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ANGEL JACKSON: Autumn Winter 2012 Collection

Posted on: 2011/04/12

But Only If YOU Are a Glamour Ambassador

London, 2011

What are the main things I'm looking for when im buying a bag? Simple, timeless, quality dream object.
Angel Jackson is a pretty good brand that covers it all

This is just a sneak peak of their newest collection, but just so you know, what is on my wish list is not even here. YAP. If you go on their official page ( you will not find it there (YET) either,  but I will reveal that its called ANGELIC ATTACHE,  made out of snake skin (NO SNAKES WERE KILLED, seriously). 
As for this spring summer season, anything you see on this LINK:, I am liking, and getting one. HELP. I need a decision maker. 

P.S. And we did an interview with their cover face: Leah.

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