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BONNIE CHEN: summer guide

Posted on: 2010/08/13

BONNIE CHEN - summer guide

Bonnie Chen is with NEXT NY

Benetton FW10 by Josh Olins

PR: What is your favorite summer drink?

BONNIE CHEN: Zico coconut water and green tea frappuccino.


PR: How about summer food?

BONNIE CHEN: Sushi and ice-cream!

PR: What sun protection factor do you use, as well as brand?

BONNIE CHEN: I put on sun blocks every day even if it’s a raining day. It protects your skin in the long term.

Now I am using Estee Lauder Cyber White extra intensive UV protector SPF 50, I also put on Hawaiian Tropic tanning lotion on my body during summer, because it's always nice to enjoy the sunshine and get a little bit glow on your body.

Source: Bonnie Chen

PR: When was the last time you had a free summer anyway?

BONNIE CHEN: To be honest, I never had a real free summer. It was probably the summer before I entered Elite Model Look in 2001 when I traveled to Australia with my schoolmates.

I was a professional rhythmic gymnast from age 6 to 15, so I had no holidays except for training. After that I saved up all my holidays for modeling during high school.

And when I studied in the US, I always had internships during summer, such as working for Shanghai TV station, and Beijing Olympic Committee for competition management of gymnastics.

PR: Is there some particular item you want for this summer?


BONNIE CHEN: I want a messenger bag with old school leather and a straw hat that does not change its shape after I pack it in my luggage when I am traveling. I also want to buy some good heels that are easy to walk in.

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