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DIESEL: panini tee

Posted on: 2010/06/29

DIESEL - no shipping costs, just this WEEKEND





Posted on: 2010/06/27


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KYLIE MINOGUE: aphrodite promo

Posted on: 2010/06/24

Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite promo, photographed by William Baker


STEPHANIE RAD: the interview

Posted on: 2010/06/23

Ph. Aitken Jolly for Telegraph magazine

STEPHANIE RAD - the rad - the Interview

Stephanie Rad is with Storm Model Management London


PONY RYDER: What a great last name! Do you think it defines you in a way? We wonder if there is someone whose name is Red Rad…
STEPHANIE RAD: Yeh, I guess, it’s catchy though I’ve always been Steph Rad. I suppose when you say the word “rad” you think of kinda quirky and stuff and that’s how I like to see myself.

PONY RYDER: Are Fido and Boxer still among the living?
Oh err actually they died…after 2 years, I kept them in a fruit bowl, the day I got a fish bowl my sister over fed Boxer and he died. Fido lived on until about 2 weeks ago, I bought new fish…he ate them and died :S

PONY RYDER: What a tragedy!!! Happy topics now. So, you were scouted in French Connection. Do you still shop there?
To be honest, not really…that was kind of a coincidence.

PONY RYDER: Ha, we tought FC is your destination! Never mind, please tell us more about your Polish origin!
It’s not too interesting…half English, half Polish…but I was born in London, I speak both languages which is nice.

Ph. Mario Testino for D & G

PONY RYDER: Dolce and Gabbana campaign, Prada show, Givenchy exclusive! You must be rad Rad, after all!
It’s all a bit crazy as I’m full time in school and I need to focus on that, especially now during the exams, so it’s when I have time, it’s all so amazing.

Prada F/W 09.10 Milan via TFS Bianca

PONY RYDER: How long did it take for you to iron those strange fluffy curls from the Prada show?

For about a week I used olive oil and God knows what else..I came off the plane and went straight to school, I don’t think my friends have ever made fun of me so much, I was a human lion.

PONY RYDER: Awesome! And do you use any special products for your hair?

I just use Pantene Pro-V and occasionally a hair mask.. My hair is so knotty - conditioner and a brush are a must!

PONY RYDER: Did you get anything from Christopher's Kane collection for TOPSHOP?

I bought a blue dress the day it came out…I loved the whole collection, I felt like running off the shoot in the clothes.. I couldn’t decide what to get. Mostly I shop in places like Topshop as it’s reasonably priced and they make LONG jeans!

Amanda Wakeley F/W 10.11 London via TFS fedecolours

PONY RYDER: Your favorite gypsy bohemian dress. Where did you get it?
Best buy ever… a market somewhere on holidays…and surprisingly not very expensive

Fashion model directory

PONY RYDER: We guess you had some (shoe) problems during the Antonio Berardi show last season… What happened?

Ahhhh so embarrassing! Haha, on the whole there was a shoe problem - they had to tape the shoes to some of the girls’ feet to keep them on…my tape came off….

PONY RYDER: You are a shoe fan! Well, who isn’t! Where do you buy your shoes?

Even though I’m tall I have a love for heels…I recently bought some Kurt Geiger heels, I adore them. I buy shoes from wherever I see a pair that my eyes are attracted too! via TFS

PONY RYDER: When you walk around the city such as London, you can’t walk in high heels 24/7.

I pretty much live in my boots from Steve Madden, I got them in America on my Christmas holidays with my family.

PONY RYDER: Did you have time to explore Milan or Paris shopping places? Or do you stick to London?

Unfortunately…not really, as I’ve only been for a few days as I cant miss too much time off school.

GAP Fall 2009 Presentation

PONY RYDER: When it comes to styling, which one of your friends inspires you the most?

I’d say most of my close friends have their own kind of a style, whatever works for them, so I end up stealing bits and bobs of them. All my friends have a good fashion sense. I just go with what works for me.

