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Posted on: 2010/08/10

PR: What would you be if you were not a model? Lots of people don’t know that you are an artist.
KATERINA SMUTOK: I guess that most of the people need no more than 13 minutes to realize that I'm an artist. Unfortunately, the clients never give you more than 4 minutes on the casting. But to return the question back to you, do you know that I create my own clothes?
I cannot say that my life could be different in any other way. Modeling is just one parallel of my life. I wanted to be an architect, but then I changed the idea. After I finish my first education, I want to get a second one that is really art related. I cannot go far from all this art!!!


Pony & Ryder shot seductive Russian beauty Katerina Smutok (NEXT Milano). The first exclusive photoshoot shot entirely by the Pony Ryder team took place in Milan, Italy. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT

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