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JANA KNAUEROVA: the interview

Posted on: 2011/07/21


"JANA KNAUEROVA: She's got it!"

PR: Jana, the mullet! Don't tell us you were not upset at least a bit when you got introduced to the idea of cutting your hair short. Let alone a mullet!

Why Not Polaroids
JANA KNAUEROVA: I wasn’t upset about it at all.
I was quite excited, knowing that Guido would make something really nice and cool. I couldn’t wait for the hair to fall on the floor.

PR: That's just crazy! So Guido Palau cut it? Well he definitely knows what he is doing. Were there any other looks in option?

JANA KNAUEROVA: There were a couple of options, I didn’t know about the mullet really, we had some pictures of ideas, and the general idea was short, bleached and punk hair. 
I wasn’t the only girl to undergo a big change, and every girl was a little different. I was to become the mullet girl.

PR: Your new crop had a debut at Balenciaga. How long before the show was the mullet created?

JANA KNAUEROVA: It happened only two days before the show, right after I got confirmed for walking the show as an exclusive.

Balenciaga S/S 11 Show source:

PR: Do you feel completely different now?

JANA KNAUEROVA: I still feel the same, but looking at me in the mirror and at my pictures, I cannot believe it is really me. I look completely different to what I looked like my whole life.

PR: Who had more difficult time adjusting - your family, boyfriend or you?

French Revue des Modes

JANA KNAUEROVA: I was expecting my family to be absolutely shocked (I didn't tell them in advance that I am about to be completely different next time they’ll see me), but surprisingly, they loved my look right away and also said that now I look more like I used to when I was a very little girl (I had shorter and very blonde hair, which darkened a bit with time). 
So, all in all, I feel like no one really needed to “adjust” to the idea of my new image. I also inspired my sister to cut her short as well.

PR: How do you maintain your hair now?

JANA KNAUEROVA: It’s really good and really bad at the same time. I love short hair. It is so easy to take care of (you just need occasional hair trim to make it look neat and nicely shaped) it dries after a shower really quickly, I don’t get any hair extensions at photo shoots, and there is usually no difficult styling.

On the other hand, bleached hair is no good for your hair. My hair is naturally dry and thin, but bleach takes it to a whole different level. I am constantly searching for moisturizing and repairing hair care.

So far, I found out that the products that work the best for me are Wella SP, and Redken Extreme.

Ph. Hedi Slimane
PR: You seem like a person who takes matters into her own hands. That is an outstanding virtue. You even sent out your pictures to the agency before you started modeling.  Were you signed by your mother agency immediately?

JANA KNAUEROVA: I was trying to find an agency in Prague. I searched online for the ones that had an online application form (there weren’t that many at that time yet). 
And after a couple of days, I got a phone call from my current mother agency and was asked if I could come in for a meeting. I went and got a contract right away.

PR: How did you decide which pictures you would send?

JANA KNAUEROVA: The pictures I sent them were not too good actually. I took them with my friend’s digital camera myself.

PR: Do you still have those pictures?

JANA KNAUEROVA: Unfortunately, I don't have those photos any more.

PR: What is your typical day, as a model?

JANA KNAUEROVA: My modeling life consists of couple of castings throughout the day, working out and meeting with my friends in between the castings.

Ph. Benny Horne for Vogue Russia
PR: How do you organize your casting schedule in the busiest days?

JANA KNAUEROVA: It’s a mix. If it’s a really crazy schedule, I talk to my agent and he says which castings are possible to do on different days. Then I look where all the castings are and try to do them the shortest way possible. 
Mario Testino for VERSACE
But sometimes there are time conflicts between my scheduled castings (and there is no way to do two castings at the same time–even if they are at the same address or in the same building). When that happens I just have to prioritize and do the best I can.

PR: Tell us a bit about what's going on in the „backstage“ of a big campaign like VERSACE.

JANA KNAUEROVA: You can find a backstage video online (HERE). It took two shooting days to finish. It was quite a big production and we had lot of fun and I learned a lot.

PR: Was Donatella there?

JANA KNAUEROVA: Donatella was there, as well as her daughter Allegra.

PR: How did you like the dress you were wearing?

JANA KNAUEROVA: I really liked all the dresses that we had, and the make up was very natural, not too crazy, I felt very good in it.

PR:  And you should be, you take amazing pictures! Ah, btw that TOPSHOP ad of yours is amazing. Do you usually shop there?

JANA KNAUEROVA: Thank you so much! Topshop was a great job and I loved the clothes too. I often go to American Apparel for my basic clothing needs.
Matthew Brookes for VOGUE Turkey

PR: How was working with model Andrej Pejic. He is very beautiful. But his work is often do you feel about his look?

