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AMANDA NORGAARD: the interview

Posted on: 2010/02/14

scoop (via TFS)


The Delight

Amanda Nørgaard is with SUPREME NY & Viva London & Scoop


PONY RYDER: Amanda, did you ever think you could model prior to being scouted?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: No, not at all! When I got scouted I really didn’t take it serious at all, I mean, I always had this look at myself as this kind of awkward bird-looking girl, with too long arms. And the fact that I’m not 1.80, didn’t really do anything to “the model-thought”. So I was actually kind of chocked when Scoop signed me straight away.

PONY RYDER: Has your idea of fashion world changed since you entered it?
AMANDA NøRGAARD: It has, before I really entered international this summer, I didn’t know how much it takes, until I came to Paris for the first time – there were 1000 of models and I really wondered how I would ever get a chance for ANYTHING.. But you really need to bring yourself into everything you’re doing and just be yourself.

PONY RYDER: Which virtues do you think a model should have in order to be successful?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: Besides all the body-facts, I think it’s really important you’re just yourself and always keep both legs on the ground and be modest all the time.

via TFS LasseNord

PONY RYDER: You seem like a cool edgy girl. If I was going to ask your friends what kind a person you are, what would they tell me?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: Haha, shit I don’t know. Well, my friends are my family. I will do anything for them. I’m super-caring and always ready for tea and talk and the other hand always up for teenage-fun.

Scoop showcard

PONY RYDER: So you are into movies... How come?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: Yes indeed, movies mean a lot to me. My dad makes movies and since I was little he shown me “good movies”.
PONY RYDER: Are you more into Hollywood Film Scene or European cinematography?
AMANDA NøRGAARD: I’m definitely more into the European movie style, but sometimes it can get too much and you just need to put your brain on standby with a good blockbuster. I’m still laughing at The Hangover, been watching it 4 times now.

SUPREME showcards

PONY RYDER: What is your favorite film?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: The Dreamers, because it’s simply genius. Saw it for the first time with my friend when we were 13. We just took it because of the cover, with Théo, Matthew and Isabelle in the bathtub. But I’ve been watching it about 20 times now.
I always get a new perspective out of it. Another way to see their world and the world through their eyes. I feel so much more clever and enriched after watching it. I get goose bumps just to think about it. I could talk about it for hours.

PONY RYDER: So Bernardo Bertolucci... Any other favorite director?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: Bertolucci, Jarmusch and Kubrick. They all made movies who made me think and wonder. There are so many unsaid things in their movies, so much between the lines and I can’t stop analyzing or think after one of their movies. It’s so fascinating. It took me 14 days to watch “Dead Man” because it was so heavy to get through. But I was thrilled when it was done.


PONY RYDER: How important is it for the world that Brad and Angelina may break up?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: Not important at all. Couldn’t care less. But it’s really important to me how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart stand ;)

PONY RYDER: Are you on Team Jen or Team Angie?
AMANDA NøRGAARD: I’m definitely a Team Jen!!

PONY RYDER: Do you think modeling comes naturally to you, because you understand acting and film in general?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: No doubt. If it weren’t for the ballet I wouldn’t have the same control of my body. Now it’s just all natural, so that have been really helpful!

via mikas (TFS)

PONY RYDER: You always dominate the editorials when it comes to editorials with more girls. And you have a great stare non stop. Any advice for good posing?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: First of all, thanks a lot! Well I like to make have a history and feeling before shooting, in that way I can put myself into a certain kind of role and in that way it’s way easier for me to work the expressions and the body language. And yeah, just have fun with it! Have a good time and enjoy!

Ph. Camilla Akrans Harper's Bazaar feb 010

PONY RYDER: Of all the photographers you’ve worked with, who would you like to shoot with again?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: Oh gosh, all of them! ; ) If I have to choose one… it must be Camilla Akrans. I learned a lot and I really like how Harpers Bazaar came out. She’s an amazing photographer!

Chanel SS/10 via TFS (lanvinray)

PONY RYDER: How important is the height when it comes to modeling. As you know, and as we know - not all the girls are 1,80 are they?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: Well, I think the height has become less important. But the body proportions are indeed really important.
If the over-all frame is right you can easier look taller on pictures and on the runway! But still us smaller people struggle a little more at shows and so, but as long as we’re keeping our chin up, it will be alright ; )

Bruno Pieters S/S via TFS (stefanelle)

PONY RYDER: From all the shows you did for the spring summer season 2010 (last season), which one describes your personal style? What are the collections we should definitely check out?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: Was about to say Rodarte, but I didn’t do that one, hehe. But I will say the dark and black part of the Fendi collection. That really stood out to me and I would easily wear it all and Bruno Pieters, I really like his minimalism and the transparent clothes were simply amazing.

