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RENATO FERREIRA: more than that

Posted on: 2011/12/14

@ 40 Graus (m/a Brasil)

Made in Brasil

PONY RYDER: Tell us about "environmental" projects you are involved with? You seem to have strong opinion on that topic.
RENATO FERREIRA: I wish I was doing more, but soon I’m sure I will engage with more of these projects. 
Well, lets get it started. For those that don’t know, our world is dying, have you heard of global warming? Yes, that is it. If we don’t do anything to change the way we live burning oil as if it was going to become water steam, my future children and their children will pay the price for our ignorance to what is around us. 
Ph: Joseph Bleu
RENATO FERREIRA: There are many ways to use less oil, less water, less energy, but if you can afford it why would you change? (Trust me that many people think like that) 
Well, we made so many improvements in the technology area, medicine area, media and several others, and because of these improvements people think that we are capable of finding an instant solution, we start to have a tsunami in Miami, Rio, Fiji, Caribbean’s, etc. Hurricanes all over Canada, the USA, Europe, etc. Volcanoes exploding in Hawaii, Asia, Australia. 
We won’t find it, if we don’t change the way we use our resources we will be extinct in less than 100 years. 
No problem, we won’t be the first race on Earth to be extinguished… Right? So I want to suggest a movie that I believe everyone should watch that explain much better than I did what is going on - “The Age of Stupid”.

RENATO FERREIRA: Well, I spoke a lot about this topic, but just to add a few other things that I support. 
Currently I’m doing a volunteer job at my local SPCA taking care of dogs that have been abandoned. And when I was young I traveled with my mom to the north of Brazil when I was introduced to a project that saves lives of Aquatic turtles, it’s called Projeto TAMAR (, great idea and it is also a non profit organization that accepts help from people like you and me. 
CriançaEsperança ( is a project in Brazil, sponsored by Globo, which helps kids that come from families with very low income to have a chance in life. All the links you can find on my website in the social project area (HERE).

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