JANA KNAUEROVA: Andrej is a great guy, fun to work with. He is indeed very beautiful. I can imagine he must confuse a lot of men :) 

I worked with him for Vogue Turkey right after I underwent my hair change. I was called androgynous even before with my long hair, but with this short hair style, it wasn’t surprising that a photo-shoot like this came together.

PR: Are androgynous looks easier for female models, or male models?

JANA KNAUEROVA: I feel like it is more acceptable for women to be androgynous. It seems more natural. Even when looking at the clothes - women wear pants, which were previously only menswear. But men wearing skirts? Yes, it happens, but it is not yet a standard and the general public might even think it’s weird (unless you live in NY). These new trends, in my opinion, seem to be ways to get attention.

Glen Luchford for COSTUME NATIONAL
PR: Do you think that androgyny in fashion has some kind of an influence on the visibility of the gay community in the world?

JANA KNAUEROVA: I can imagine that if people see androgyny as something normal, something that is a part of life, their tolerance in general broadens, so I feel positive about it. 
Heterosexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality are about people’s preferences toward either different or their own gender. 
Considering that androgyny is about ambiguous genders and that the fashion industry in large part dictates trends (serving as a catalyst for things that later on become social norms), androgyny in the fashion world could predictably lead to a visible increase of the gay community’s presence. 
However, I think it could just as easily have a neutral affect (only time will tell) :) !

PR: What is your view on gay rights? Have you become more accepting of the LGTB community because you work in the fashion industry?

JANA KNAUEROVA: I don’t think I became more accepting, because I never had any problems with the LGTB community ever. They are normal people as anyone else and to be honest, I don’t understand why anyone would have a problem with them.

Sharif Hamza for Fallon Jewelry
PR: How do you stay in shape?

JANA KNAUEROVA : I try to work out every day. I do something different each time, be it running, pilates, yoga or different other activities. I enjoy rock climbing as well! Only indoors so far, but I want to expand my routine to nature’s outdoors too.

PR: How often do you run?

JANA KNAUEROVA: I run about three times a week. 

Ph. Hedi Slimane
PR: Oh, OK and what is the brand of your sports shoes?
JANA KNAUEROVA: My favorite shoes are Brooks.

PR: Haven Spa in Soho (HERE) - how often do you go there, and what did you try, from a list of their services?

JANA KNAUEROVA: I go there for mani and pedicures, and waxing, I’m there usually twice a month.

PR: You seem to love nail polishes! Which one is the best one you tried?

JANA KNAUEROVA: My all time favorite is O.P.I. (HERE), but I quite like Essie nail polishes too (HERE).

PR: Do you think there is a difference between really expensive skincare and the products you can get at a more affordable price?

JANA KNAUEROVA: I think it depends product to product. Sometimes, you can find things that are obviously unnecessarily overpriced, but you can have products that have to be expensive because of the expensive ingredients they contain.  
Ph. Harry Peccinotti
And some products work great and are really cheap. Like my recent big surprise - Dove moisturizing shampoo and conditioner are both cheap and excellent for my hair. From the more expensive lines, I love Giorgio Armani’s Skin Fabric.

PR: How do you maintain your skin?

JANA KNAUEROVA: I change my products quite often. I use  
  • Shiseido, 
  • Biotherm, 
  • Weleda and 
  • Dr. Hauschka
  • now I am using also my friend’s skincare line, Hakansson (HERE), which works really well for me.

Daniel Jackson for VOGUE Japan
PR: Can you unwind a bit after the fashion shows are over, and indulge in some unhealthy food?

JANA KNAUEROVA: I don’t really want to let myself go crazy, but I like to have a bit of ice-cream or some chocolate. 

PR: What's your favorite healthy snack?
JANA KNAUEROVA: For healthy foods I am mad about fruits, especially papaya and berries, or even veggies with hummus or guacamole. I love healthy snacking!

PR: What do you usually have for breakfast?

JANA KNAUEROVA: Cereal with yoghurt and fruits.

PR: What is your favorite traditional Czech meal?

JANA KNAUEROVA: I love Beef with Tomato Sauce and Dumplings.

PR: And on the scale from 1 to 10 – how much are you addicted to frapuccino?

JANA KNAUEROVA: I discovered Frappuccinos a few months ago and they quickly became my vice. 
I was never “addicted”, but I love them a whole lot–let’s say at one point I was a 10. Recently I have had to cut myself off so I’m a 2 or 3 ;))

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