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Posted on: 2010/07/13

Ph. Terry Gates


ph: Anne Combaz

PONY RYDER: What’s your favorite place to eat there?
SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: Nobu, hands down. I am in love with this place!! They make the most delicious artichoke/leek salad. And their mushrooms, my favorite! They cook every type of mushroom I like in this amazing sauce and bring the plate out to you still sizzling. Mmmm, its amazing.

CHANEL HC 2010/11 via TFS (berrysparkling)

-->PONY RYDER: And your favorite cafe‘ in LA?
SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: I honestly just love Starbucks. I haven’t ventured out to many other cafes, when I do it’s just kind of depressing. No one seems to be able to make it as good as Starbucks, so for now, I’m sticking with that.
-->PONY RYDER: Best place for a “healthy” snack?
SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: I don’t know if this is considered “healthy” or not, but I am a pretty big fan of Pinkberry. It’s so yummy!! Instead of chocolate, just put fruit with your yogurt. It’s a really good treat to have in the summer when it’s extremely hot outside.

-->PONY RYDER: How about clubbing in LA?
SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: My favorite club was Teddy’s, inside the Roosevelt and I also really liked Villa. They were a lot of fun and apparently Villa now has karaoke ever so often!? I haven’t been to see it, but it sounds fun!! via TFS

-->PONY RYDER: How do you get around LA?
SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: I always had to rent a car. For a while I would get rides from friends and other models, but it got to be too difficult after a while. I could never just get out of the house and go somewhere.

LA is a really spread out city and the public transportation is not there yet. I have taken the subway and buses a few times, but I ended up having to walk miles and spending at least 15 to 30 minutes waiting for buses. So whenever I go there, I rent a car and have my trusty GPS system that helps me get to all my castings.

PH. Anne Combaz

-->PONY RYDER: What street should we avoid in LA?
SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: I have never had a problem in LA. But just to be on the safe side, avoid Compton and South Central. Also there can be some really strange people on Hollywood Blvd at night..

MIU MIU Lookbook 2010

-->PONY RYDER: The best place to enjoy the city without spending a penny?
SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: There’s this little lookout point in which you can look down upon the entire city of Los Angeles from the mountains. It one of the most beautiful and breath taking sites I’ve seen there. It makes you feel so small.. I can’t remember the directions or the streets in which it was on, the only way I can find it is to go down Cahuegna (I think) and turn off on this certain road that winds up into the mountains. In which I usually get lost for a minute or two, and then magically end up at the spot.

There’s also the beaches that are simply gorgeous. Venice is always fun, there are the most random and funny people walking around there. Malibu is really beautiful and relaxing.

I also really like Mariposa Beach, its down by Dana Point. It’s really small and near a bunch of rocks, but at the same time it is one of those places that you could sit and stare for hours. I remember the first time I went there and it was raining, but it was still so beautiful with the waves crashing into the rocks and the skies slowly turning gray.. I wish I could go back there!!

Ph. Terry Gates

PONY RYDER: What fashion magazine do you buy regularly?


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