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THE VACCINES: the quick chat

Posted on: 2011/06/01


Justin Young(vocals): "You can’t teach creativity."


"The Vaccines are a name that's on the tip of everyone's tongues right now..." (BBC.CO.UK) 
June, 2011

PR: What is the deal with Norgaard song? Can you imagine the surprise when we found out that the song is about Amanda. We need a story behind that song!
JUSTIN YOUNG: I wrote it after a night out with some friends. Amanda was there. I thought she was good looking. But I’m not sure it ran both ways. Usually I write songs about things that have been bugging me for months. I thought it would be fun to write a song about something silly for once. So I did. And we all really liked the end result.

PR: So… does that mean you are into models?

JUSTIN YOUNG: Some models, yeh.


PR: And Amanda's reaction?

JUSTIN YOUNG: You'd probably have to ask her for her reaction. But she is in the video. So I guess she wasn't too freaked out.

PR: And just a year ago in May you formed a band. Where did you all meet.. Because you aren't all from London. Where are you all from actually? 

JUSTIN YOUNG: Arni is Icelandic. But we all live in London. Freddie and I were friends. And Arni was a friend of mine. Pete was a friend of Arni's. I started playing with Freddie, and we recruited the others along the way.

PR: Seriously, we like every song from the album. It's great! It is somehow fresh. 
JUSTIN YOUNG: Thank you.
PR: We can't throw intellectual music statements that refer to your music influences but are all songs autobiographical? 

JUSTIN YOUNG: They are indeed. I think lyrically it is something all young people can relate to; anger, love, lust, jealously, time moving quickly. That sort of thing.

PR: Would you listen to yourselves if you weren't yourselves?
JUSTIN YOUNG: I’d like to think so. I think that is what every band aims for. 

PR: Personally, what is more important to you - the beat or the song words? 
JUSTIN YOUNG: To me, the song words are more important. If you don't feel passionately about what you sing, how can you feel passionate when you sing them.

PR: We can't wait to hear you play live! Are you playing some festivals this summer in Europe? 

JUSTIN YOUNG: Hundreds. Come along!

PR: Will do! We had the entire week to listen to your album "What Did You Expect from The Vaccines?" - AVAILABLE ON I.TUNES(HERE) and, don't know why, but you guys would sound great in a collaboration with Adele!  Who would you like to collaborate with?

JUSTIN YOUNG: We recently collaborated with Lyle Preslar from Minor Threat. That was a dream come true.

PR: So as we mentioned Pony Ryder is a fashion blog so we have to ask about your sense of style. It's interesting. Like young man from the TOPMAN area meets his father's clothes. Where do you shop? 

JUSTIN YOUNG: We all hate TOPMAN. But love 50s and 60s style. In London, my favorite shop is MINT clothing (HERE)

PR: Have you ever had vocal or music lessons

JUSTIN YOUNG: I've never had any. You can't teach creativity. 

PR: And … is it too early to ask if you have some anecdotes from your current USA tour? 

JUSTIN YOUNG: I'll let you know!

PR: AAA. OK, so what are you most looking forward to this summer?

JUSTIN YOUNG: Having fun, of course.

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