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HAIRSTYLIST: the backstage view

Posted on: 2010/03/14


the hairstylist


Hair and Photo all done by Marki Shkreli (NY City)

Tetyana Melnychuk @ Marilyn

PR: What hair care products you are addicted to?

MARKI SHKRELI: I am Addicted to L'Oreal Elnett, Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray - Shine Spray - Surf Spray.

Josefin Hedstrom @ Marilyn

PR: High priced hair care products or drugstore items?

MARKI SHKRELI: High priced hair care products all the way. To get the best results we have to use the best products. Their price is high because of the quality; it delivers.

Chantal @ Marilyn


PR: Hair care DON'TS:

MARKI SHKRELI: Hair care don'ts are buying drug-store shampoo/conditioner.. They just make your hair look dead.


PR: Basic hair care tips

MARKI SHKRELI: Best hair care tips are don't wash your hair every single day. It will strip its natural oils and just look very lifeless. Try to wash it every 2 - 3 days.

Another tip is try not to use too much conditioner for every wash, instead use a Deep Conditioner once a week. This will benefit your hair a lot!

PR: Hair care tools you simply can't live without...

MARKI SHKRELI: Hair care tools that I can't live without are

  • Mason Pearson Brush
  • All of my Curling irons - they are my favourite tool!
  • Pin curl clips
  • Hot Rollers
  • Back-brushing tail comb
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair pins


PR: What do you think are the worst or best trends in the industry right now?


- Best Trends: I love how everything is becoming more womanly. The big hair, the finger-waves, everything in my mind that separates a women from a girl. The hair is much stronger now, how it was back in the 40s - 70s which are my favourite eras.

- Worst Trends: The worst trend right now I believe is flyaways on nicely coiffed hair. I was watching the Oscar's and saw numerous girls with flyaways intended for the hairstyle. I just didn't believe that it went with there gowns and some looked unfinished. The reason I said "this is the worst trend" is because it either looks Great or looks Horrible. There isn't a middle of the road "yeah it looks OK".

Tetyana Melnychuk @ Marilyn

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