Ph. David Bailey for Vogue UK

PONY RYDER: Ministry of food by Jamie Oliver! What do you think of the food revolution he is trying to integrate into schools? Are you happy with your school meals?

To be very honest, my school meals are really good, especially for school lunches, I know a lot have rubbish food so I think what Jamie Oliver is doing is good because my primary school was disgusting and I couldn’t really call it real food…but I look forward to lunch…I generally look forward to food though.

Ph. Ben Rayner for Wonderland magazine

PONY RYDER: Do you value the importance of breakfast?

Every meal is just as important…and I can’t concentrate without proper meals. Breakfast is usually fruit and cereal or fruit and long as I get a lot of fruit I’m happy :D

PONY RYDER: What is your favorite home cooked meal?

There are too many to list…my mum’s an excellent cook, I used to want to be a chef when I was younger.

Ph. Ben Rayner for Wonderland magazine

PONY RYDER: Do you like to eat healthy or you indulge in some fast food place… like Kentucky Fried Chicken? We never had one, you know! We are more of McDonalds fans. Happy meal all the way!

I eat healthily because I like it, I feel better, although I’m not like a crazy green person…I eat what I want at the moment, I don’t stray from the food that I like…and I have a little crush on Milka bars

Ph. Aitken Jolly for Telegraph magazine

PONY RYDER: How do you stay in shape? It just can't be that it's all in the genes...
I’m quite lucky I guess, but also I’m very sporty, I love sport and I’m full of energy so I’m always doing something. I do a lot with my school as it’s quite good at sports…but I also go to the gym and swim otherwise I’m bouncing off the walls, especially in the holidays when school isn’t around to tire me out. I play sports because I like it, not because I have to.

PONY RYDER: What brand of moisturizer do you use for your body?

: ‘Simple’ all the way. It’s great because it has no artificial ingredients or fragrance or anything, so it really is a good moisturizer…and I use Clinique with SPF 25 for my face.. gotta be aware of the big sun!

Ph. John Akehurst for Vogue Russia

PONY RYDER: What skin type do you have?
My skin type, I have no idea, except for that I tan easily so I have to make sure I use moisturizers with an SPF, other than that I just drink a lot of water with lemon, it’s so good in the morning, wakes me up!

PONY RYDER: So which sun block do you usually use?
Whatever’s closest in my cupboard, that will actually stop me from going bright orange.

Ph. John Akehurst for Vogue Russia

PONY RYDER: Beauty advice you can share with others?

I’d say whatever puts a smile on your face. If you’re happy with yourself then there’s no need for caked on make up or hair that’s so sprayed it may just run away. I love having nice skin, so I use a day moisturizer and a night one too.

PONY RYDER: You must know how to apply make up. Even though less is more, you must have a make up bag. So tell us what is in it!

STEPHANIE RAD: My make up bag is one big mess! The essentials consist of :
  • Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
  • Tester sized Bobbi Brown concealer just in case!
  • I like brown shades, I feel they suit me best so I have a few Clinique eyeshadows which have different shades
  • Mascara, usually whatever takes my fancy…I like to experiment, at the moment I’m using a Benefit one. The rest of my make up bag needs to be sorted out!

Fashion model directory

PONY RYDER: Robert Pattinson. Do you hope to meet him one day...What would you say?

I’ve thought about this many times…I hope to meet him, I would just have to prepare a speech so that I knew what to say so that I don’t just stand and stare at him like a nutcase.

Backstage at Givenchy F/W 10 Paris via TFS fedecolors

Interview with model Stephanie Rad is original work by Pony Ryder.




Posted on: 2010/06/22

STEPHANIE CARTA (Elite NY) is back again with MAGNA CARTA blog. Glad to see you back Carts!



Posted on: 2010/06/21

Model Anonymous on deceased model Tom Nicon

RIP Tom Nicon. He was such a good guy, sweet, open and willing to give anyone a smile. The reasons for his decision belong to no one else but him and maybe, if he wants it that way; his family.

