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Posted on: 2011/10/20

@ Premier London @ MD Hamburg @ EMG Australia

premier model managemnt


Top 5 tracks on my iTunes at the moment: 

Stone Roses – Tell Me 

Elastica – Line Up

Alice in Chains – Rain When I Die

PR: You are not only a model. You are also a DJ?

MORWENNA: I've been Djing with my friend Matthew Laskey for around 4 years. 

PR: Did you already have gigs?
MORWENNA: We have a saturday night residency in the Parlour at Sketch (London) and so when we travel for work we can cover for each other. I've also DJ at fashion parties and industry events, and clubs from Paul & Andre's in LA to boat parties on the Thames.  

I'm also a photographer – I graduated from a photography degree at London College of Fashion last year. I mainly do portraiture, but always have a camera on me. I’ve been modeling in LA and Sydney over the past year and did a few big portrait projects while travelling which I’m hoping to do a book and exhibition of eventually.

PR: Would you put Adele on your playlist? 

MORWENNA:  I think she's got an amazing voice but I'm more into guitar-based music. I have quite random music tastes... old folk music, 70s disco... I've been listening to a lot of 90s grunge over Paris Fashion Week.

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