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D & G FASHION SHOW: the highlights

Posted on: 2010/09/24


DOROTHEA BARTH JORGENSEN: The right time to focus on your modeling career is when you have the strength and are motivated to work hard for it, because I think it’s important to be satisfied with the fashion world, to really do a good job. CONTINUE HERE

FRIDA GUSTAVSSON: If I happen to wear make up it’s never more than some concealer and some powder or maybe red lips. CONTINUE HERE

IRIS STRUBEGGER: Around me I see girls change a lot. Most of the time its very young girls who don’t know how to deal with all the attention they get. For me it is important to stay the way I am and be thankful about everything as my career can end tomorrow or in 1 month. You never know. CONTINUE HERE

JACQUELYN JABLONSKI: The first time I went to Europe I went to Paris and I loved it! It was so different than New York. I loved how there were so many cute cafes with people sitting outside in the streets. CONTINUE HERE

KENDRA SPEARS: I think a lot of it is about personality and having that show on the runway. CONTINUE HERE

LISANNE DE JONG: I’m a bit of a shy person actually, so my mother agency (Ulla Amsterdam) helped me with how to be and act more confident. CONTINUE HERE

JAC JAGACIAK: I found an agency in Poland and simply went for a casting call in the shopping center, and I got a call from my future mother agent, before I left the mall. From then on, everything went crazy ! CONTINUE HERE

SAMANTHA GRADOVILLE: I used to do a lot of sports: volleyball, swimming, basketball, softball, track.. I don't really have the time or the means to go about playing them all again. CONTINUE HERE

SARA BLOMQVIST: I never look good on backstage photos though, it's kind of like when my friends take pictures of me, I always look a bit "off". CONTINUE HERE

SIRI TOLLEROD: I take one thing at a time. I sometimes wish it was a few more hours to put in some more sleep, but nothing I can really do about that! CONTINUE HERE

STEPHANIE RAD: Every meal is just as important…and I can’t concentrate without proper meals. Breakfast is usually fruit and cereal or fruit and long as I get a lot of fruit I’m happy. CONTINUE HERE

TONI GARRN: I try to only go shopping in NY cause everything I buy in Hamburg I regret as soon as I get to NY... CONTINUE HERE

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