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JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: model interview

Posted on: 2010/09/05

Thierry LeGoues for FRENCH
Josefin Hedstrom is with Marilyn NY, Why Not Milano, Modellink MA
Marilyn NY Polaroids
PONY RYDER: You were discovered in a shopping mall, while you were there with your friend?
JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: Yes, that’s correct. Actually my friend wanted to go to this model search in a mall in Gothenburg and asked if I also wanted and I said absolutely NO but that I could be a moral support for her.
So I stood on the side of the line when a scout from Modellink Agency came up to me and asked me to fill in an application, I didn’t understand anything and I said it’s not me that’s applying…but somehow I said I would think about it and after that my career began.
Why Not Milan via TFS
PONY RYDER: What did your friend have to say on that?
My friend didn’t really say anything; I guess she was a bit disappointed since it was she that really wanted to become a model.
We weren’t really close friends so she never really showed any support but that’s fine…today I bump into her once in a while when I’m home and there’s no hard feelings! via TFS
PONY RYDER: Have you ever encountered jealousy because of your modeling career?

Well, I guess it has never been like people telling me they are jealous but I can tell when people are sometimes…it’s unfortunate because being able to be happy for another person’s success or happiness is an important quality in a person.
Instead of focusing on making sure their own dream comes true they spend time being annoyed by someone else’s situation.

Sometimes when I am out in a club back home I can tell people are talking about me or people from when I was in school, who never talked to me then, are all of a sudden very nice and want to hang out, but I have learnt not to care, I have my real friends and those are the ones who matters to me.
PONY RYDER: What are the virtues you are looking for in a friend?

Well I would say all the qualities that my best friends already have ha-ha, I am so lucky to have them in my life!
Humor, honesty, to be supportive, being able to listen and being happy for others’ happiness, positive attitude and being herself/himself.
PONY RYDER: Your last cover of French was amazing! Your cover was featured with 11 other most coveted girls of today. Do you follow fashion in the sense that you know who are the girls booking the most?

Thank you! I don’t follow it too seriously but you kind of automatically know which girls are having a good season because you read the magazines, are friends with some and so on.
Ph. Astrid Salomon for INDIE
PONY RYDER: Are you friends with any other girl who also got the cover of French?

I don’t know them really well but I have met several of them on other occasions and they are really fun to talk to.

PONY RYDER: You are wearing sunglasses on French cover BUT what brand of sunglasses do you wear in your every day life?

I wear Rayban’s classic Wayfarers and I love them!
Flair December 2008 via TFS
PONY RYDER: You are booking a lot of different jobs. You are such a chameleon.

Thanks, I guess that’s a good thing…I really enjoy that part of this job, being able to transform to different characters through clothes, make-up, inspiration and the mood…

PONY RYDER: What was your favorite job so far and why?
WOW it’s impossible to say which my favorite job was because they are all so different from each other…
But I went to Bali & Indonesia for ten days with Elle Magazine and we lived kind of in a spa resort in the jungle and it was so beautiful.
Each day the people, who are Hindu, made small flower decorations and put them everywhere on the streets and houses as some kind of religious ritual I guess. It was all so different from what we are used to in our part of the world and it fascinated me.

But of course every time you get to work with really great stylists, photographers and other inspiring people you get a new great experience.
PONY RYDER: You did H & M look book. Do you shop there?

That’s right, they are always so nice to work with.
Sometimes I go there myself, I like their exclusive lines and their collaborations with high fashion designers make it more interesting. You can find great pieces if you look.
Ph. Karen Collins for Flair Australia
PONY RYDER: Where else do you shop?

I love Acne, they have great shoes, leather jackets and jeans, Filippa K is another favorite, both are Swedish brands but I also like Topshop and See by Chloe. When I see something nice I don’t think about what brand it is, I buy it because I like it.
PONY RYDER: Shoe shopping is almost every women’s obsession! Is it yours as well?
JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: Yes, you could say that, ask my family and friends, they are forbidding me to buy more…but they keep coming to me.

PONY RYDER: LOL, What is the most precious pair of high heels that you own?
I have a pair of black asymmetrical Acne-heels, I really love them and I should actually wear them more often
PONY RYDER: You are also the face and legs in an HOGAN campaign! How comfortable are their shoes?

Ha-ha I don’t know I just sat down in them but I am sure they’re super! showcard
PONY RYDER: How about Jeans, what is your favorite brand, except GAP and Hudson of course?
Lol yeah apart from those two I like Joe’s jeans, Cheap Monday and Acne.

PONY RYDER: Are you an organized person?

Yes I am, of course sometimes my room looks like s*** but then I can’t stand it and make it tidy again. I always want to be on time at the airport and want to be prepared when doing something.

Ph. Karen Collins for Flair Australia

PONY RYDER: How important do you think organization is in life and in modeling?
JOSEFIN HEDSTROM: I don’t know the importance of it, it’s up to each individual since we are all different but for me it makes me less stressed and I can focus better if I know I have a bit of control.
Blumarine Cruise Spring 2008
PONY RYDER: You have an amazing body, as we all saw in your Blumarine campaign! How do you maintain it?

I guess a bit of credit goes to my dad, he doesn’t do any exercise whatsoever (though he doesn’t like when I point that out) and he can eat anything.
But I like working out, makes me focus better and relax, so I try to hit the gym a few times a week or go to Pilates, but sometimes when I travel it’s difficult to find the time and possibility to workout.
When I am in New York I walk a lot, between castings and jobs, so in that sense I stay active.
PONY RYDER: When it comes to cosmetics do you stay faithful to Swedish brands or do you experiment?

No, I don’t use any Swedish brands actually and I am a bit boring when it comes to experimenting with trying different brands and products.
Sometimes I will wear some new make-up product on a job which I later go to buy for myself because I like it, but otherwise I prefer to use products which I already know work for me.
PONY RYDER: How do you maintain your skin?

I make sure to always remove my make-up and wash my face every night. My make-up remover is Bioderma Crealine and I use the face moisturizer from Embryolisse.

Flair December 2008 via TFS
PONY RYDER: What do you have in your make up bag?

I don’t use a lot of make-up in private because I already have naturally rosy cheeks and red lips.
But in my make-up bag you can find:
  • the Lancôme mascara Hypnôse
  • Airbrush concealerpen from Clinique
  • Highlighter touche d’or from Yves Saint Laurent
  • Shu Uemura eyelash-curler and
  • Försvarets Hudsalva for my lips.
Ph. Karen Collins for ELLE UK
PONY RYDER: In your previous interviews you said that you would like to go to college. What would you like to study?

I get that question a lot and each time I think my answer is different because I don’t really know for sure what I want to study.
I am not sure what kind of profession I would like to have after my modeling career.
My sister always knew she would become a doctor so for her she knew that medicine was right for her but for me it’s not that simple.
What I do know is that I would love to improve my language skills in French and Spanish. I love being able to understand and speak other languages, makes it so much easier to enjoy the country and the culture you are visiting instead of being a tourist trying to understand.

Ph. Karen Collins for Flair Australia

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