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Posted on: 2010/10/25

THE INTERVIEW ++ with ++ BAPTISTE GIABICONI ++ n1 supermodel

PONY RYDER: Baptiste, you have a music single coming out! How long have you been working on your album?
BAPTISTE GIABICONI: Preparing an album takes time because I appreciate to work with people I really like and I need to take time to do what I really want.

PONY RYDER: What is the musical style of your record?
BAPTISTE GIABICONI: The musical style will be mostly electro-pop. I am currently working on a clip video with my manager and producer Side Hajjaji.
PONY RYDER: Do you think it will be fashion inspired?
BAPTISTE GIABICONI: No, it will not be fashion inspired at all.

PONY RYDER: Are you comfortable juggling and switching between music and fashion? BAPTISTE GIABICONI: Yes, I am used to it and my work is so much fun that I really enjoy it.
PONY RYDER: When did you develop an interest in making music?
BAPTISTE GIABICONI: Since I was a kid, but before I met my manager and producer Side Hajjaji I just “went with the flow” on the fashion life, that I have put music apart for a while. Thank you Side to have made my dream come true… :)

PONY RYDER: How much pressure do you feel to prove yourself as a singer?
BAPTISTE GIABICONI: I don't have any pressure, I just do what I like and I hope people will enjoy it as much as I do singing it.

PONY RYDER: Do you have stage fright?
Not for the moment because I am used to that during fashion shows, but I am sure it will come very fast :)

PONY RYDER: Are you planning on doing a tour soon?
I would love to do a tour, but one step after the other...for the moment I am promoting my single and working on my album.
PONY RYDER: The entire world was quite impressed with your relaxed and friendly attitude during your interview with mademoiselle Agnes! How do you stay so grounded?

It is just the way I am, I just know where I come from and how lucky I am to be there.
PONY RYDER: Did “Face au Monde”, children's charity organization, affect you in any way? What moved you to join them?
During a dinner, I met a famous surgeon working at the Trousseau hospital in Paris – Dr. Gerald Franchi. He told me about his association « Face au Monde » which is exclusively humanitarian.
It has been created to help children from all around the world that have serious facial malformations to benefit from the best surgery techniques in France. These surgeries give them the hope of a normal life and a face for life.
Surgeons who participate in these interventions do not get paid, and the association mainly counts volunteers.
My mom works in the social field and is involved in many organizations; she inspired me. So when I met Dr. Franchi and I saw these children in such pain, I felt like it was normal to be involved in his association…I even felt the need to.
Working in a glittering world where appearance comes first, I think it’s important to go back to real values and to reality; to these children, what matters is to have a face and a normal life, that’s it.
I want to help these kids who suffer physically by trying – thanks to my image and fame – to collect funds in order for them to be lodged in local families, and be operated by Dr. Franchi’s teams in France. This association exists only thanks to the donators’ generosity. And I am really proud to be the godfather of this association.

PONY RYDER: Do you like bouillabaisse?
PONY RYDER: What is your dearest memory of Marseilles?
BAPTISTE GIABICONI: I know it might sound a bit like a «cliché“ but simply to have breakfast on the “Vieux Port“ in Marseille and watch the sun rising up.

PONY RYDER: Do you wake up and have a croissant? How does your typical day in Paris look like?

BAPTISTE GIABICONI: Wake up and have breakfast made of coffee (real French coffee of course :)), orange juice, French bread with butter and honey... You know everything..

PONY RYDER: Despite all the glamour of life in Paris, life in Corsica sounds so much better.

BAPTISTE GIABICONI: Paris is the city of energy which I really love for work, and Corsica is where I go to refill my batteries.

PONY RYDER: What's next on your big life to-do list?

BAPTISTE GIABICONI: Start a new career as a singer….

SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: the model scout

Posted on: 2010/10/19

SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI ++ Scout for NEXT model management ++ THE INTERVIEW

PR: Finally this interview is happening Samuel! It’s great timing actually because you just started a new job! You are the new European scout for NEXT NY!
SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: Dear PR! Well I didn’t start yet. 1st of November will be the first day at Next.
. I’m a bit sad to leave Ulla after 8 years, but of course I’m SUPER EXCITED to start my new job, a whole new life actually.

PR: Can you describe a bit what your job will be consisting of?
SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: I will be 1 of the European Scouts for the whole Next Network, and of course development. So I will focus on the markets like Holland, Belgium, Germany and the countries around it like Scandinavia, but also Eastern Europe.
PR: Does that mean that you will do scouting for both women's and men's divisions?

SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: I'll be focused on scouting women, but if I find an amazing guy I will always think of my amazing colleague's Sarah Vickery (London) and Elayne Bohary (New York)

PR: You got your experience working at Ulla Models, one of the best agencies in the Netherlands!

SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: I started working for Ulla in 2002 at the art department. I was responsible for the website, books, mailings and the comp cards. I did this for a while. But after a short period I moved to the bookings table.
Over the years I worked with many great people at Ulla like Katrien Franken (now a great photographer) Anneriet van Schaik (Bloom Management) Manja Otten (now represents stylists and photographers) Reva Beek (Future Faces)

SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: At the end of 2006 Michael de Bree joined Ulla, he had worked before at Paparazzi and Skin, so he had a lot of experience.

Michael and I immediately clicked in our line of work, and created a vision that we both wanted to pursue. And when Claudio Minnai took over the agency we got carte blanche from him to do what we thought was necessary to recreate Ulla and build it up again to the name it once was.

t Michael and I wanted was hard, but we had a goal, so we started with cleaning out the board and scouting new faces… And within 2.5 years we made Ulla what it is today. I’m pretty proud of what we did, but couldn't have done it without Michael! I owe him my career to what it is today.

PR: You are the most proud of your work in Ulla?

SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: What Michael and I created at Ulla and my new job at Next, all the girls that we scouted, developed, launched and managed.

But there are also bookings that I can get a kick of
f, like all the bookings over €20k (which doesn’t happen a lot in a small market like Amsterdam) And I booked my first Vogue last season.

PR: Oh, your first Vogue! With who?
SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: It was Vogue L'Uomo, with Dorith Mous, can't say which photographer, because it wasn't published :( We did get the pics and they are Amazing!!!

PR: We're very interested in knowing how you found Dorith. She seems to have a great personality!
SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: Dorith has been modeling for a while now, Michael used to be her booker at Paparazzi, and when Michael came to Ulla she followed him. First time she came in Ulla we clicked right away, the rest is history :)
Because of the relationship we have - I learned a lot from her. She really made me see everything from the models point of view. This played a big part in becoming the agent I am today. She has and will always have a very special place in my life. She is my Muse.

PR: Is it quite easy to work in an agency in Netherlands? Because the girls are breathtaking! Seriously!

SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: Amsterdam is an easy-going market. There is a lot of talent here, not only the girls, but we also have amazing stylists and photographers. The market is small, so it’s easy to know everybody. I’m friends with most of my clients so that makes it even easier.

PR: Yes, Holland is full of great creative force. Can you mention some of your favorite creative people?
SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: My favorite designers are OntFront! (Tomas Overtoom and Liza Koifman) And not just because they are one of my best friends, but they are designing amazing menswear which you don't see a lot. It's a perfect mix between casual and chic.
And there is a new generation standing up in Amsterdam - who are amazing! Like Jolijn Snijders and Jordy Huinders from I Love Fake magazine! I Love them!!!
SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: But also Sonny Groo and Jean Paul Paula from Mikro Mag, are truly guys with a great vision. You can tell they really love what they do!
Photographers like Yorick Nube, Richard Bakker, Pim van Offeren are amazing to work with. And other great photographers are Anouk Morgan and Jonathan Waiter, but they moved to NY so I hope to continue working with them overseas.

PR: Samuel this question is a bit off topic but don’t you agree that maybe Eve Salvail should have opened the JPG show with Betty Ditto closing it? It would be a real 90’s moment! Do you remember Eve?

SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: Of course I know Eve, but I don’t remember, when she started in 1989 I was only 6 years old, so I wasn’t really busy with fashion around that time.
I lov
e that Betty Dito opened and closed the show, and if Eve had been somewhere in the middle of the line up I would have loved that too! Just as an extra element of surprise.

PR: Your mom was a model. A very gorgeous one! Tell us something about her.
SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: My mom was a “Miss” of a small part of Holland, after that she moved to New Zealand, and there she was "discovered" and modeled for 2 years. She really enjoyed doing it, but she never took it serious.

PR: She was a Miss?!? Oh, I used to follow that religiously as a kid in the 90’s. What would you answer: what would you do if you were MR. (obviously) world? Would you try to bring world peace?
SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: Hahahahaha! I would never want to be a Miss/Mr. LOL. But if I would be one I would play that game like Mr Terminator! Become governor or maybe the president of the USA! Hahahahaha!!!

