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MICHAEL TINTIUC: the interview

Posted on: 2010/01/16


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Michael Tintiuc is with RED NY, Success Paris, FM London & Why Not Milan

PONY RYDER: Micheal you were discovered at the "White Trash For Cash" fashion show in Moscow… Interesting title… Can you tell us more, so I don’t need to ask how did you end up in white trash… for cash?

MICHAEL TINTIUC: At that moment I was an 18 year old skater-punk that listened to Sex Pistols, The Exploited and just finished school. The last thing I wanted to do is to stay in Moldova. I started to study painting and fine arts in general, more seriously so that I would be accepted in the University.

The only reason I decided to go to Moscow is because it was the nearest well developed city. By the time I got accepted in the University I’ve completely changed my mind and point of view. I understood that I didn’t want to spend five years of my life in vain, as I truly believe that Universities in Post Soviet Countries won’t give you any kind of knowledge that would grant you successful job opportunities in future. That’s why I decided not to study, but still move to Moscow as I didn’t want to become a teenager without future.

I never considered myself a good looking guy, but my girlfriend insisted and helped me believe that I should start my career as a model. Unfortunately for about 6 months of castings I never got booked for any job ‘cause skinny, tall, long-haired guys were not the type of models Russian fashion industry wanted to see. But on one of those castings I got invited by another model for his friend’s label – White Trash for Cash, which was my first show and where I got discovered by my first agent.

PONY RYDER: You are originally from Moldova. How is the fashion scene there?

MICHAEL TINTIUC: If I would say that there is no fashion industry, I would say nothing…People are not interested in fashion, style, good music and art in general. What would cause interest and approval in cities like NY, Paris and London, here in Moldova makes people laugh and scream as if their intellect is at an animal’s level. And it doesn’t depend on how young or wealthy they are. I really do not know any successful models from Moldova, unfortunately, tell me if you know any

PONY RYDER: How did you feel the first time abroad?

MICHAEL TINTIUC: I was extremely happy, it was NY. I was not lost there, as the time spent in such a huge city as Moscow taught me lots of things about life in the Megapolis. Plus my English was quite good as I finished an American school back in Moldova, so I didn’t experience any troubles there!

PONY RYDER: Were you ever asked to change something about yourself in your modeling career?
MICHAEL TINTIUC: I guess that modeling is the same as acting, if you are ready and want to play somebody you have to understand that it’s your job and your success depends on the way you do your job. A lot of people wanted to cut my hair, which is obvious. But I and my agencies never wanted that as we all believe that I have to keep my style. Nevertheless if the length of my hair would become an obstacle for my career I would make a professional choice as this is all a part of modeling and acting.

PONY RYDER: Why do you think that Eastern European girls and boys have so much success in the modeling industry? Is it just the beauty, or are they more dedicated and hardworking?

MICHAEL TINTIUC: In my opinion people that had more difficulties and obstacles in life are definitely more dedicated to their jobs and appreciate every chance they have.

PONY RYDER: How can male models present themselves on casting in the best light? There is plenty of advice for girls, but never for boys…

MICHAEL TINTIUC: The only rule that helps is be yourself.

PONY RYDER: A model’s book is very important and it is also important to show versatility in the portfolio. Do you think your book is “complete” and have you ever been told that you need more commercial photos in it, for example?

MICHAEL TINTIUC: I don’t think that my book can be ever “complete” , even if I’d have tons of perfect pictures I would want to do more only because I enjoy it and I think that I can always do better. Plus models are just ordinary people that get older, change their hair style… The book has to change the same way the model does.

PONY RYDER: You worked with Top Model Aline Weber. What is she like?

MICHAEL TINTIUC: I enjoyed the shoot, it was really fun. Aline was very professional and nice, but we didn’t have time to know each other very well, so I cannot say what kind of person she is.

PONY RYDER: What was your favorite shoot till know?

MICHAEL TINTIUC: I guess my favorite shoots are when the photographer, stylist and model want the same result, when they have the same idea of the picture. That’s why I prefer the shoots for LIRFON’S, where I can choose the clothes and locations

PONY RYDER: From all the shows you did…Which one did you like the most?

MICHAEL TINTIUC: I really liked the shows I did for a Japanese designer - Julius. The music and the lights they use at the show are amazing. I admire people who can present their clothes in a very personal way, which tells what was the inspiration and the main idea of the collection.

PONY RYDER: As a runway model, you need to be slim but in perfect shape. Tell us something about your workout routine.

MICHAEL TINTIUC: Well, I’ve never been working out…I’m skateboarding since 11 years old and I think that it is one of the best ways to stay fit:

You’re always outdoors and inhale fresh air.
It develops your whole body and makes it look natural!
It’s way more fun then working out in a gym, cause you skate with your friends always laughing and making pranks on each other.

PONY RYDER: What type of sports do you do?

MICHAEL TINTIUC: I really don’t like any kind of sports. I love skateboarding and surfing with all my heart and I consider them more then just a type of sport, they are a way of life and thinking.

PONY RYDER: I wonder, do you ever go to tanning salons. What do you thing about this “tanning trend” ?

MICHAEL TINTIUC: I tend to visit tanning salons every now and then, just to make my skin healthier. I have nothing against guys or girls who visit these salons regularly, I guess everyone can decide on their own how to look.

PONY RYDER: Shaving?

I use electric razors.

PONY RYDER: Which perfume is your favorite?

MICHAEL TINTIUC: Christian Dior: Fahrenheit

PONY RYDER: Your hair is amazing! How do you maintain it?

MICHAEL TINTIUC: I don’t really like using a specific brand, I tend to always change my shampoos, but I choose stuff that has natural ingredients.

PONY RYDER: I’m sure everyone wants to know… Are you taken at the moment?

MICHAEL TINTIUC: SURE I am taken…forever!

Exclusive interview with Michael Tintiuc is original work by Pony Ryder.




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