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Posted on: 2011/03/16


Ph. Saverio Cardia

@ Wienermodels Austria MOTHER AGENCY / D mgmt Milano/ Elite London

Ph. Michael Reh

PR: You were the face of Armani. Do you usually wear Armani? 
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: Well I’m actually wearing one of his watches right now ;)

PR: Nicee. How would you describe your style in general?
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: I’m more the sporty beach kinda type - swim shorts and Tang tops all day.

PR: HAha.  Would you describe yourself as a high fashion or commercial model?
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: I would say I’m a little bit of both. I do editorials as well as catalogues!

PR: Is there a difference?
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: Well the difference between high fashion and commercial is that you get to put a huge smile on your face when you work catalogues or TV, and if you do High Fashion you character becomes real serious

Ph. Sam Scott Schiavo
PR: Tell us about your favorite modeling experience! Did you go to a special exotic destination...
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: The best place I’ve seen was Hawaii!!!! I had there a 3 day shoot and I ended staying up there for 2 weeks because I was so fascinated by it!
You can totally cut loose from everything and just relax and surf all day. The clients brought us to the most amazing locations like huge waterfalls, lagoons and bamboo forests! Truly Amazing Country!!!
PR: What about the most high fashion job you booked? 
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: That would be all sorts of Magazines like L'uomo Vogue, GQ, V Magz, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, etc … fun fun fun

PR: Since Austria has a developed market for modeling, do you spend a lot of time working there?
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: I go back and forth to Austria, Yes but mostly to visit my family

PR: Where do you usually go on summer holidays?

DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: Well I spend most of the time going to warm nice exotic places all year so In the summertime I usually go home to visit my family and my 2 lil nephews who mean the world to me!

PR: One of the MUST SEE countries in your neighborhood is Croatia. Have you ever visited it?

DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: No I’ve never visited Croatia! But I heard its an amazing place to visit! Will see one of these days I might end up there too ;)

PR: What are you other favorite destinations? Where can we run into you?
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: You find me in places like Miami, NY, Hamburg, Milan and currently in Paris 

PR: Do  you like to cook?  What is the most difficult dish you've ever made?  What's the typical Austrian specialty?
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: Yes of course!!! I love cooking!!! My favorite dish is also our Austrian Traditional food called  THE WIENER SCHNITZEL
Ph. Milan Vukmirovic for L'Optimum
Ph. Michael Reh

PR: Sacher-Torte: where should we try it when we are in Vienna?
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: of course in the Traditional Sacher  Hotel in VIenna

PR: We watched you in Austria's Next Top Model as one of the judges? ah... that's not a nice task, to criticize others. 

DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: Yeah its a hard thing to criticize people but at the end we all get criticized and its up to you what you do with it! There can be always something 

useful with it you might be able to use to give better performances 

PR: What moisturizer do you use for your skin? We can’t understand why are guys usually shy about products they use for maintaining their face!

Ph. Michael Reh

DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: Hahaha whatever my girlfriend has laying around

PR: Hm... What type of cologne do you use?
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: My favorite one is Armani Aqua Di Gio

PR: Tell us about your workout routine. How often per week do you go to the gym? 
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: Since I used to be a professional soccer player - sport is my life and I almost do everyday something from gym to skating from tennis to volleyball u name it I do it

PR: How long does your training last?
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: Gym I leave after 2 h
Ph. Michael Reh

PR: Are you more into models or regular girls?

DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: It happened to me that my girlfriend is a model and it makes life way easier! We get to travel and work together - A BEAUTIFUL THING

PR: Things that can seduce you...
  • personality
  • confidence
  • and a huge smile

PR: On a scale from 1 to 5, how taken are you?
DOMENIQUE MELCHIOR: Being 1 the most serious - 1, I'm Taken

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