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RENATO FERREIRA: the interview

Posted on: 2011/12/23

Renato Ferreira: "Viva Brazil"
Ph: Rick Day
@ 40 GRAUS (m/a) @ MAJOR NY @ I Model MGMT (Canada)
Ph: Joseph Bleu
PR: Renato! How are you?

RENATO FERREIRA: Hey, I’m fine thanks.
PR: Where will you spend Christmas?

RENATO FERREIRA: Back home, in Rio.

PR: Lucky you. So let's start with the beginning Renato: How did you get scouted?

RENATO FERREIRA: It has been a while, so let's rewind to 2 years and a half. Back then I was doing high school in Canada and also I wanted to be a bodybuilder, be just like Arnold was, one day, but with bigger legs. Hahaha.


Made in Brazil
RENATO FERREIRA:  I didn’t do much else besides not skipping any meals, always eating 30grams of protein with meals, took supplements like Multi-Vitamins and I would leave high school and go straight to workout 6 days a week, no drinking, no smoking, neither I would go out more than once a month so I could rest properly (10hours daily).

So I went back home and kept the same routine for about 8 months and during this period my best friend Rodrigo Zaccaro would be insisting for me to try out to be a model since my body was huge and we imagined that is great for a model.

I would always be procrastinating and after 6 months of the same story he went to my place and told me he wouldn’t leave until I found a modeling agency through the internet.

We saw on the top of the search 40 Degrees Models. Both of us have heard of it, so I sent them some pictures, they booked an appointment so Sergio Mattos could see me and that’s how everything started.

PR: Definitely great choice of agency! But what did you do before modeling? What was your life before?
RENATO FERREIRA:  From 15 to 17 I would be going to high school in Brazil, and the remaining time off school I just wanted to go to parties with my friends hoping to get lucky with girls.

RENATO FERREIRA: At 18 I did a student exchange program which brought me to Calgary Canada, when I decided to workout to be huge so when I would go back home it would be easier to get lucky with the ladies.  

Didn’t turn out this way since I got a girlfriend in Canada and I’m with her up to this day.

PR: Awwwww… Where do you spend most of your time now, what's your main market?

RENATO FERREIRA: My first market abroad Brazil was NYC, I knew my portfolio wasn’t good enough back then but I always aimed very high to where I wanted to be.

After that I did a couple trips back home and a tour around Asia building up my portfolio. 

Now I’m in Canada but next year I will be back to the USA where I believe is the place to be for modeling.
by Fabien Montique
PR: Of course. You mentioned that you are from Rio? We actually never went there. Do people really dance on the streets there? Do you dance yourself?
RENATO FERREIRA: Yes, I’m Carioca da gema. We dance on the streets during Carnaval or when drunk, but usually it is like everywhere else (with nice butts and mini skirts everywhere around). I don’t dance well, but I try. I did a dance show which had a very nice choreography back in high school, here in Canada, that was fun.
PR: Was your last cover of Junior magazine shot in Rio or somewhere else?
RENATO FERREIRA: Actually Junior is not my latest cover, I did a cover for OutLooks Magazine, December issue, here in Canada. Yes, that was shot in Arpoador beach by Lucio Luna.

Men's Health Malaysia January 201
PR: Your cover of Men's Health is amazing... Let’s talk about that. It's H.O.T.
RENATO FERREIRA: Thank you so much, MH cover is the one I liked at most. When I started modeling I made a goal that one day I would be in that magazine, I have been a reader for a long time.
Ph: Samuel Zakuto
PR: Do you feel relaxed posing in underwear and swimwear?

RENATO FERREIRA: I feel good posing in swimwear or underwear, I have never been self conscious about my body, actually when there is more people involved in the shooting I feel even better for some reason.

PR: How do you pay attention to stay healthy?

RENATO FERREIRA:  I’ve done a nutrition course so I know what to eat, when to eat it and the quantity. Also I’ve been helping people that are important to me with nutrition guidance in my spare time.  

PR: Which food supplements are you taking?
My supplements are: 
  • Vitamin D, 
  • Glutamine, 
  • Taurine, Multi-Vitamin, 
  • Protein shakes, 
  • BCAA, 
  • Fatty acids, 
  • Glucosamine, 
  • Chondroitin, 
  • MSM. 
I take them when I see that the diet I had or will have on that specific day doesn’t have enough of these substances to satisfy the needs of my body.
Major Models
PR: You seem to be quite passionate about food, film and health. Will your career go in one of those directions after modeling?

RENATO FERREIRA:   I wish I had contacts in the film making industry, but I don’t have any so far. We all know that besides skills contacts are crucial for that area and many others. However, it is something to do parallel to another since I love it. 

Food is great and I believe it’s really important for us to have an education about what we eat but it won’t provide me with the life style I would like to have and would like to provide to my future children. 

The future will tell us for sure but so far my plans are to join a Business Administration University, because I love to use my brain and I want to open my own business in the future. We will see.

PR: It must be really fun for you as a model in NY! Where do you hang out? Do you already have your group of friends there? 

