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KATIE FOGARTY: interview preview

Posted on: 2011/07/14

Katie Fogarty
@ Mother MGMT @ NEXT NY

10 magazine / 2009

PR: When we interviewed photographer Cameron Krone (HERE), he said, and this is a quote: „Katie Fogarty has the most remarkable face. She's the next big thing. She transcends in front of the camera.“ He was right! And how do you manage to transcendent Katie?

KATIE FOGARTY: I really have no idea. I suppose, in a way, models are like actresses. If I have a story to tell, I become the character. Maybe that is what Camerion was talking about. How nice to hear!

PR: What was by far your favorite shoot?

KATIE FOGARTY:  It's hard to choose, because I've had so many great times! One that sticks out is my ed for 10 Magazine that was shot in Ibiza, Spain all night long. I lounged at the beach during the day and shot all night. AMAZING

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