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Posted on: 2011/11/03

MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: "The Blue Blooded Redhead"
Lovesexdance magazine
Mario Testino for Burberry
PR: Morwenna, we have to start by telling you that your name is very unusual!


PR: Tell us the story behind it! It almost has a mystical medieval vibe! 
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: Morwenna is an old Cornish saint's name, it means sea waves or mermaid. She apparently sailed in a seashell around the cliffs in Morwenstow (Cornwall) in the 6th century and stopped the sailors crashing into the rocks – the locals liked to turn the lighthouse off and crash boats so they could have the cargo wreckage. 

There's a St Morwenna's church on the cliffs with lots of sailors buried in it. 

My grandmother's family are from a nearby village, and my dad convinced my American mother it was a common English name. 

Lytton is a very old family name – I'm the 20th generation of Lytton's at Knebworth House. Cobbold was added when my great-grandmother married. It's all a bit of a mouthful, but at least it's unique!

Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia
PR: That's fascinating! That is why we can not avoid the topic of being „blue bloded“ . Do tell, who is your most famous relative? 

MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:  Probably Edward Bulwer-Lytton – he wrote The Last Days of Pompeii and coined the phrases 'the pen is mightier than the sword' and 'it was a dark and stormy night.' 
It's so much fun growing up in a house my family has lived in for so long – every room has a story. Bulwer-Lytton and Charles Dickens used to put on plays together in the banqueting hall where we have Chistmas lunch every year. 

PR: How did you end up modeling? 

MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:  Jenny Dyson, a family friend, put me on the back page of the May 2006 issue of Teen Vogue, standing in my bedroom with a giant Minnie Mouse toy. A model agency spied it and asked me to come in. 

PR: When we googled you, we were surprised. There is so much about you! Do you ever google yourself?

MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:  Yes I've googled myself – who hasn't?! It's usually to find a photo or shoot I did that I want to show someone. 

The strangest things come up. I definitely didn't steal Adele's boyfriend, honest.

PR: Burberry campaign. AMAZING. What do you think about house politics to only hire British models for campaigns? 

MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: Well I guess it worked in my favour! There are a lot of British models doing really well at the moment, I think we've got a lot to offer.

PR: And… do you hang out with any of the girls from the campaign?
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: Everyone travels all the time for work, so it's always hard to keep up with other models. I used to see Agyness around London a lot before she moved to NY. I'm good friends with Amber who's in the current campaign, and Eden and Alexina who have been in previous ones.

PR: What is your favorite piece by Burberry ?
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: I love the studded metallic belts they did when I was in the campaign. 

PR: D you have their classic - must have „trench coat“?
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: I actually don't have a Burberry trench, though I'd love one. When I did the Aquascutum campaign they gave me one of their rain coats in bright red that I wore in the images. 

PR: We love their boots, but… we are never sure if they are comfortable enough?
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: I really like the Burberry patent leather riding boots.

PR: Which ones are your choice?
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: I get a lot of boots from Russell & Bromley. I have a black patent pair I've had for years that I keep having to get resoled because I wear them too much. And I have some great heeled ones from Carvela.
PR: Do you have wardrobe staples?
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:  A pair of black jeans (I like Lee's Scarlett ones), my Religion leather jacket and my black Russell & Bromley boots.

PR: What bag do you carry  around with you to castings or on gigs?
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: I usually carry a huge backpack with my portfolio, a pair of heels, camera and other necessities – I recently got a great one from Jas MB. I have an acidwash denim one from Stussy I bought in Sydney that I love too.

PR: What do you think about the fashion scene in England?
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:  Do you think crisis affected its creativity? People are often more creative when there's financial limitations. I think London's fashion scene is so much more interesting than other cities.

PR: What are your favorite new British labels or designers?
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:  Tourne de transmission t-shirts, SWS of London Jewellery, Felder Felder for great party outfits. 

The brand Rika has loads of fantastic things in their collection at the moment, and they also have a magazine I love. At their Paris fashion week party they had candy floss and crepes. Amazing.

PR: London Fashion week – best shows you saw is… 
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: Jean Pierre Braganza is my favourite designer and I always wear his clothes to parties. His show was great and I really want the shoes!

MargaretHowell had some lovely summery outfits, and Vivienne Westwood was amazing as always too.

PR: And best after show party…
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: The Fendi party at Mark's Club.

PR: Do you ever visit spas? Where do you  rejuvenate yourself? Which treatment is your favorite? 

MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: Not really –  I go to City BeachSalon on Hanbury Street if I ever need my nails done or a wax for a shoot.

PR: Do you still use Clinique products? 

MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:  I use Keihls face products – the ultimate facial cleanser, toner and moisturiser. It's really gentle on your skin and is good at getting make-up off too. 
I also use Homeoplasmine cream from French pharmacies if my skin is really irritated from heavy make-up.

PR: What is in your make up bag? 

  • YSL touche eclat
  • Rimmel mascara
  • Chanel blusher 
  • and Almay face powder.
I try not to wear too much make-up when I'm not working though, unless it's for a night out.

PR: Do you have a proper English breakfast?
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:  I do love a big veggie fry-up after a big night out. But usually I'll have cereal, orange juice and earl grey tea.

PR:And Tea?
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:  I'm a massive fan of high tea – my favourite place is the Orangery at Kensington Palace, where they have orange scented scones. And I love cucumber sandwiches.

PR: There isn't much controversy about skinny models in London, as there is in Milan and Paris. What do you think of it?

MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:  I think the attitude in London towards measurements is much healthier than in other cities, but there is still some pressure to be a certain size.

PR: Did  your diet change since you started modeling? 
MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD:I've always loved food and enjoyed eating, though I have a pretty healthy diet as I'm vegetarian and love eating fruit and vegetables. For me, if I eat well and excercise I feel healthy and look it too.

PR: Then how do you maintain model figure? 

MORWENNA LYTTON COBBOLD: I try to go to the gym when I can – I have a membership to the Los Angeles YMCA and use the Shoreditch House gym in London. But walking everywhere is great for you, and I always try to take the stairs.


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