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JENEIL WILLIAMS: the interview

Posted on: 2010/02/04

Loewe SS 2010 v magazine via TFS

Jeneil Williams is with NY model management & Nathalie Paris

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for LOVE mag

PONY RYDER: How would you describe your childhood in Jamaica?
JENEIL WILLIAMS: It was hard; I was forced to grow up really fast.

PONY RYDER: What made you enter the model search?
JENEIL WILLIAMS: My family encouraged me to enter the model search and I always wanted to model so I just entered.

Tim R Photography

PONY RYDER: Jeneil, how did you feel the first time you landed in NY?

JENEIL WILLIAMS: When I first got here it was really amazing because it was my dream to get an agency in New York City. My mother agent took me around to meet with all of the agencies in New York and I ended up signing with New York Models – who I had met with in Jamaica during the model contest. I love my agency and New York. I have met incredible people and love this city!

Teen Vogue, ph Daniel Jackson

PONY RYDER: We heard that you have a really warm personality. How do you deal with arrogance from other people?
JENEIL WILLIAMS: Arrogance comes with jealousy and I ignore them.

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for LOVE mag

PONY RYDER: Jeneil, you just landed a cover of LOVE magazine! Did you feel any pressure to be working with the very legends?JENEIL WILLIAMS: I was excited and a bit nervous to be working with such amazing and talented people. Katie Grand was so nice on set and made me feel really comfortable. Everyone was so much fun and so cool.

PONY RYDER: Did you know that you would have to do some nude shots before accepting the job?
JENEIL WILLIAMS: Yes I knew that it was going to be a nude shoot – I am very happy with my body so I had no problem doing it. via TFS

PONY RYDER: How would you describe your personal style?
JENEIL WILLIAMS: Very relaxed and comfortable.
PONY RYDER: What are the best clothing pieces you own?
JENEIL WILLIAMS: I just bought myself an Hermes Birkin bag which im really excited about and I love my Helmut Lang jeans and a really great Narcisco Rodriguez jacket.

PONY RYDER: You walked a lot of shows. Which show or designer influenced your style?JENEIL WILLIAMS: All of the designers are great – I think every show has influenced my personal style.
Live stream Louis Vuitton

PONY RYDER: Do you still crave for that Louis Vuitton bag from last season?

JENEIL WILLIAMS: Yes I am still craving so bad over that bag it was amazing!!

PONY RYDER: What are your must haves for this spring?
JENEIL WILLIAMS: I still want my Louis Vuitton bag!! Balenciaga has a jacket I really want; Victoria’s secret has amazing bikini’s I can’t wait to buy…

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for LOVE mag

PONY RYDER: As we all saw, you have an amazing body! Do you owe it all to Pilates, or do you do some other type of exercise as well?
JENEIL WILLIAMS: No I owe most of it to track and field; I used to do track back in high school.

PONY RYDER: How often per week do you do Pilates?
JENEIL WILLIAMS: I do pilates now to tone up at least twice a week.

PONY RYDER: Do you exfoliate, scrub and use body lotions as well? What's your ritual?
JENEIL WILLIAMS: Yes I cleanse and exfoliate everynight and I use a facial mask every now and again. I love Jergen’s lotion with a mix of Johnson’s baby gel.

NY mgmt showcard

PONY RYDER: How do you like your coffee?
JENEIL WILLIAMS: I like it black and I always go to Starbucks wherever I am.

PONY RYDER: When you’re in NY, do you cook yourself, or do you mostly eat out?JENEIL WILLIAMS: I do cook myself, I get my groceries from Whole foods and I cook mainly seafood.

Ryan Scott

PONY RYDER: What is your favorite moisturizer?JENEIL WILLIAMS: I still use the same things as when I was a little kid - I love Jergen’s and Johnson and Johnson baby oil.

PONY RYDER: What is inside your make up bag?
JENEIL WILLIAMS: I love MAC lipgloss and their make-up remover is amazing!!

PONY RYDER: Lots of girls of color have problems with the hair. How do you deal with yours?

JENEIL WILLIAMS: My hair is really short so it is easy to manage. A lot of times at shows they don’t do anything to it, except sleek it back

Nikola Tamindzic via TFS

PONY RYDER: We can not finish this interview without knowing, who is your favorite musician?JENEIL WILLIAMS: LADY GAGA
NYMM/Ford Europe
Interview with fashion model Jeneil Williams is original work by Pony Ryder.

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