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MARIO LONCARSKI: the interview

Posted on: 2011/05/06

MARIO: "I would always go for a drink on my first date, nothing special."
PH:  Greg Vaughan
@ Wienermodels Austria MOTHER AGENCY / SOUL NY

PR: Mario, you are heading to the army?! How come, where exactly will you be doing it? Is it required by law? 

MARIO LONCARSKI: Yes, unfortunately I have to. I hope I ll stay in Vienna but they will tell me where, when I am there. Every Austrian has to after finishing school, stupid law…

PR: So that is regular army, you are not joining in for good? 

MARIO LONCARSKI: Yes.. Regular army.. Only for 6 months...

PR: Would you ever consider a career in the military forces?

MARIO LONCARSKI: Yes, I was thinking about that because I have the abilities and I am very interested in aircrafts, so maybe I could go for pilot, but maybe later on ;)

PR: When will you be back?
MARIO LONCARSKI:  I’ll be finished in November!! LOOKING FORWARD!
Ph. Sam Scott Schiavo

PR: We need to see pictures of you in the uniform! You will be in uniform, won’t you? It’s not civil service? 

MARIO LONCARSKI: Hahahah of course you will!! There will be lot of pictures with me in uniform and short hair.

PR: Well, we guess your body will be even more perfect after you come back! Speaking of it, tell us all about your workout routine!

MARIO LONCARSKI: I was a swimmer and I used to work 8 times a week... I took part in nationals and I was pretty serious about it...

PR: Do you workout everyday? 
MARIO LONCARSKI: Now I usually go for a run 2-3 times a week, that is perfect for my body.

Ph. Rick Day

PR: Frankie Morello Sexywear Ad Campaign. Do you wear Frankie Morello’s designs in private?

MARIO LONCARSKI: I wear some cool underwear, I really like them.

PR: Do you feel relaxed posing in underwear and swimwear?

MARIO LONCARSKI: For me it’s the same, posing in a jacket and a pair of jeans, or in underwear. I’ve never been scared posing in underwear because I feel comfortable with my body. Mostly because I’m used to be in Speedos all day when I was a swimmer… 

PR: When do you feel most sexy?

MARIO LONCARSKI: Did not really think about it I guess... When I am topless I suppose..

PR: How do you define hotness anyway? 
MARIO LONCARSKI: For me, someone is hot, if she has an erotic and sensual look.
Just Cavalli S/S 2011

PR: What do you spot first... could a real "person" be with you ... or you are in search of model type of people?

MARIO LONCARSKI: Eyes and the height. I love beautiful eyes! And a beautiful smile.. 

PR: How did you get into modeling? 

MARIO LONCARSKI: My sister wanted to take part at a model competition and I went with her to encourage her.. There I was spotted and was asked if I would like to participate.. I thought why not and so I did..

I ended up winning that competition.. The winners were supposed to win a contract with a model agency. This particular agency did not take me and somebody suggested I should try Wiener Models.. 

I went there and they took me right away and It all started immediately!! Well I guess I was lucky to find the right agency who believed in me from the beginning..

PR: You also shot Just Cavalli campaign with a group of very top models, Frida Gustavsson and Sasha Pivovarova among others! 

MARIO LONCARSKI: It was all impressive and overwhelming... 

Besides the fact that I was shooting with some of the most famous models in the business... 

I was mostly impressed to be working with Mert and Marcus. They really impressed me! It was the first time I shot with two photographers. Besides the fact that they are so famous and talented I really liked the way they work. I would love to have the chance to work with them again.

PR: Do you like Cavalli’s designs?

MARIO LONCARSKI: I love Cavalli!! 

PR: Hahaha and do you own a Cavalli piece?
MARIO LONCARSKI: Apart from underwear, I have also a nice pair of Just Cavalli jeans.

PR: How do you feel about the following brands: H&M, ZARA, MANGO...?
Ph. Julian Laidig for Hole Mag.
MARIO LONCARSKI: I think I could be the type for such brands. I would really love to work with them! ;)

PR: Where do you take your dates – let’s say for a first date?

MARIO LONCARSKI: I would always go for a drink on my first date, nothing special.

PR: Perfect meal for a romantic date would be...

MARIO LONCARSKI: SUUSHI! But first I would ask her if she likes it ;)
Ph. Rick Day

PR: What song makes you want to get up and dance?

MARIO LONCARSKI: There are lots of songs I adore! In clubs I always scream “That’s my song! No, THAT’S my song! That’s MY favorite song!

PR: What are the best clubs you've ever been to?

MARIO LONCARSKI: The clubs in NYC!!! But it also depends on who`s going with you.

PR: Which after shave do you use? 

MARIO LONCARSKI: Good old Nivea ;)

PR: How about fragrance? 

MARIO LONCARSKI: I have like 8 different bottles of fragrances; I always use different one.

Photo by: Kosmas Pavlos
PR: So, you will be in the army this summer but if you were not, where would you like to spend your summer holidays?

MARIO LONCARSKI: I would go to Turkey for a week. And after that, I would fly to NYC again! What a shame... 
PR: What is your favorite summer drink?
MARIO LONCARSKI: Coca cola or beer ;)
PR: And summer food?
MARIO LONCARSKI: Is ice cream food?? 

PR: Hahaha - we say yes, and your favorite brand of swimwear?

MARIO LONCARSKI: I always had Speedo or Arena.

PR: So how good swimmer are you now -realisticly?

MARIO LONCARSKI: I am good, but I was really - really good around two years ago... I haven’t trained for a while now 

PR: Where did you have a first swim?
MARIO LONCARSKI: My first swim was somewhere in Vienna, I was soo nervous! hahaha

PR: Ohhhh. sweet. Best of luck in the army Mario, we will miss you… See you soon.

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