a lot of tests for your book so you can do castings and stuff. The agency will help you and direct you with things like how to act in front of the camera how to pose and your facial expression. How to walk on the catwalk.
I’m a bit of a shy person actually, so my mother agency helped me with how to be and act more confident. When I came to Milan for the fashion week in September this year I didn’t know how to walk on a catwalk, so my bookers tought me how! But always keep practicing!

source: Ulla official site
PONY RYDER: How do you pose?
I try to move a lot, try different things so the photographer has some different options to eventually choose the right picture. And I always try to make it look like I'm comfortable, not too posy. And a strong expression on your face I think is really important.

source: TFS
PONY RYDER: What is the hardest thing for you as a new model? LISANNE DE JONG: Being away from my boyfriend, friends and family.

PONY RYDER: What are the positive sides of model world/fashion world? LISANNE DE JONG: The magazines, the designers. The shows I like the most. Also the travelling seeing all the different places and meeting people from all over the world is really cool.
PONY RYDER: What is important to know about Paris and Paris market? LISANNE DE JONG: Well.. I think it’s a though market, you have to be prepared and have to have a strong book. But just be confident about yourself and don’t take everything too seriously.
source: TFS
PONY RYDER: What do you think about show "Next model". Does it really capture the essence of model life?
LISANNE DE JONG: I like to watch the show but I think it’s a little exaggerated. They make it seem like the life and working as a model is the best and of course it is really nice!!!

But when you are first starting as a model it is really hard to get noticed and get good jobs because there are already so many good models. You have to work hard! 

And they also make it seem like there is a lot of competition between the models, and yes there is I think especially during fashion weeks.. but it’s not that bad. from what I’ve seen and experienced, a lot of girls actually support each other and have a nice time together.
PONY RYDER: What about Cola Lisanne, do you feel the difference between coca cola and Pepsi?
 LISANNE DE JONG: I seriously never drink Pepsi but I think I wouldn’t feel the difference, I even don’t taste the difference between cola light and the normal coke so I think that says enough ;)
source: TFS
PONY RYDER: Beauty questions :) Lisanne, how do you maintain your skin? LISANNE DE JONG: I Always take my make up of before I go to sleep, and every day I put on a day cream that’s called Calendula my mom gave it to me she is a beauty specialist so often I get a nice treatment from her as like: peeling, facial massage masks.. :)
PONY RYDER: Oh, than you must know some beauty advices?
LISANNE DE JONG: Always clean your skin, that’s the best!

source: TFS

PONY RYDER: Do models eat? Really Lisanne, is there any pressure on new models to loose weight? LISANNE DE JONG: Hahah well I eat.. :) I think there is some pressure because you have to keep a good size, but you can keep that size by just eating healthy and maybe do some sport or exercise , you don’t have to starve yourself.
PONY RYDER: And how do you stay in shape? LISANNE DE JONG: Walk castings everyday is a pretty good work out and I just try to eat healthy and I like to do Yoga exercises.

source: TFS
PONY RYDER: What are the things a model can not be without? LISANNE DE JONG: An MP3 player/Ipod, High heels, A good map from the city you’re living at the moment and a laptop!
PONY RYDER: Do you have any model friend you would like to see presented on Pony Ryder?
LISANNE DE JONG: Marloes Horst, she is also from my agency in Holland, And we were roommates in Milan during the fashion week. She is really cool.

Exclusive interview with fashion model Lisanne de Jong is original work of Pony Ryder blog.

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Posted on: 2009/02/13

Ariel Meredith is with Ford NY.

Ariel is one of the faces of D&G Ad campaign for spring.

Ariel Meredith (FORD NY) @ Gaspard Yurkievich ss09 by Ph. Miguel Domingos @ WWW.

PR STYLE CHOICES: Myf Shepherd and Stephanie Carta

Posted on: 2009/02/11

ph: Eric Sposito

Stephanie Carta is with Elite NY and Myf Shepherd is with Next NY.

PONY RYDER: How would you describe your personal style Myf?

MYF SHEPHERD: Dark and creative but at the same time very laid back. I don't really have that many clothes... I practically wear the same thing every day. No one seems to have noticed yet... :D

Ph. :Jan Welters

PONY RYDER: Myf, you are vegan, so what is the best vegan dish for you?

MYF SHEPHERD: Anything my mum cooks. She can veganise any meal. At the moment my favourite thing is chickpea cutlets from the cookbook Veganomicon.

PONY RYDER: And what is your favorite place in NY, in Milan; in Paris, in London?
MYF SHEPHERD: 'Snice in New York (best sandwiches in the world), I love Place Vendome in Paris (it has my favourite sculpture), Camden in London (good people watching), and I don't really know Milan, but I love the convoluted, intimate streets in the centre.

Bianca TFS, TFS

PONY RYDER: Of all the shows You both did, which one does relate to Your personal style?

