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RYAN KENNEDY: the interview

Posted on: 2011/01/10


Model Ryan Kennedy is with Wilhelmina NY, Bananas Paris, I LOVE Milan, Bravo Tokyo.


PONY RYDER. It's too bad that "The Godfather" is not being filmed today, because you would fit the cast perfectly! You look very Italian! Dangerously Italian! What is your origin?
RYAN KENNEDY: Im a mix of things, Italian, Irish and Scottish.

PONY RYDER: Good mix. Do you like that film?
RYAN KENNEDY: Yeah, it's pretty bad ass.

PONY RYDER: Your face is really expressive… have you ever considered acting?
RYAN KENNEDY: If the opportunity came along I would definitely take it. It would be a great experience.

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PONY RYDER: Overall you’ve come a long way from Buffalo, haven’t you? Do you think you would be happy if you continued on with your business lectures?

RYAN KENNEDY: I never knew what I wanted to do while I was taking business courses. I'm sure I would have been happy either way but I'm glad I decided to do modeling. It gave me a chance to travel, meet a lot of great people. If I could go back now…I wouldn't change a thing.

PONY RYDER: What would you say to all those people out there who want to change their life but are afraid to?

RYAN KENNEDY: You have to step outside your comfort zone in order to make things happen for yourself. You may struggle at first but in the end it makes you stronger and more independent.


PONY RYDER: What would you do these days if you got stuck in a routine?
RYAN KENNEDY: Sometimes I wish I had a routine. This job is so sporadic it's hard to make plans sometimes. If I were stuck in a routine I'd make a bucket list and start knocking them off one at a time (LOL)

PONY RYDER: People often laugh when they hear the name Pony Ryder. What was your first reaction to the name?
RYAN KENNEDY: I thought of Genuwine -Ride It My Pony (hahaha)



PONY RYDER: We know you have a girlfriend, and that you are happily in love! Does your girlfriend get jealous of your female model colleagues and your provocative shoots with them?

RYAN KENNEDY: She understands the business…its just a job.

PONY RYDER: What job made you think: “Man, I’m good at this!” ?

RYAN KENNEDY: I've never thought that.. as long as the client is happy with me then I'm happy.

PONY RYDER: Shooting with Natasha Poly must be a pressure. Did you know her status before shooting the campaign for Gucci?
RYAN KENNEDY:  I didn't feel much pressure... I knew she was a bigger model but she's really down to earth and we got along fine.

PONY RYDER: Let's go back to your girlfriend! What attracted you to her? What virtues do you admire in people in general?
RYAN KENNEDY:  There's a lot of things that attracted me to her. It's hard to pick out one. She's beautiful…dark hair and dark eyes. I'm a sucker for that (LOL). She's also very independent and that's important to me.

PONY RYDER: Where did you two meet?
RYAN KENNEDY:  We met on 5th avenue and turned out we had mutual friends. I was attracted to her but was too shy to talk to her at first but I got her number from her friend and I started texting her and it helped break the ice.

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PONY RYDER: You are a beautiful man, a dream for many young girls (and boys)… do you get that a lot?
RYAN KENNEDY:   I don't think of myself like that so I guess I don't see it.

PONY RYDER: Let's talk openly. What is too skinny for a woman, in your opinion? Do you think that body image is little bit mixed up today (concerning women)?

RYAN KENNEDY:   Yea,I think it's ridiculous on how this industry focuses more on being thin rather than being healthy. A lot of these girls are really young and they are damaging their bodies because they have to fit into these outfits that are too small for anyone to wear. I don't get why samples sizes are that small. They could make it one size bigger and still look just as appealing.

PONY RYDER: What about men? What is the ideal male body for you?
RYAN KENNEDY:   A beer gut hahaha

PONY RYDER: HAHAHA. Would you say that you're in the best shape of your life right now?
RYAN KENNEDY:  No, I could probably be in better shape.

PONY RYDER: Have your views on beauty and what's considered beautiful changed since you started modeling?
RYAN KENNEDY:  My views on beauty haven't changed since I started modeling. It's the same anywhere you go.. I honestly never think about it..

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PONY RYDER: Are you a sports fan?
RYAN KENNEDY:   I'm from Buffalo we love our sports. My favorite sport is hockey and football. Go Sabres!! Go Bills!!

PONY RYDER: HAHA. What about your favorite athlete…? Who is it?
RYAN KENNEDY:  I'm a big fan of Ryan Miller (Buffalo Sabres goal tender). 

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PONY RYDER: Do you go to the gym? 

RYAN KENNEDY:   I go to the gym a couple times a week and do light workouts. I do more cardio than lifting weights.

PONY RYDER: What's your favorite piece of equipment at the gym, and most useful in your opinion? 

RYAN KENNEDY:  A bench and some dumbbells. You can do basically every workout with just that.

PONY RYDER: What about natural supplements, do you take any.. like protein shakes, amino acids…?
RYAN KENNEDY:  No I don't take many supplements. I take a multi vitamin and then just try to eat some sort of protein throughout the day.

PONY RYDER: Sort of protein? Lol. What is your favorite healthy snack Ryan?
RYAN KENNEDY:  I like the quaker mini rice cakes.Tthe cheddar ones are really good.


PONY RYDER: You look good in anything…. How would you describe your style?
RYAN KENNEDY:   I prefer to wear just jeans and a tee shirt. It's pretty boring but thats what im most comfortable in (LOL)

PONY RYDER: Ryan… Gucci or LV?
RYAN KENNEDY:  HAHA It's a tie.. Can't afford either. Seriously though, they are both great brands and they've helped me so much in my career. I'm grateful for that.

PONY RYDER: What's the prefect jeans cut for a man?
RYAN KENNEDY:  A slim straight jean is what  I prefer because I have pretty thin legs. Nothing too baggy or tight. 

PONY RYDER: What's brand are your favorite jeans? 
RYAN KENNEDY: Levi's, Diesel, 7 for all mankind, Simon Spurr. All great jeans


PONY RYDER: Ryan, for the end: are you living your dream?
RYAN KENNEDY:  Well I'm not exactly a professional athlete (haha) but this is the next best thing.

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