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Posted on: 2010/07/28

LYOKA TYAGNEREVA - MOROCCO guide - Tips & Tricks
Lyoka Tyagnereva is with ONE Model Management NY.

LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: Morocco is for sure a fresh stream of impressions and emotions to your life. It's very different from what we're used to see every day.
This Islamic world is full of colors and expressibility. People are very emotional.
LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: When you go to the market, called SOUK, everything is about bargaining! If you don't haggle over the price, you're boring to them!
They like to have a good opponent. So, rule number 1: if you don't see the price written on a peace of paper - bargain!!

LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: The main square is full of vendors of all kinds - water sellers dressed in a funny costumes to get money for a picture, snake charmers, trying to shove a cobra into your face, incense, dry fruits and nuts, food sellers, henna tattoo makers....
Everyone tries to get you.
So, rule #2 - stay strong and take pictures unseen or you will be charged! :)
LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: Btw people in there don't like their pictures taken because they believe you take a peace of their soul by doing so. So try to respect that also.
LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: You must try the orange fresh on the square!!
Speaking of drinking, I wouldn't drink the water in there. In hotels they even provide you with a big bottle, so it's not a problem.

LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: One more thing to remember when going there, take a long skirt or light pants because women are not allowed to walk with bare knees.
In Marrakesh you could be fined, but it's also a matter of respect.

LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: Food is great!! Traditional couscous, if you like it. One of the famous dishes is pigeon pastilla - it's a kind of very sweet pastry with bird meat inside. You could like it, I didn't.
Also, when you go to the restaurant, order the little entries platter - it comes on a spinning wooden board in little bowls. Just ask which one is the brains and try if you dare. ;)
LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: They make great meatballs. My favorite was, so called fish dumplings, which are actually fish cakes. And they are big on sweets. And it's REALLY sweet.

LYOKA TYAGNEREVA: Money is not a problem - just go to an ATM and take some dirhams out. The ratio is almost 1dollar.

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