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SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: the runway talk

Posted on: 2010/01/14

Yves Saint Laurent S/S 10 Paris via TFS Abul
the Runway Talk

Samantha Gradoville is with IMG

Yves Saint Laurent S/S 10 Paris via TFS Abul

PONY RYDER: Sam, you had a successful season SS10. I mean: YSL! When did you find out that you booked the show?

SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: Well I went in the for original casting, then a second one, and then finally, a last one in which I met the designer. I didn't know I had actually been booked for the show until a few days later. I was backstage at the Tsumori Chisato show when my booker called me and told me I had a fitting scheduled and they had confirmed me.. I just kept saying, 'Noooo....really?!?!' And he kept saying 'Yes! Yes!!' I could hardly believe it!! I was soo excited.

YSL / via TFS Filipe

PONY RYDER: How long did the make up process last? Did you noticed any special stuff they used?

SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: The make up didn't take long at all really, the look they were going for was quite simple, except for the dramatic fake lashes on the bottom. Those felt a little weird. But for the most part I just remember seeing a lot of YSL products.

PONY RYDER: How was the atmosphere in the backstage?

SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: It was extremely calm and quiet. Usually backstage is a mess, with people yelling and running around aimlessly, but everyone at YSL was very cool and collected, making it really easy going.


PONY RYDER: Backstage London, Backstage Paris... Is it all the same?

SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: Well every show is different. I don't think the cities have too much to do with it, it's more the people who are actually putting on the show. One major difference is that Paris doesn't have the 'tents' like London or New York, which makes it a little less convenient. Sometimes you will get lucky and have back-to-back shows but all you have to do is walk twenty feet to another tent, instead of taking a taxi to the other side of the city.

PONY RYDER: From all the top models you saw at YSL, whose beauty striked you the most?

SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: I thought that Karlie Kloss looked just beautiful. She really is simply gorgeous in person, and nice too!

Cacharel S/S 10 Paris via TFS (CharlottefromCA)

PONY RYDER: You also did Cacharel ! The shoes were brilliant, how was walking in them?

SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: The shoes were really beautiful! And unique too, I loved the invisi-heel!! Haha. They weren't difficult to walk in, not any more than any other high heel. The only this is that the runway was extremely long. I was almost felt winded by the time I got back!! Hahaha

Twenty8Twelve SS 10 via TFS (SirSunday)

PONY RYDER: Twenty8Twelve! Let me tell you, the outfit you were in was HOT! Are you nervous when you are walking on the catwalk, only partially covered with clothes?

SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: Well, as a model, it kind of comes with the territory, haha. Any fears I have had of wearing little clothing in front of large numbers of people have gone out the window by now. I did stick a little double sided tape on the top before I went out though, so I was good to go!

PONY RYDER: Did you meet Siena Miller there?

SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: Yes I did! I didn't really get to have an in depth conversation or anything, she was quite busy. But she seems really nice, and I really loved her collection.

Yves Saint Laurent S/S 10 Paris via TFS (Nils)

PONY RYDER: From all the fashion weeks you did, which impressed you the most?

SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: I really loved Paris Fashion Week this year. It went really well for me, and Paris in general is just such a beautiful city, you really can't go wrong there. (And their metro system is AMAZING!! haha) Paris is like another world, there's really nothing else that compares.

PONY RYDER: What show was your favorite?
SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: I really loved walking in all my shows, but I have to give the favorite show award to Vivienne Westwood.

I just love her. I walked for her during the Autumn/Winter 09 Fashion Week in Paris as well and got to talk to her quite a lot from the castings, fittings, and shows. She is really such a genuine and sweet lady. I can't believe how she manages to pull off some of the things she does! She is a truly a fashion genius. She really thinks out of the box, and I just adore that about her and her collection. Her shows are always so fun and crazy! The energy backstage is insane!!


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