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ARIZONA MUSE: campaign alert

Posted on: 2011/11/24

Arizona Muse (NEXT NY) shooting, what seems to be the Fendi campaign, with Karl Lagerfeld on the streets of Rome earlier this month (November, 2011). 


Arizona Muse later that day wrote a piece for

"I arrived here in Rome yesterday and have had the most relaxing time since! 

I treated myself to a 50 minute foot massage yesterday. I highly recommend foot massages, I even give them to myself - works wonders during Fashion Week!

Today I woke up after 14.5 hours of sleep. How lucky am I?? Makes me realize that I usually sleep about 6 hours less than I need! But hey, I'm 23, I can handle it.

Work starts this afternoon with a 3pm call time. I'd imagine we'll shoot well into the night. I'm very excited about the campaign I'm here to shoot, can't leak the secret of what it is though, it'll have to be a surprise!"

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