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HEIDE LINDGREN: the interview

Posted on: 2011/03/29



PR: Heide, what a beautiful name you have! What is your origin?

Well as my mom says, "I'm Heinz 57", American through and through,
but my name comes from Swedish descent. I love having a name that is not too commonly used.

PR:You are the star face of GUESS. The ads look very Marylin Monroe, but even more, you look like Linda Evangelista! What was the inspiration for the look?

The look was very Marilyn, very Jean Harlow. It was just sexy, glamorous, and fun!

PR: How do you like GUESS? Is GUESS the brand that would in some way describe you? It’s a very SEXY brand!

Guess is a brand that I have been dreaming about being associated with since before I even broke into the modeling world. I have always been drawn to and loved the sexy and powerful image that they present. I would be so happy if people saw a similar thing in me that they see in the Guess brand!

Premier model Mgmt.

PR: What is your favorite GUESS item?
I have this skin-tight, red, Guess by Marciano dress that I just LOVE! I think it assisted my boyfriend in falling in love with me. ;)

PR: Which jeans makes you feel the sexiest?
Brand doesn't really matter to me as long as fit the way you want and make you feel comfortable. I remember when Zara first came to Florida and I discovered the first store that had jeans long enough for me! I was in heaven!!
Ph.Alix Malka for GUESS

PR: You were on the cover of PLAYBOY! And more so, you did a provocative, but quite fancy editorial for them. How do you prepare for such a shoot? 

Sasha, the photographer played such a huge role preparing me for this shoot. 
I'm actually quite a conservative girl, but I love beautiful images and can appreciate nude pictures done in a glamorous way. 
I was nervous at first, but once I met Sasha I totally calmed down. I was so comfortable with him and with the rest of the crew that it actually turned out to be one of my favorite trips and shoots that I have done.

Physically, there's not much to be done as you often don't know about shoots very far in advance. You have to be sure to stay on top of your game all the time!

Ph. Sasha Eisenman for Playboy France

PR: How do you stay in such a great shape? If we wanted to describe the body that all women would want to have, that would definitely be your body!

Wow! Thank you for that compliment!! I know everyone has their complexes and I most certainly have mine, so that was unexpected. 

I grew up playing all types of sports, mostly soccer which I've had to give up for modeling. 

I discovered Bikram Yoga recently, which I always thought I'd hate, but it turns out that I absolutely love it and will definitely keeping up with it! I like to change things up and really enjoy mixing Pilates, jogging, maybe kickboxing, and now my Bikram Yoga!

PR: What is your favorite gym workout machine?

 I haven't been in much of a gym phase lately, but when I do go to the
gym I love using the elliptical (not so hard on the knees) and anything that will give my triceps and biceps a good workout. Sexy arms are my favorite!

PR: How often do you run? 
I go through phases with running. I used to run 5Ks with my mom or dad when I lived in Florida, and I'll run occasionally now on a nice day, but I'm not an avid runner. I do have a goal of running a marathon one day though! I want to use the training process to raise money for a good cause.

PR: We guess that since you where scouted at 13 it’s normal and easy to stay in a healthy food regime. Can you describe your usual dishes?

My boyfriend is a great cook and will make me some really yummy eggs for breakfast sometimes. I also like oatmeal (brown sugar & maple!), but I can't lie I've got a major weakness for good old pancakes and bacon like my grandma makes!

Pizza will forever be my favorite meal but I've had to improve my eating habits a little as I've gotten older (metabolism isn't what it once was, you know!), and one of my favorite salads is baby spinach with Craisins, sliced almonds, feta cheese, and cranberry dressing. I can also never get enough avocado!
PR: Tell us, what's your favorite pizza?
The classics are my favorite for sure! I can't get into pineapple or anchovies or anything like that. And topping it with chili oil or crushed red pepper....oh my gosh, yum!

PR: Did you also try Chicago specialty: deep dish pizza?

I have had deep dish pizza and I used to adore that thick, doughy crust. Now I can't get enough thin-crust pizza! Not crunchy though!

Ph. Sasha Eisenman for Playboy France

PR: You are booking a diverse spectrum of jobs! And traveling all around! Your skin must feel dehydrated sometimes... How do you deal with that?

 Honestly, I am constantly switching products. 
I do the same thing with my hair. Whatever I feel my hair or skin needs, I ask around for people's favorite products and then do some research of my own. 
For my skin, though, I only wash it morning and night with water. I'll use makeup remover wipes if they really pile the makeup on, but I think simple is best and too many products is where you run into problems.

PR: What products do are use for maintaining your skin?

Who knows if there's any science to this, but I feel like changing moisturizers keeps my skin feeling and looking its best. 
Aveeno's Skin Relief Moisturizing Cream is a great one to have in my repertoire though!
Premier model Mgmt.

PR: Do you have your own dermatologist? Christie Brinkley said that for staying beautiful you have to have 2 things: good genes and a good dermatologist! What do you say?

I just went to a dermatologist for the first time since I was a kid.
Since I have freckles and such, I thinks it's really important that I keep up with skin cancer check-ups. So for cosmetic purposes, I think it mostly comes down to genes, but a good dermatologist is super important for medical reasons.

PR: Do you change your skin routine during winter and summer?

It's taken me awhile to figure this one out since summer and winter aren't really all that different in Florida, but since I moved to New York it seems like it is definitely beneficial to have a heavier moisturizer during winter. I have used some really nice, deep creams from Estée Lauder.

Grazia Germany

PR: You have a great vibrant style! What are your style role models?

I seem to always like what Gisele Bundchen wears. She got a great mix of being super sexy and sometimes dressing a bit tom-boyish in jeans and tees that still show off her amazing body.

PR: Whose beauty and style in the celebrity world struck you the most?
I can't say there's any one celebrity that strikes me the most. I just love a girl that can go from super-glam to sexy, messy hair and jeans and flip flops and look just as comfortable and beautiful doing both.

PR: What is your favorite brand of clothes?

I'm crazy for Michael Kors. His watches, boots, comfortable sweaters, cozy pants, gloves, beanies, purses....ugh! I love all of it!!

PR: And your favorite brand of shoes?
Without one single doubt, Christian Louboutin.

PR: You are involved in any charitie? 

The ASPCA can make me cry on the spot. Since animals don't have voices, the ASPCA speaks for them. To me there is nothing worse than being unable to speak of your pain or ask for help, and that's what these animals go through. The position they are sometimes found in makes me sick and angry beyond words. I thank God everyday for these people that can handle the heartbreak enough to bring these precious creatures some salvation. 

As far as my own charity goes, I have a lot of thought going into this. It is so difficult to decide where your help can be the most beneficial since there is so much disparity in this world. I have faith that I will find where I can really play a role in helping people one day, but until then it is my goal is just to be a kind, loving person and help those who cross my path in anyway possible.

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