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HANNA RUNDLOF: the interview

Posted on: 2011/10/13

Hanna Rundlöf : "From quiet to playful "  

Marcus Ohlsson ph. / sty. Lauren Blane for Wonderland magazine

DKNY SS012 /

 PONY RYDER: What are you wearing right now Hanna?
 HANNA RUNDLOF:  I’m wearing my favorite Jeans from Acne and a green top  from Thakoon.

PONY RYDER: Where do you usually shop?
HANNA RUNDLOF:  Mostly in Topshop, Zara, Acne and small random shops that has more unique pieces of clothes. 
But it depends a bit on my mood, and how much time I have!  

PONY RYDER: Is Acne also one of your shopping destinations?
HANNA RUNDLOF:  It is! I think Acne is a brand for everyone!  
They have such amazing clothes; it is elegant, special, unique and very wearable. It is like you can have the same piece when you go out, when you go out for dinner, or just sit at home etc.
PONY RYDER: Good good. And where do you buy your shoes?
HANNA RUNDLOF:  I usually buy my shoes at small random shops. But my favorite pair is from Steve Madden. And my Converse is one of my favs as well.

Mario Testino for D&G

PONY RYDER: How many Apple gadgets do you own?
HANNA RUNDLOF:  I have 3. 

PONY RYDER: Which ones? 
HANNA RUNDLOF: Macbook Air, Ipad and Iphone! Unfortunately I forgot my Ipod at the airplane!

PONY RYDER: What  was on your Ipod?  
HANNA RUNDLOF:  I Use my phone as an Ipod right now. And I have all kinds of music. 
For example: Skid row, Mötley Crüe, Adele, The Kooks...
Swedish bands and musicians such as Kent, Mando diao, Håkan Hellström etc…

PONY RYDER: What else from Swedish music?
HANNA RUNDLOF: Im also a big fan og Lykke li, Johnossi and Broder Daniel! 

Marcus Ohlsson ph. / sty. Lauren Blane for Wonderland magazine
PONY RYDER: You can not resist…?
HANNA RUNDLOF:  Hot chocolate, cupcakes and candy!

PONY RYDER: Cupcakes!!! What is your favorite? 
HANNA RUNDLOF:  My favorite is the one with chocolate frosting! But the very best ones is the ones I made by myself! Haha :)

PONY RYDER:  Your D&G campaign. Do you remember where was it shot?
HANNA RUNDLOF:  It was shot in a beautiful house that looked lika a castle a few miles outside London!

PONY RYDER:  It's really gorgeous.What's your favorite item by D&G is…?
HANNA RUNDLOF:  Their bags and shoes are always perfect! But I must say their dresses, they are always very chic and beautiful!

Ph. Imogen Morris Clarke
PONY RYDER:  Madrid or Barcelona?
HANNA RUNDLOF:  Barcelona!

PONY RYDER:  The metro in Barcelona is quite expensive – did you prefer to walk there?
HANNA RUNDLOF:  Yes, Barcelona is such a beautiful city, so I like to walk on the street instead of missing all the beautiful buildings by sitting underground ;)

PONY RYDER:  Paella!
HANNA RUNDLOF:  I was a big fan of paella before! But after doing shows there I can’t even look at it anymore! I ate it toooooo much!

PONY RYDER:  Favorite grilled food?

HANNA RUNDLOF:  Grilled food is the best part of the summer! I love a big piece of meat and potatoes with garlic sauce! Ah that made me hungry!

PONY RYDER:  Me too!  Why do Swedes like potato and salmon so much?
HANNA RUNDLOF:  Haha, I don’t know, I mean, it would be weird if we didn’t!

Acne lookbook
PONY RYDER:  Pretty sure you don’t eat it for breakfast. What do you eat in the morning? 

HANNA RUNDLOF:  Depends! Now that I’m not in school and I have a bit of time in the morning I like to boil some eggs and eat it with caviar, and I love oatmeal and yogurt with cereals!

PONY RYDER:  As a model... do you avoid eating sugar…or bread?

HANNA RUNDLOF:  I guess I could (maybe should), but not in my case!
I’m too weak for that! I love Friday nights in front of the TV with a bowl of candy! And who can live without a great piece of bread and a glass of milk?

 PONY RYDER: Don't ask me. Beauty now! What is the best tip that you picked up from the beauty professionals? 

HANNA RUNDLOF:  That the only thing that helps for dry lips is to drink a lot of water! And to keep good skin is to start the shower very hot and end it freezing cold!

Emma Summerton for Vogue Italia
PONY RYDER: How do you look after your skin? 

HANNA RUNDLOF:  I was it every morning and evening with Chanel, and my makeup remover is usually Biotherma but for the moment Dior.

PONY RYDER: And what do you have in your make up bag?

HANNA RUNDLOF:  I have concealer from YSL, sometimes.

I wear foundation from BareMinerals, my favorite item in my make-up bag is my brow stick from Givenchy.

I also wear their brow pen/brush its great and I think that the eyebrows are one of the most important thing in the face to have in good shape!

PONY RYDER:  If you could hang somewhere all the time… where would that be?

HANNA RUNDLOF:  At Havana beach! 

I was there once for a shooting. The food at the beach restaurant was the best I ever had! Fish that they just fished and we ate it on big leafs. And the beach itself, sooo amazing! And the water was all clear.

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