MYF SHEPHERD: Charles Anastase. It was dark and creative but at the same time very laid back.

STEPHANIE CARTA: Balenciaga and Givenchy. Balenciaga because I learnt so much about style class and cuts and saw the whole process of making a collection evolve. Not only that but my own personal style is and was influenced by everything I learnt there! Givenchy, because I have this catwoman feline obsession and my outfit for that show was totally me dressed in my best character!

PONY RYDER: What is your favorite runway look Myf?

MYF SHEPHERD: I thought that everything in Kenzo was beautifully done and tied together really well. It was a story as well as a show.

Myf: theones2watch

PONY RYDER: Can you name some stores or brands where you usually shop for clothes?

MYF SHEPHERD: I love markets. There are great ones in Australia, like the Fringe Bar Markets, Surry Hills Markets and Rooftop Markets.

STEPHANIE CARTA: I don’t like to go "shopping". Usually I come across the best finds by accident, but lately I’ve been taught a few new things on style too from some of my top Aussie friends... like sometimes that you need to get the credit card out to make a quality purchase rather than buy too many half-half things..

Ksubi is always a favorite: hands down for cool everyday stuff, like jeans, sunnies, etc., in good washes and original styles.
Assin is a boutique in Sydney that stocks the credit card type purchases if your lucky enough for that, you could pretty much dress for anything from there… Labels like Rick Owens and Ann Desmeulemeester
Vintage stores, markets and random garage sales I’m sorry but I can’t do without them and it’s good when you only got 5 bucks in your wallet!
PONY RYDER: Thumbs up! :)

source: Stephanie; Pete Miszuk (Refinery29) / Myf: Cobrasnake

PONY RYDER: What are Your "must have" items for this season or better say this winter?

MYF SHEPHERD: I like coats...

STEPHANIE CARTA: A new pair of "Undercover" navy woolen tights with brown leather patches. Warm, comfy and they look hot, can wear them to castings or bed haha

A good warm comfy oversized hoody, in grey navy or black/ That’s done well so I can still somehow look classy (esp if its Ann Desmeulemeester) You can layer under big jackets or wear over dresses, jeans and tees.

Boots. Flat well made black leather ankle boots. If they have a good shape you can wear them with everything, anywhere. Unless you got a hot platform version to wear out at night...
A fur jacket, even if its fake, bomber style, old lady style, red or beige, they are good to have fun with and an easy way to "dress up". My one right now is a fake beige mid length/
Ksubi jeans. I had to pack four pairs and that was hard for me.

source: ediewarhol TFS: vision77, ph. Eric Sposito

PONY RYDER: What did you learn from "the artists" you worked with?

STEPHANIE CARTA: So much, a lot of stylists I’ve worked with here are actually good friends of mine too, along with designers etc. So we sit around and talk about it all day! I think for me though I can’t put that down to simple facts, I get style ides and inspirations from my friends mostly and things I see around the world...

MYF SHEPHERD: They keep trying to teach me to curl my eyelashes, but I can't seem to get it.

Levi's 501 Ph: David Vasiljevic, F.dir: Nicola Formichetti

PONY RYDER: ...and from the make up artists?

STEPHANIE CARTA: I try to ignore them when they talk about facial injections and I just keep it simple. Mostly listening more to what my facial place or naturopath has to say because I don’t like wearing much make up. I have learned though that it’s good just to subtlety emphasize your features with say mascara, cheek color and maybe a bit of lip. I also have heard some of the funniest stories in my life any time I’ve been in the same room at Pat McGrath!!

MYF SHEPHERD: I don't wear makeup when I'm not working. I like to give my skin a break. I'm interested in trying out some mineral based makeup though.

Myf: Ph: Cedric Buchet, Sty: Sabrina Schreder for 10 magazine spring09/ Carta: catwalking Bianca TFS

PONY RYDER: Favorite fragrance?

STEPHANIE CARTA: I just got Tom Ford Black Orchid!!!! I was introduced to it by a friend recently and it’s supposed to be a secret because i don’t want anyone else to have it but there you go. I love mixing up my favorite fragrances too though so it’s always a different secret combination...

MYF SHEPHERD: I rarely wear fragrances because they're often so overpowering. I like rose geranium essential oil though.


PONY RYDER: What is your ultimate beauty indulgence?

MYF SHEPHERD: I can't think of one. I hate facials and massages.

STEPHANIE CARTA. Getting a really good facial from Isabel Almeida in Sydney... And being able to afford to eat healthily, see my naturopath, and get a really good massage every now and then! Special jewelry to wear on me to remind me of all the amazing friends in my life. It looks cool too haha...

source: Myf; *Bianca* TFS/ Stephanie: NEXT show card TFS mdc

PR Style Choices with Stephanie Carta and Myf Shepherd are original work and courtesy of Pony Ryder blog.

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