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PATRICK KAFKA: the interview

Posted on: 2011/06/20


Patrick Kafka: "Picture Perfect" 

Ph: Sergi Pons for Spanish Esquire

PH. Eli Schmidt
PR: Hi Patrick! How are you today?

PATRICK KAFKA: I’m good thank you very much.

PR: Where have you been traveling recently?

PATRICK KAFKA: I've been to Los Angeles few weeks ago, then in Milan twice and Paris and now Milan again...
Ph: Sergi Pons for  Esquire

PR: Where will you spend your summer holidays?

PATRICK KAFKA: You see, I'm in the army (social service) since 2 months... I still can go away to do some bookings... but that's it unfortunately...

PR: Oh…

PATRICK KAFKA: So I will be definitely staying in Austria  (and for next 7 months...). Not a long holiday this summer :(
PR: Patrick, you are the face of Polo Ralph Lauren. 
No wonder, there is something so classy and sophisticated about you! And you are… are you 20?

PATRICK KAFKA: On June 22nd I’m turning 20
PR: Really?!? We will keep that in mind. So what do you own by Ralph Lauren?

PATRICK KAFKA: I own many Shirts from Ralph Lauren, I like their style really much!

Ph: Michael Brus

Ph: Arnaldo Anaya Lucca
PR: How well did you know the Ralph Lauren brand before landing a contract? 

PATRICK KAFKA: I saw the brand everywhere. It was really popular in my youth to wear Ralph Lauren shirts and cloths.

PR: What do you love about the brand?

PATRICK KAFKA: I love that brand because their style is unique and there are so many different looks and materials. 

I also like that you can combine different pieces together!

PR: Are you aware that you did ad campaigns for high class men's wardrobe more than anyone? We went trough the list of campaigns you did and it's insane!

PATRICK KAFKA: Yes of course I know that! It’s insane right?!

PR: YES! And your show list is even crazier! Name one fashion show with the style that would also describe your personal look?

PATRICK KAFKA: Wow, that’s difficult. My style is most of the time really casual and sporty. I try to combine different styles from different brands. That’s why I like pretty much every fashion show I’m doing or I’ve done.

Dolce & Gabbana SS12 Milan via vogue it

PR: How many suits do you own?

PATRICK KAFKA: I just got two suits.

PR: Which one of the 2 is your favorite?

PATRICK KAFKA:  I like both! Otherwise I wouldn't have bought them. 

major models

PR: What is your favorite footwear?

PATRICK KAFKA: Espadrilles, Vans

PR: Which brand are your sun glasses?

PATRICK KAFKA: Prada, Electric

PR: Kafka and you! Related in anyway LOL? 

PATRICK KAFKA: No not related unfortunately or hopefully?

PR: Good point. Favorite book by Franz?

PATRICK KAFKA: I don’t know he had his own mind and I really like that. No favorite book from him I’m sorry.

PR: How come you applied for Supermodel-The next generation contest? 

PATRICK KAFKA: Actually my sister got the idea to send me to this contest. She sent emails to my mother agency Wiener Models and a few days later I got an email from them, that they want to see me at the agency in person.

PR: We just have to ask - what did you buy from your first bigger modeling paycheck? A car perhaps?

PATRICK KAFKA: I bought a new kitchen for my sister, because she was the one ho got me into this lucky situation which I’m in now.

PR: BTW which car would you like to own one day?

PATRICK KAFKA: I think i want an old Jaguar or an Alfa Romeo. I'm really into old-timers.

Ph: Michael Brus

PR: And you own..?


PR: What do you think makes you successful as a male model? As opposed to the other millions of great-looking guys.

PATRICK KAFKA: It's hard to answer this question without appearing bigheaded.

PR: It is. Yes.

PATRICK KAFKA: I think I do my best at every shoot. It's always 100% concentration although I really have fun doing this job. So I think it’s a very good mixture of important qualities.
Ph. Sam Scott Schiavo
PR: Do you always understand what photographers want when they ask you to embody a certain character?

PATRICK KAFKA: Most of the time I do understand, because I try to live this character and I really feel into it.

PR: What's the strangest thing anyone has ever asked you to do?
PATRICK KAFKA: I can't really remember a strange thing. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's difficult but I think after the few years I'm in this business I learned how to get into every character really quick :)

PR: What about changes to your look - do you get a haircut if an important client requests it?

PATRICK KAFKA: I like changes. I was dressed into so many different styles but still sometimes I see something new, it's exciting.

And actually I really don't mind a good, new haircut. Who wouldn’t? :)

PR: How much attention do you pay to nutrition?

PATRICK KAFKA: When I'm home I really watch what I’m eating. But sometimes, especially when I'm in a different country, I allow myself some 'bad' food. My meal plan changes constantly. I love food!

PH. Eli Schmidt
PR: Do you avoid bakeries or pastries shop since you started modeling?

PATRICK KAFKA: No, of course I don’t. I love that stuff, come on I'm from Vienna! :)

PR: Ha-ha-ha! That is true! Then what is your favorite pastry shop in Vienna?

PATRICK KAFKA: My favorite shop is my grandmas house, ha-ha I love her cakes.

PR: Of course, of course! And your favorite pastry? Let's guess! Sacher or schwarzwald?

PATRICK KAFKA: My favorite cake I think is a cake made with curd cheese and oranges.
Ph: Michael Brus

PATRICK KAFKA: Actually I'm doing sports since I knew how to walk.

I used to play a lot of Ice Hockey until 2 years ago, I just have no time anymore unfortunately.

I am also really into dirt bikes, I ride them since I was 16 years old, I just love it!

PR: Do you work out on a daily basis?

PATRICK KAFKA: I'm living right next to the woods, so I have a lot of chances to start my day well; I do at least 1 hour sports per day.

via tfs 
 PR:  Are you old fashioned? We wonder… how would you describe your personality? We can’t get over how sophisticated you are!

PATRICK KAFKA: I just love my life, my girlfriend and my family, so I think I’m very happy.

Also I would say I'm bull-headed, helpful and thoughtful.

via tfs (majormodels)

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