Ph. Max Farago for TOPSHOP

PONY RYDER: Where do you usually shop for your clothes? Topshop maybe?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: Of course I do TOPSHOP, but in Denmark the choice of the collection aren’t that good at all, but I’m always paying visit when I’m in London. H&M is of course!
But I prefer to buy my clothes vintage, it’s so much fun to go hunt clothes, were you know every third girl you’ll meet won’t have the same. And during the summer time I can go around flea markets for hours!

Ph. Max Farago for TOPSHOP

PONY RYDER: Seriously, how was Topshop Experience for you? What did you think about styling?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: It was such a good experience. I had an amazing day, with so much fun. There was such a good spirit around the whole team and everything just went so easy! I really liked the styling, especially the Down Town collection with the long dresses, was so cool!


PONY RYDER: How about Vero Moda. Do you also shop there?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: It’s a long time since I’ve been in Vero Moda, but they sure have some good pieces.

PONY RYDER: How did you like Vero Moda Fashion Show?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: The show was so much fun! It was LOCA!


PONY RYDER: All Stars shoes. What color is your choice?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: Blue! Or maybe black? Gotta get some new one, thanks for reminding me ;) via TFS Bianca

PONY RYDER: What are you wearing here?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: Yeah, that’s actually one of my best flea market scoop! I got it for 10 Dkk, which is around 2 dollars!! But not a certain kind of brand, of course ;)

Scoop polaroid

PONY RYDER: Which moisturizer and cleanser do you use?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: I use REN moisturizer, for sensitive skin and after the Chanel show, where I got a goodie bag with Chanel cleansers; I’ve been using the cleansing milk and water. It’s really awsome.

PONY RYDER: The best advice you have been given concerning beauty?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: Moisturize your skin and don’t pick your eyebrows!

Ph. Andreas Ohlund

PONY RYDER: Your choice of foundation...
AMANDA NøRGAARD: I use some MAC concealer and mix it with my day cream.

PONY RYDER: What do you have in your make up bag?

  • Carmex lipbalm
  • Avène waterspray
  • MAC concealer
  • MAC eyeliner in the color Duck (better know as brown I guess..)
  • Eyebrow fix from Danish brand Tromborg
  • Brown eye shadow from Sephora
  • A really dark purple lipstick from MAC
  • Maxfactor mascara.

PONY RYDER: Your choice of make up remover...
AMANDA NøRGAARD: Vaseline. Its super good and not irritating my eyes, but it still removes it all!

MIU MIU SS2010 (via TFS lanvinray)

PONY RYDER: What brand of shampoo do you use?
AMANDA NøRGAARD: Some kind of Paul Mitchell? It smelled good and is apparently without bad stuff. But to be honest I really don’t care about my hair, the only thing I do for it, is to eat oatmeal. My mum always said it was good for the hair..

PONY RYDER: How do you stay in shape?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: Pilates! Just my type of sport, not to much running around and it you still build long and sleek muscles. and it clears my mind as well, you really need to focus on everything! And of course dancing around day and night!

PONY RYDER: Do you miss ballet? What type of “sports” do you like doing now?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: I danced for 11 years, so every time I hear classic music, I get creeps and just feel like dancing until I’m out of air. But I want to start classes when I go back to NYC, that’s my goal, at least.
Besides the ballet I like pilates, all kind of dancing, yoga and NIA, which is like a mixture between combat sport, yoga and dance. It’s all about having fun and let go of your mind. But seeing it from the outside it looks crazy as hell. 20 ladies, young or old, dancing around, screaming and laughing. Oh well…

Versus S/S 10 Milan via TFS (Bianca - wwd)

PONY RYDER: Do you pay attention to what you eat?

AMANDA NøRGAARD: 50/50, as model you need to pay attention, not only for your body, but also for your skin. So I do care but not in a hysterical way. I just enjoy eating healthy and always been eating healthy at home. My mum is awesome in a kitchen!

PONY RYDER: So, what is your favorite MCDonalds meal?
AMANDA NøRGAARD: Big Tasty, Big Mac or just Happy meal! That depends on the situation!
PONY RYDER: Did you survive?
AMANDA NøRGAARD: I’m always surviving, been a pleasure!
PONY RYDER: LOL. (the best survivor song for you is…)
AMANDA NøRGAARD: ... Survivor song… Must be:
  • “Guns of Brixton” with The Clash,
  • “Horses” with Patti Smith
  • “Farewell to the Fairground” White lies.

scoop via TFS



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