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JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: summer guide

Posted on: 2010/08/04

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JOSEFIN HEDSTROM - summer guide

Josefin Hedstrom is with Marilyn NY.

Ph. Caren Collins for Flair Austria

PONY RYDER: How is life in Gothenburg? We guess cold?..

JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: Growing up in Gothenburg was perfect because you have both the nature and the city environment at the same time.

My house is close to the sea so every time I come home I can enjoy the calmness and get a bit of a break from busy New York. Yeah, it's cold and we have long winters but in the summer when it's sunny and warm there's no better place.

Ph. Jimmy Backius for Elle Sweden

PONY RYDER: You say you live on the coast. Are you a good swimmer? We can’t imagine anybody swimming in Sweden. It sounds so cold!!!

JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: Yes, I am a pretty good swimmer.

As a child my parents put me and my sister in swim school near our country house so each morning during several summer breaks we learned how to swim in the real sea. But, yeah, the water is cold!

Ph. Jimmy Backius fo Elle Sweden

PONY RYDER: Do you usually go on holidays abroad or do you stay at home?

JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: It depends what time of the year it is, for example last Christmas my family and me spent Christmas in Paris, that was amazing.

During the summer I try to stay in Sweden as much as I can because I get my share of travel when I work.

I’m so happy summer is here, looking forward to hanging out with my friends from back home, haven’t seen them for so long and maybe we’ll do a trip somewhere or spend time at one of our summerhouses…

Ph. Jimmy Backius for Elle Sweden

PONY RYDER: What is your favorite juice flavor?

JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: A freshly made cold grapefruit juice can’t go wrong.

PONY RYDER: Is there any particular place where you like to have your juice?

JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: Outdoors in the sun in a nice park with some good company.

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PONY RYDER: What brand and how high is your sun block factor?

JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: I use the sun block from Piz Buin 20 and sometimes Clinique’s 30 for my face.

PONY RYDER: Can you give us a beauty advice?

JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: A good night’s sleep and make sure to have good people around you, it effects you in.

via Why Not (TFS)

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