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GERHARD FREIDL: the interview

Posted on: 2011/07/04


Gerhard Freidl: "I prefer to fail, than to surrender"

FHM Collection Germany SS 08
Inez & Vinoodh for GUCCI

PR: Talk about a coveted campaign list Gerhard! Gucci, Zegna and D&G! Wow. Which do you prefer?

GERHARD FREIDL: I cannot make a ranking about this. Testino, Bruno van Mossevelde, Sofia Mongiello+Mauro Sanchez, and Lamsweerde and Matadin are such talented and skilled photographers. It was great to work with them.

Ph. Michael Brus
PR: Do you own clothes from any of these brands?

GERHARD FREIDL: To be honest, maybe it is a contradiction, but I don't have a sense for fashion, like many models I guess. So I do not own so much high fashion clothes.

Of course I really like Gucci and Zegna collections. I think it is classic, beautiful but never boring. 

PR: The Gucci campaign you did was „outside the box“campaign for the brand. Lots of models were portrayed in that ad. Did you make friends with them?

GERHARD FREIDL: Everybody was very friendly. But it is not so easy to meet these people through the year, because everybody is traveling so much. I meet Benoni sometimes in Paris for a beer :-)

PR: What is the situation in the studio when you work with some of the biggest names? 
GERHARD FREIDL: The situation is very relaxed. Everybody is very professional and the atmosphere is really friendly and the people were very supportive, especially when it comes to acting, what was new for me at this time.

PR: From all the female supermodels in the Gucci ad... Which one struck you the most? 

GERHARD FREIDL: Raquel was, although she is so successful, very down to earth and modest. I didn't expect that.

PR: Was there a lot of diva attitude on set? 

GERHARD FREIDL: No not at all, that's a prejudice, which I believed in before as well. But I was wrong :-)

Riccardo Vimercati for BLAUER

PR: Burberry show in 2009 - was to die for. You looked absolutely perfect! Do you own a Burberry piece? 

GERHARD FREIDL: Yes, I bought trousers by Mr. Bailey. He is a very talented and brave designer. 

PR: Which part of Asia fascinates you the most?

GERHARD FREIDL: I just had been in Japan. I really liked it.

PR: What do you think about -the Asian approach to life?

GERHARD FREIDL: It is a very calm and peaceful way of thinking. And they respect each other much more than we in Europe. 

The negative thing is, that Japanese people do not really think in an individual way, they accept too quickly and contemplate and criticize to less.

PR: What Asian dish is your favorite?

GERHARD FREIDL: Salmon Nigiri Sushi. I could eat 3 Kilos a day :-) 

PR: Is there a good Asian food restaurant in Vienna?
GERHARD FREIDL: I don't eat sushi in Vienna.

PR: You were taking the metro and you were approached and asked if you wanted to model... How did you react?
GERHARD FREIDL: I didn't believe it. I thought it is a joke and turned away :-)

Costume National S/S 08

PR: How long did it take for you to land a job?

GERHARD FREIDL: After 1 Week in Paris I was shooting with Mondino for Numero magazine, so everything started very quickly fortunately.

PR: We know you are not born and raised a big city boy. Where are you exactly from?

GERHARD FREIDL: I am from Carinthia which has a common Border and a common cultural background with Slovenia.

PR: You speak Slovenian?

GERHARD FREIDL: We have a small Slovenian speaking minority, but I just grew up speaking Austrian German. 

PR: Which personal virtue has gotten you in trouble?

GERHARD FREIDL: I am sometimes a little bit inpatient. But I think that’s normal for young people.....    :-)

Ute Ploier F/W 10.11 Paris
PR: When we think of Austria the first images that pop in head are lederhosen and Sacher cake …What is Austria like today?

GERHARD FREIDL: It is a very traditional country. What I like is that we have a good connection between "keeping tradition" and everything a modern economy and society needs to develop.

Of course there are always things to improve, in every country. 

PR: What about the fashion scene in Austria?

GERHARD FREIDL: It is not a big or well recognized scene. People like Ute Ploier go to Paris to become popular.
Austria is more focused on Theater, Opera and Musical productions.

PR: You are „high fashion“ but tell us - from all commercial jobs out there, which one would you like to do the most? 

GERHARD FREIDL: I would love to work with Lagerfeld ones, I hope he reads that......:-)

PR: What type of jobs do you usually book on your local market, in Vienna? How are the different from international jobs?

GERHARD FREIDL: We are very connected with the Germany and Switzerland. So it is more focused on catalog productions.
Paris for examples pays more attention to "high fashion".
Van Mossevelde + N for HAMAKI HO

PR: Tell us about your favorite hot spot in Vienna!
GERHARD FREIDL: I really like to be in the MuseumsQuartier and walk through the first district in spring time.

PR: Where will you spend your summer free time? 
GERHARD FREIDL: I travel so much that I will just spend a few days at home on the Countryside.

PR: What is your workout routine? 
GERHARD FREIDL: I do a lot of cardio workout. I don't really have a routine. I love to workout in the morning. 

PR: Gerhard, what products do you use for your hair when you want to style it?
GERHARD FREIDL: I bought a "Pommade” by L'Oreal, I guess that works, I hope :-)

Ph. Michael Brus
PR: Are you easy to approach?

Roberto Cavalli S/S 11
GERHARD FREIDL: I think not. I guess I keep distance to the people for a long time until I start to "open" a little bit.

PR: What can attract you? 

GERHARD FREIDL: I like people that do not force me to be their friend. Things need time to grow.

PR: What is your life philosophy? 

GERHARD FREIDL: I prefer to fail, than to surrender!

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