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LEAH DE WAVRIN: the small talk

Posted on: 2011/04/13

Some girls are just not comfortable enough...

LEAH is @ One NY
Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello

PR: You had a makeover some time ago, when your hair was cut short. Did you immediately connect with your new look? 

LEAH DE WAVRIN: I hated it! It took so long to grow back and it is still quiet short.

PR: Which hair is easier to maintain long or short?

LEAH DE WAVRIN: I guess short just because you don't take as much time to dry or wash it and it always looks the same - you don't have to put them up or anything.

PR:  Who does your hair?
LEAH DE WAVRIN:  David Mallet, Michael Angelo or Zouari in Paris.

PR: Do you have a different look and attitude for commercial castings opposed to high fashion castings?
LEAH DE WAVRIN:  Yes, I guess when it's commercial you are more clean cut and smiley. You try to be more fashion for the others.

PR: Why do you think some girls make it big and others just have a regular career in modeling?
LEAH DE WAVRIN: You have to be professional and it's also the personality... Some girls are just not comfortable enough...

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