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ROSANNA GEORGIOU: the interview

Posted on: 2011/07/16


          "Rosanna (Ros) Georgiou : The Aphrodite"

Ph. George Katsanakis
@ VN Model Management (M/A Athens) @ Marilyn NY @Nathalie (Paris)  @ Traffic (Spain)

PR: Ros how do you like Paris?
ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "I like the streets of Paris. I love the atmosphere that this country has. It's a beautiful country"

PR: What was your favorite Haute Couture show?
ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "Stephane Rolland" 

PR: Did you try any good pastries shop in Paris and famous macaroons?

 ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "I don't know why but I have never tasted any of these. I really don't trust French food"
facebook/John Tsikoudakis
PR: Ros, we understand you are not 100% Greek? Tell us more... There must be an amazing romantic story!

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "18 years ago my mother came to Greece with her best friend for vacations and there she met my father in a bar and the next day they went on vacations together! After 10 days they got engaged.Crazy but they are still together"

PR: Crazy Romantic!!! And do you also speak Dutch?

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "Yes, I speak Dutch"

PR: And ancient Greek... Do you learn it in schools? 
ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "I did learn ancient Greek in school and it is very interesting and really different from modern Greek. I love my language because it has a history."

Stephane Rolland HC F/W 11.12 Paris
PR: Would you say that the fashion market in Greece is different for an editorial face like you, and a more commercial model?

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "I wouldn't say that. In fact, because of that I work a lot in Greece."

PR: What was your first international experience?

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "My first international experience was in February in Paris for the fashion week. 
I wasn't expecting to be so tired everyday but it's something you get used to it."

PR: Were you excited or scared the first time you were  all on your own? 

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "I was very excited to travel to another city. I am never scared. I love traveling and I have never felt that I am 16 and I should be scared. I am very strong as a personality and that's what really helped me to get through all this craziness of the industry."

PR: Did you have to modify your style for the fashion market? Do you see a big difference between your style now, and when you first started out?
Marie Claire April 2011 by George Katsanakis
ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "I don't see any change of my style. For sure, as much as you get older your style becomes more you, you have a progress, but I have never changed my style for the industry"
PR: Do you remember your first job in Greece? 

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "Of course and I remember it since it was 7 months ago. 

PR: What about your first international job?  

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "I was very excited for my international job as well.Then, I didn't even know what direct booking was so it was a great experience for me."

PR: Where did you get that amazing CELINE bag?  

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "From the show, they gave it to us as a present! I love it as well. 

PR: Is it suitable for castings?
ROSANNA GEORGIOU: Of course - it is suitable for castings."

PR: Where do you usually shop Ros?

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "H&M and vintage shops(my favorite)"

PR: Back on modeling now. What was your first major casting?

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "For Russell Marsh, a huge casting director"

PR: Yes, we know. Well, we rarely ask about models meeting international agencies before they're actually signed. How did you get signed to your agencies in Paris, Milan, New York?Did you meet any of them in Athens, or was it all done by your agency, via e-mail?

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "It was all done by my agency via-email. They all saw me in when I was in Daily Duo"
Dirk Seiden Schwan for AMICA
PR: Do you go out a lot when you're working internationally? Milan seems to be the biggest party city, with all the PR's surrounding the models. 

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "When I am in Greece I go out a lot. But when I go to another country I never go out. I really don't like the model parties and the PR'S. I love going out but not in that way.

PR: What do you like the most about your looks, and what do you like the most about your personality? 

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "I really like the way I dress sometimes. It's simple but at the same time special. In my personality I like the fact that I am very spontaneous and strong and I think that the clients like that too.

Dress by Celia Kritharioti
PR: Let's guess what do you have for breakfast! Greek yogurt? :) It's delicious!

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "Hahaha.No, I eat a really common breakfast. Sorry :P Cereals!

PR: Greece is well known for it's cuisine, olive oil, cheese… so here's a question: what is your favorite classic Greek dish?

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "I LOVE Greek food. All the dishes but my favorite are pastitsio and souvlaki giro"

PR: How do you like your salad? 

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "I like the Greek salad which is called "horiatiki", tomatoes, onions, oil, feta(Greek cheese), cucumber"
PR: How do you stay in shape? 

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "I eat well, and I train a lot. I used to play volleyball professionally but now I don't have time for that so I just go running"


PR: How do you maintain your skin?  

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "Whenever I remember it (not good) I use in night a moisturizing cream from BODY SHOP.

PR: We love your hair! What is the shampoo you use at the moment?  

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "I always change shampoos. I don't have something standard. I think that now I am using  PANTENE.

PR: Did you ever put a hair mask on it?

ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "Only when I go to have my hair cut"

PR: How aware are you of the Greek culture?

Dirk Seiden Schwan for Amica
ROSANNA GEORGIOU: "In Greece we have a great culture and we have to keep it. 
We all should be aware of our history and culture and that's what I really like about Greece and I am happy that I am a part of it. 

PR: What is your favorite character from the Greek mythology?  
ROSANNA GEORGIOU: My favorite character from Greek mythology is Aphrodite.

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