PR: You know what we noticed? That Dobrowolski isn’t a Dutch last name. And since we are obsessed with roots… tell us something about yours…?
SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: My roots are complicated. My mom was born in Papua New Guinea, but is 100% Dutch. My grandfather was a tropic doctor, so he worked there when my mom was born. They moved to Holland when my mother was 4 years old. (Now she lives on the Canary Islands/Spain)
My grandfather on my father’s side was born in Chelm and is a holocaust survivor, his mother was from Portugal. His father was from Russia. He was from the area that is now known as Ukraine/Poland. My grandfather was born with Goldberg as a last name.
During World War 2 my grandfather got caught by the Germans but luckily managed to escape. After his escape he stole a passport from a body on the street and that passport said "Dobrowolski". Since that day my family name is Dobrowolski. As you can see on my pictures I honored his original name by tattooing it on my chest. My grandfather ended up in Rotterdam, where he started a new family after the war. And this is when my father was born.
PR: Your grandfather should sell his story to Hollywood. I think your tattoo is a great way to pay tribute to your roots.
SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: I think so too. I thought about changing my name back to Goldberg for a while, but in the end that didn’t feel right, and this did…. I knew already for years I wanted this as a tattoo, and last year I found out I wanted it on my chest where it is now.

PR: How do you feel about New York?
SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: NY already feels like my second hometown. First time I was there I was 6 years old, and in the last few years I’m there at least twice a year. So I will make it my first hometown now and will keep Amsterdam as my second one.

PR: Well, we just hope that you will be very successful and that you will stay this great guy that you are! You do know we love you, right?

SAMUEL DOBROWOLSKI: Thank you so much! I will always stay close and true to myself, and you know I love you too! Right?


Posted on: 2010/10/18

Mila Krasnoiarova for ++ Grazia (France) ++ photographed by Brian Keith

Mila Krasnoiarova is with Game (Paris) & Silent NYC

Stylist Teddy Czopp, Photography by Brian Keith

CATO VAN EE: the body talk

Posted on: 2010/10/12

Marie Claire Italia October 2010

CATO VAN EE - the body talk - Cato Van Ee is with IMG NY & Paparazzi Netherlands.

Marie Claire Italia August 2010

PONY RYDER: How do you maintain your shape?
Eating healthy and working out!
PONY RYDER: The only way possible. Of course. What sport do you do?
: When I'm in Holland I go jogging in the dunes and yoga classes and in New York I see my trainer Justin. He helps me do exercises and we box!
PONY RYDER:How often do you go to gym?
Usually once every 2 days.

PONY RYDER:Do you exfoliate, scrub and use body lotions?

To hydrate my body I use vegetable oil by Louis Widmer and once in a while I get a massage or body scrub but that depends in which country I am and where I go.

Marie Claire Italia August 2010

PONY RYDER:What do you eat for breakfast?

ALL BRAN with yoghurt and berries, orange juice and tea.

Marie Claire Italia October 2010

PONY RYDER:Have your food choices changed since you started modeling?

When I started I was young so I could eat everything I wanted but now I do have to pay more attention.
I don't mind though, I love healthy food and it makes me feel good...I take good care of myself!!

Marie Claire Italia August 2010

PONY RYDER:What fast food restaurant is your favorite?
Subway, make the biggest sandwich as possible!

PONY RYDER:What type of food you like the most, and what is your favorite meal?
: I love Asian food but you can always wake me up for dark brown Dutch bread with butter and's the best

Marie Claire Italia August 2010

CAMERON RUSSELL: for numero magazine

Posted on: 2010/10/07

NUMERO October 2010 ++ Cameron (Women) photographed by Ben Hassett

Let the editorial speak: CLICK HERE

ALEXANDER McQUEEN: spring summer 2011

Posted on: 2010/10/06

Alexander McQueen Fashion Show ++ by the designer ++ Sarah Burton

Carla Gebhart DNA





PARIS, October 5, 2010 ++ CHANEL SS 2011


IMOGEN MORRIS CLARKE: I bought my first copy of British Vogue just after I got scouted. It had Kate Moss on the cover and I must have read it a good forty times... I still have my old British Vogues, stacked up in my room. CONTINUE HERE

LISANNE DE JONG: new cover

FRENCH magazine ++ photographed by Thierry Le Gouès

Lisanne De Jong is with ELITE NY & Ulla Amsterdam


Posted on: 2010/10/05

PARIS, October 5, 2010 ++ Collette Dinnigan SS2011

Beautiful ++ clean ++ collection.

Yulia Terentieva (NY management) ++ spotted on the runway. 

CHARLOTTE WIGGINS: the polaroids

Charlotte Wiggins ++ new face for BURBERRY ++ the Beat Fragrance

Charlotte Wiggins is with SELECT LONDON


Model and Artist ++ Sasha Pivovarova



Posted on: 2010/10/04

PARIS, October 2, 2010 ++ Haider Ackermann SS 2011 ++ Bonnie Chen (NEXT NY)

PONY RYDER: Where did you grow up Bonnie?

BONNIE CHEN: I was born and raised in Nanjing until I was 18.

PONY RYDER: Can you tell us more about Nanjing?

BONNIE CHEN: It was the old capital city before Beijing. It is a beautiful city with lots of history and pride. We have the famous salty duck and a set of small traditional dishes you must never miss when you visit.

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