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JONATHAN MARQUEZ: the interview

Posted on: 2011/02/02



Jonathan's book @ CLICK NY
PR: Jonathan, you represent a strong, passionate Latin man, so-called man from Tisci's tribe!  Do you think you are like that in everyday life?

JONATHAN MARQUEZ: I am passionate about life. 

PR: How do the clients and agents describe your look?

JONATHAN MARQUEZ: Clients describe my look as strong/diverse.

PR: What clicked between you and CLICK? You have been asked to model many times but it's only when they approached you that you said yes.

JONATHAN MARQUEZ: If a new exciting opportunity presents itself, why wouldn’t I take it?  You live once.  Do it all…

PR: What does a Givenchy casting look like?
JONATHAN MARQUEZ: I have always been directly booked, but I can only imagine it would be the most diverse and beautiful group of people.

PR: Tell us your impression of LEA T. We think she is wonderful. You?
JONATHAN MARQUEZ:  Lea T is always a pleasure to be around and was great to work with.

Givenchy F/W 10.11 by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

PR: Were you aware about how coveted Givenchy campaign is?
JONATHAN MARQUEZ:  I was very aware of how coveted the Givenchy campaign was and was very happy to be shooting it. 

PR: How long did it take to shoot it?
JONATHAN MARQUEZ: It took about 15 hours.

PR: What was more difficult to shoot: main campaign or Givenchy accessories?
JONATHAN MARQUEZ: Accessories was more challenging.  You are responsible for wearing something people wear everyday and selling it via presentation

PR: You wore a leopard suit on the Givechy runway. Would you wear it in private?
JONATHAN MARQUEZ: I most definitely would.  No doubt.

PR: How many Givenchy items do you personally own? Name a few….
JONATHAN MARQUEZ: I own a couple of pieces.  Winter coat, The notorious t-shirt, socks etc.
Givenchy ss2011 (via
PR: So… are you single?

PR: Name 3 things that can seduce you?
JONATHAN MARQUEZ: Music, Organic Talent and a good Cerveza :)

PR: Which half do you like better - Guatemalan or Puerto Rican?
JONATHAN MARQUEZ: The only side I know is my Guatemalan.  I have been more connected to Guatemala my whole life.

PR: Do you know how to be gentle?
JONATHAN MARQUEZ: I am gentle with the people I love and the people that love me.

PR: You are very interested in music, aren't you?
JONATHAN MARQUEZ:  Producing music is my personal outlet and passion.

PR: Tell us more about that. Do you have any projects or stuff you have been working on?
JONATHAN MARQUEZ:  I am releasing a mix tape called “Peace of Mind”. 

PR: Who influenced you musically?
JONATHAN MARQUEZ: Sade, Ryan Leslie, The Foreign Exchange, and many classical composers.

PR: 5 most played tracks on your iPod.
JONATHAN MARQUEZ:  I have over 4000 songs.  There is no way I could choose just 5.

Ph: Bruno Staub for GQ Germany
PR: Where do you go out in New York?
JONATHAN MARQUEZ:  East Village and sometimes Meat Packing.

PR: How often do you go back home, to Santa Monica?
JONATHAN MARQUEZ:  A few times throughout the year.

PR: Which basketball team do you like?
JONATHAN MARQUEZ:   The Los Angeles Lakers.  

PR: Do you play?
JONATHAN MARQUEZ: I ball for fun.  Would need Kobe’s approval.

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