Too much speculation has been going on about models and their suicidal tendencies. It is true that the model life does not provide the necessary grounds for a stable life. It is not an occupation where you can easily maintain relationships with people or get comfortable with your surroundings. This is because as a model you have to travel and there is always the superstition that as a model people talk to you or want to know you because of your looks, or your ‘fame’. And yes, often do I hear the argument that people treat models as objects, or that it is stressful not to have a steady income, or to compete with your friends. However, I think it’s interesting that people talk so much about how many models kill themselves and not about how many accountants might. There are allot of models in this world, and there is not a disproportionate amount of suicides in the industry, although we could do with some better guidance and treatment from within the industry.

As a model, yes it is hard not to be able to live in one city, you have to travel, this is your job. As a model, yes it is hard to have people judge you on your looks, but where is this not the case these days? Is that not why the luxury fashion industry – an industry which focuses on creating an individual identity based on how we dress – has become a multi billion dollar business? Moreover, we get paid generously for our services, more than the people that dress us, while we put in less effort. And going to the gym, eating healthy; I do not consider an effort, this is normal and EVERYONE should be doing this.

- As a model we travel the world.
- We make money not because our talents, but because of our looks (on a side note, I think it is thus irritating that ‘the industry’ refers to models as talents, as if my looks are the only thing I excel in).

- We meet the most wonderful people, people such as Tom Nicon.

And to show our respect to him, we should not call him, one of the many model suicide cases, as many of the news stories do. We should show him dignity and we should realize that he was a human being in the first place, not a model, or a suicide case in a line of many. And that it’s because he was such an amazing person, that we should cherish our memories of him and honor his existence and mourn his death… And not, folks, because he was good at his job, or fit for his job… Not because he took a good picture. But because he was TOM NICON, one of our brothers as we are all brothers and sisters, and because he was an amazing person. Who cared about people, and who did that with commitment.

I have known Tom for about 5 years. I am not his best friends, not one of his better friends. I saw Tom at castings, and we talked about things. I did jobs with him and we talked about things. I saw him at night and I partied with him. I traveled the world and met with him in a variety of cities. And my general impression of Tom is a wonderful person, who could love and appreciate people for who they were.

“Love and light” buddy.



Posted on: 2010/06/18

Model Josefin Hedström is with Marilyn NY


ANNA RACHFORD: new images

Posted on: 2010/06/17

ANNA RACHFORD @ Women Direct NY photographed by MARKI SHKRELI

MAY GIL: the body talk

Posted on: 2010/06/16


May Gil is with Women Milan & MD management Hamburg.

Guess Campaign

PONY RYDER: May you have an amazing body! How do you maintain it?
MAY GIL: I have dogs. I walk each day 3-4 hours in the forest. That’s enough then... But I do love doing Yoga.

PONY RYDER: How do you motivate yourself for working out?
MAY GIL: Oh, not me, the dogs do. Each morning they have so much energy and they need to run so that energy kind of flows into me and I’m motivated :)


PONY RYDER: Do you pay attention to what you eat?
MAY GIL: No, not really... I eat when I feel like eating and exactly what I feel like. If you push yourself to not to eat any special type of food you want, you will be starving for it. Our body tells us naturally what we need.

PONY RYDER: So what do you eat… what type of food is your favorite?
MAY GIL: I absolutely love Italian and Lebanese food. Especially from the restaurants where I often go.

PONY RYDER: What does your breakfast look like?
MAY GIL: Always different. Sometimes eggs then another day porridge with honey and apples and then again another day a croissant. My advice for everybody: Eat breakfast, people!!! It is so important to keep the whole body going.

PONY RYDER: What is your favorite yogurt flavor?

MAY GIL: I love vanilla. And my favorite one, I always find in an organic store.

PONY RYDER: Kinder Bueno or Schoko Bons? You do eat sweets, don’t you?
MAY GIL: Can I choose both???? ;) hihi... Sure, I definitely eat sweets. Not the whole bag, but each day.

icm via TFS mariemaud


Posted on: 2010/06/15


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