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STEPHANIE RAD: the small talk

Posted on: 2010/08/23

STEPHANIE RAD - the small talk - WITH NEW PHOTOS from Jaeger Boutique collection

Stephanie Rad is with STORM London

PR: Summer holidays RAD?

STEPHANIE RAD: My favorite place…BARBADOSSS!!!


PR: What do you like to eat during this terrible heat?

STEPHANIE RAD: I eat anything that is given to me.. apart from mushrooms! As long as it’s not heavy and stogggy as in the heat it’s just a killer!

PR: Have you had better summers prior or after you became a mode?


STEPHANIE RAD: To be very honest, it hasn’t made a difference to me, every summer has always been fun for me in some way or another, I love warm weather!

PR: What colors are you choosing for your summer street style look?


STEPHANIE RAD: I have no essentials..I go with the flow, whatever takes my fancy when I look in my cupboard.

PR: Considering that models are your work colleagues, is your friendship with them different to friends from school or childhood?


STEPHANIE RAD: It’s different but only because I don’t know them as well and often you only see them for a few days every few months, I see my school friends every day and grew up with most of them.

PR: So you would choose Kings of Lyon over the Coldplay? We think Chris Martin is cute!

STEPHANIE RAD: I’m not sure actually, because I like Kings of Lyon…but when I was younger my dad used to always play it so I would pretend I was part of them, I like them both.



PR: How long have you been playing the piano?

STEPHANIE RAD: Ummm about 5 years, I used to do grades but then I stopped and started playing because I liked to be able to choose what I can learn, I just learnt how to play ‘River Flows in You’ because I love it so much!

PR: You also like Britney… that is one interesting choice. Why do you like her?


STEPHANIE RAD: She’s an all round favorite, I went to her concert last year, I could not speak after.

I just think that she’s pretty much amazing for what she did and every song is catchy and fun and you can always listen to it!

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