RENATO FERREIRA:   I always stay in the models apartment, so that’s a way to get started meeting new people. 

Now I’m over age so I can go to bars (differently than 2009), but I’m not a heavy drinker, neither  do I enjoy staying up very late if I’m burning over 1k calories daily at the gym. 

I hang out in Central Park with some other model friends during the weekends when it’s hot outside. Maybe if you suggest me a few places I could start going there. :^J

Ph: Joseph Bleu
PR: Hahahha. I should! And when you're home in Brazil, where can you be seen? What can you recommend us :) ?
RENATO FERREIRA:    If my friends are on vacation I hang out with them most of the time, but I can easily be spotted at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas running, at the bar Carismático in Gavea with friends, at Boteco Taco inHumaitá, at Flamengo Club, at Ipanema Beach, etc.

Gregory Vaughan Studio
PR: Who are your other Brazilian male model friends?
RENATO FERREIRA:   I don’t hang out that much with models in Brazil, I only have a few model friends, one travels the whole time, one lives in SP and the closest one got murdered a couple months ago, it was really sad…

PR: We are sure that we would never be able to catch you with a drink in your hand… however, if you had to drink…let’s say beer: what brand would you choose? Do you completely avoid alcohol? 

RENATO FERREIRA:   Come on, you can probably catch me drinking some alcohol if I’m in a pub, night club or at an event. It’s just not often. I like Chopp da Brama in Brazil and elsewhere anything light works, like Coors light or Bud light.

PR: What about your favorite spots in other countries? Which places can you recommend, for a night out?
RENATO FERREIRA:   Ohhh, there is nothing like night clubs in China. Guandi was awesome while I was promoting it, if they have a PR doing a good job it should be the place to be.
  • Malaysia was more house parties than anything else, but Changkat Bukit Bintang is the street or all bars.
  • Rio de Janeiro, Lord Jim, Carismático and Boteco Taco, are my suggestions, since they are always good, otherwise I will have to ask my friends to update me about which night club is good to go to lately.
Ph: Rick Day
PR: All Brazilians have amazing skin! How is that possible? Which moisturizer do you use? Do you at least apply sun protection or tanning oil? Discover just a piece of that well hidden secret!
RENATO FERREIRA:    Hahaha, thanks, well when we have the sun whole year long it is easy to keep the skin looking good. Rio is very humid, so I have to dry my face from the excess of oil, not apply more, I use sun block when going to the beach or running around the lake, Coppertone. In Canada and USA I use Olay before going to bed.

PR: Which after shave do you use?
RENATO FERREIRA:    I do, I use one that came with my fragrance from Carolina Herrera, 212.
By Lucio Luna
PR: Let us just tell you that you have an amazing body... How much do you have to work out a day to maintain the results?

Ph: Rick Day
RENATO FERREIRA:    An average of 30 minutes daily will do. But if I’m in NYC my workout average goes up to one hour and a half daily, it’s crazy stuff…

PR: What is your gym routine?

RENATO FERREIRA:    I workout just some muscle groups, since I don’t want my legs, back, triceps, traps and shoulders to get any bigger. 
I workout chest, biceps, abs, gluts, calves and cardio. 
I should be going to Miami the beginning of next year and since it’s a lot of swimwear over there I will increase 5 pounds of muscle to get to 180lbs.

To get there I should do something like: chest, shoulders and abs one day; cardio, gluts and calves the other; biceps and lower back the following one; then one day just cardio; repeat.

PR: How do you find the right gym when you travel? Do you have a routine that you can do without any equipment?
RENATO FERREIRA:    I have some equipment light and easy to carry around in case the agency doesn’t have any gym near by or I don’t have time to go to the gym. Normally, most agencies provide a gym membership to all models, and of course charging us from our account with them.

PR: Of course...We would expect that you are more into surfing than snowboarding! Where did you learn how to snowboard... tell us more!
RENATO FERREIRA:   Don’t get me wrong, I love surfing, it’s just way more difficult than snowboarding. Snowboarding you can go downhill for over 10 minutes, on the other hand, surfing, if you get a wave that lasts very long it will take around 10 seconds only, It feels better and I love it, but snowboard seams to be much more convenient. I learned to snowboard here in Calgary 4 years ago.

PR: What is your favorite snowboarding equipment?
RENATO FERREIRA:  I snowboarded 1 time this season, so I rented it, I just have just goggles, gloves, jacket and snow pants.
Ph: Rick Day

PR: What is your favorite song for a romantic mood?
RENATO FERREIRA:   With Me – Sum41

PR: Name 3 things that can seduce you?
  •  A look, 
  • a smile 
  • and a nice approach.
PR: If you could book any commercial job in this world – what would it be and why? RENATO FERREIRA: Certainly a commercial for an expensive brand of fragrance, that plays many times on TV, in the USA. Because that would pay over 150g on my pocket, after taxes, % for the agency, etc. Hehehehe ;^P

Renato: We are the generation that will change the course or finish to destroy the planet. To do nothing about something that needs to be changed is doing something already.“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke. Let's keep that in mind.

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